Will Ferrell Screams For His Mother, Eats Eyeball On ‘Man Vs. Wild’ (VIDEO)

I have actually watched this show previously and found it to be very entertaining and a bit weird at the same time. Adding Will Ferell (who is also prepping for the release of surefire hit Land of the Lost) seems to be a rating bonanza for the Discovery channel.  Below is a ‘WTF’ clip from the episode which shows a really weird and creepy scene where Ferrell relieves himself in the snow. HuffPost explains more about the episode underneath the video.

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Will Ferrell’s much-anticipated appearance on Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild is finally set to air. Ferrell, next up in ‘Land of the Lost,’ and show host Bear Grylls are left in the arctic tundra of Sweden to forage for food (brains and eyeballs!) keep themselves warm with dead animals and hike through snow. The whole episode premieres Tuesday, June 2, at 10 p.m

Will Ferrell’s Comedy Site “Funny or Die” Raises $3 Million in Funding


Comedy is the wave of the future, especially during a bleak recession.

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Internet comedy site Funny Or Die, supported by actor Will Ferrell and seeded by Sequoia Capital, has raised $3 million in cash from a single, undisclosed investor.

The financing also includes an additional $3 million commitment for “in-kind contributions for marketing, publicity and promotional support for programing,” according to a regulatory filing.

It is not clear if the regulatory financing augments a $15 million investment reported by Portfolio Magazine earlier this year, or if it is a tranche of that financing.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Funny Or Die also sold an equity stake of less than 10 percent to cable channel HBO during the summer, according to reports. That transaction may be what triggered the recent filing. The $3 million investment is the only filing the company has made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Continue reading

Lil Jon debuts ‘A-Town’ on New Year’s Eve


Lil Jon’s ‘A-Town’ Takes Over Funny or Die New Years Eve. Distinct hip hop voice Lil Jon new year’s eve debuts his animated series ‘Lil Jon’s A-Town’ on star actor/comedian Will Ferrell’s www.funnyordie.com.

Lil Jon reps call ‘Lil Jon’s A-Town’ “the wildest cartoon you gonna ever see. That’s A-Town where it goes down;” it goes down on Ferrell’s site as well as the self proclaimed “King of Crunk’s” myspace page @ myspace.com/liljonworld. Lil Jon previously appeared on funnyordie.com in a satirical skit called ‘Terminal Bling,’ in which the producer/rapper strips off his jewels to board a plane, only to have a suit and tie white guy come after him, bag the jewels and spit “urban slang” at passing ladies.

Ferrell’s “uncomfortably energetic” site, presented by Semi-Pro, is a youtube for the comedic spirit that allows users to sift through videos by voting either “funny” or “die.” Funnyordie.com was spawned by Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions, young comedian Michael Kvamme and Silicon Valley web designer/entrepreneur Randy Adams.

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