[video] Freeway Ricky: Top Informants Make $5 Million a Year, Downfall of BMF

Family empire, which was busted for drug trafficking in the mid-2000s. After pointing out that Big Meech used to write to him after starting his sentence, Freeway Ricky told us that he believes that BMF’s downfall came when they got too flashy.

Speaking more on the downfall of BMF, Freeway Ricky told us that despite Big Meech and crew being flashy, he added that the government is paying top dollar to informants, with the top earners making millions each year.

Check out more of what Freeway Ricky had to say in the above clip, including winning a case for being abused by police.

[video] Cash Money vs. Wendy Day: Did Baby & Slim Stiff the Woman Who Made Them Rich?

If you guys, particularly rappers, don’t know anything about Wendy Day, I suggest you do your research. This video below about her bout with Cash Money Records from a new documentary called The Big Payback, is just a snippet about her contribution to this business and culture. I was one of the many people who read her columns, articles, and advice from her website RapCoalition.org. Before the record industry was totally changed and some say permanently damaged by file sharing, she was preaching artist independence back in the day when artists still sold millions of records and life seemed to be good.

Wendy Day pictured with producer Mannie Fresh, who also claimed he was stiffed by Baby and Slim of Cash Money

She always said artists were getting the raw end of the existing deals and that it would come to a head sometime in the near future.When asked why artist continued to sign oppressive she summed it saying that she thought artist were more concerned with being famous then making money off their art. Not only did help Cash Money, No Limit, and Eminem,but was also was instrumental in David Banner and Twista being freed from their oppressive contracts. I know this because I was an online student of hers and she gave me advice about my aspirations on the business side of this game.

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Technicality May Send ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross Back To Prison


via Allhiphop

Former cocaine kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross is in danger of being sent back to prison despite a judge ruling to release him.

Ross has been in prison for the last 14 years, serving an original 20 year sentence for attempting to purchase 100 kilograms of cocaine from a federal agent in 1996.

Due to a successful appeal and model behavior, the courts ruled that Ross was eligible to be released this month to a halfway house, and begin the transition back into society.

However, Texarkana Federal prison officials have stated Ross’ paperwork has been “lost,” and the correctional facility will not honor the judge’s ruling.

Wendy Day, celebrated Hip-Hop advocate and founder of the Rap Coalition, explained that the prison’s actions are a concerted effort to keep Ross from moving on with his life.

“We need help and support in contacting everyone and anyone of power who works for the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) to get this situation resolved,” Day disclosed in a statement. “Rick should have been out over a year ago, and this newest so-called ‘glitch’ is the 5th time that the warden and the BOP have directly gone against the Judge. How can they get away with this? I don’t know – but they are.” Continue reading