[video] What does it look like to lose almost 170lbs? ( Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss)

Ran into this and had to post this young lady’s amazing journey.

Inside, I share photos and the brief story of years of weight loss and developing physical fitness, on my way to being not only a full fledged certified trainer, but also a figure competitor, as well.

Also, get into the dopeness of that pink and brown Adidas jacket.

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[pics] 50 Cent loses 50 lbs. for new movie ‘Things Fall Apart’

By now we have all seen these new pics of Curtis “50 Cent ” Jackson after losing a deathly amount of weight for his new movie ‘Things Fall Apart’.

Don’t know too much about the movie outside of him playing a cancer patient but he gets an ‘A’ for effort in my book. This guy is really serious about acting and I would say someone who is so determined will eventually do something great. Hit the jump for pic#2…

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