4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding

via Washington Post

Days after telling students at Stanford University that waterboarding was legal “by definition if it was authorized by the president,” former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice was pressed again on the subject yesterday by a fourth-grader at a Washington school.

Rice, in her first appearance in Washington since leaving government, was at the Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital before giving an evening lecture at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. She held forth amiably before a few dozen students about her love of Israel, travel abroad and the importance of learning languages, then opened the floor to their questions. condi

The questions had been developed beforehand by students with their teachers and had not been screened by Rice. At first, they were innocuous: What was it like growing up in segregated Birmingham, Ala.? What skill did she want to be best known for?

Then Misha Lerner, a student from Bethesda, asked: What did Rice think about the things President Obama’s administration was saying about the methods the Bush administration had used to get information from detainees?

Rice took the question in stride. saying that she was reluctant to criticize Obama, then getting to the heart of the matter.

“Let me just say that President Bush was very clear that he wanted to do everything he could to protect the country. After September 11, we wanted to protect the country,” she said. “But he was also very clear that we would do nothing, nothing, that was against the law or against our obligations internationally. So the president was only willing to authorize policies that were legal in order to protect the country.”

She added: “I hope you understand that it was a very difficult time. We were all so terrified of another attack on the country. September 11 was the worst day of my life in government, watching 3,000 Americans die. . . . Even under those most difficult circumstances, the president was not prepared to do something illegal, and I hope people understand that we were trying to protect the country.” Continue reading

Raw: Vanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens Undergoes Waterboarding

Source : Breibart

This is amazing demonstration to show you the treachery of waterboarding conducted by the Bush Adminstration. This particular demo is very light compared to what they really do to enemy combatants.

Do you really think tactics like this are making anyone safer?

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Pentagon to Deploy Hand Held Lie Detection Device

Waterboarding may be a thing of the past once the Pentagon introduces its new hand-held lie detection device. The device will end up in the hands of troops in Afghanistan who are actively engaging the Taliban. Although it is said to be not 100% accurate the troops will be able to utilize the device in a region that is seperated by language barriers and often allies that can be double agents. Crime scene investigations will benefit from the ability to screen potential suspects immediately. Critics are panning the technology though saying inadequate testing has made it insuffecient for deployment into the battlefield. A 2003 study released by the National Academy of Sciences found insufficient evidence to support use of polygraph technology. The head of this study, Prof. Stephen E. Fienberg had this to say in regards to the Pentagon’s choice to prematurely use this technology:

“Sending these instruments into the field in Iraq and Afghanistan without serious scientific assessment, and for use by untrained personnel, is a mockery of what we advocated in our report.”

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4000 Dead Soldiers: A Mosaic Tribute


After seeing this I was compelled to post for all you guys to see. This is one of the most creative pieces of art about this hideous war that has left too many dead on both sides. This mosaic art depicts the faces of Mccain and George Bush who sent these young men and women to war and still have time to laugh as more bodies pile up.

Kudos and props to the artist and hopefully these a-holes will be convicted of war crimes in the next administration. And of course bring Our Troops Home!!
Click here to see very large image