[video] “Nas Album Done” The RETURN Of Ox From Belly! (Short Film Preview)

Can’t wait for this to drop.

[Listen Now] DJ KHALED- We Global Now

Koch Records is making DJ Khaled’s WE GLOBAL NOW FREE for streaming by CLICKING [HERE]

Very few artist have been able to do what this Miami based DJ has been consistently effective at, and that’s making hit records. This compilation is a very impressive offering from Khaled, full of features but his strength is in composing dynamic collaborations that pull the best out of the artist featured. Joe, Kanye, Pain, The Game, Nas, Ross, and even Ace Hood showed up with their ace game and delivered Khaled another certified banger.
I can see why Koch was confident to make this available to the buying public from free a week before it dropped. People will invest in quality and this album meets that mark.

The artists featured on DJ Khaled’s album We Global read like a MTV awards show performance line-up. It’s like the who’s who of famous “featuring” artists. It’s like he took anyone who ever made a song famous by rapping 8 bars or singing a chorus and got them all on his album. Lil’ Wayne. Busta Rhymes. Akon. T-Pain. Kanye. Sean Paul. Chris Brown. Crazy, right? Anyway, it’ll be in stores next week but you can listen to the full dealie right now! This time it’s DJ Khaled: featuring you.

Rick Ross and T-Pain “The Boss”

This dropped a little while back but it still deserves a post. This song is fire and T-Pain proves once again that he is the new go to when you need a bonafide hit.Β  The egg heads at Def Jam better not mess up this project as they have done with the latest Def Jam releases that have performed poorly in the market place.Β Boss!!