[video] Rick Ross Freed on $2 Million Dollar Bond

They are not playing with William Roberts at all. Kidnapping is a serious charge that comes with hefty time. How will he finagle himself out of this one?

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Ross and his bodyguard were arrested on June 24 for kidnapping, aggravated assault an aggravated battery charges in Fayette County, Georgia after the two allegedly pistol-whipped a groundskeeper who was working on his home. According to reports, the Florida rapper was having work done on his Fayette County home when he got into an altercation with one of the groundskeepers. The altercation allegedly was sparked because the groundskeeper—who lives on the property—had people over for his birthday in Ross’ house without permission the night before.

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[video] Joy Daily Destroys Wale and his video ‘Pretty Girls’ (only featuring Light Skinned Girls…)

I am sorry I am late on this Joy, props to sojones for waking me up to this very poignant issue in the entertainment world and beyond. I feature women of all shades and hues on this site, so in no way am pointing any fingers, I just think she has a valid point and it needs to be spread further.

Joy Daily discusses Wales New Video “Pretty Girls which only features Spanish, mixed and light skinned girls. Should Black girls be and angry and boycott the video by not voting it on 106 and Park? Why do dark skinned artist seem to prefer light skin women in their videos? This is the exact problem that I discuss in my upcoming documentary Complexion Obsession. Leave your thoughts. http://www.JoyDaily.tv

“One Foot Out The Door” Episode 1: Back To School…And Off To Atlanta

I know absolutely nothing about this cat but I have seen his name a few times and now we have a webisode explaining everything in his life including him getting signed and staying in college.

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In the premier episode of Mike Posner’s web series “One Foot Out The Door”, Mike heads back to Duke University for his senior year but before he can even take a breath, he’s off to Atlanta for a show at Emory University. Tune in as Mike talks about going back to college with a record deal, what his life will be post-graduation and his upcoming packed itinerary. Tune in October 14th for Episode 2 as Mike rocks a show at Duke with Wale and heads to Virginia Tech with superproducer/partner-in-crime Benny Blanco.myspace.com/mikeposnertwitter.com/mikeposnerelitaste.comDirected/Edited by Justin HantzProduced by Mike Posner and Daniel Weisman

XXL Presents the Freshman Class of ’09

Source: SmartenUpNas

Now, I don’t want to sh*t on nobody’s movement, but based on this list of upcoming “rappers” I don’t feel any of them can carry the torch of Hip Hop into ’09. I mean think about it, next year will be one of the most pivotal years in our world’s history, and we gonna need some good music to make it through tough times. With Kanye singing, and Lil Wayne on his rock star sh*t who the f*ck can we rely upon to spit that nitro? The veterans got new albums coming out but a new world beckons the need for a new voice.  Who will emerge from the fray and steal the day?