[Op-Ed] PEREZ HILTON: “Faggot” Only for the Black Folk

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Two and one-half years ago we watched as blogger Perez Hilton almost single-handidly destroyed the career of Grey’s Anatomy Star Isaiah Washington after the actor called cast-member T.R. Knight a “faggott”. Cloaked behind a banner of political correctness, Hilton led the choir in demanding the near media-execution that resulted in Washington — a rare Black male face on primetime TV — losing his job, being publically chastized and attending “sensitivity” training. So be it.

Washington’s behavior was certainly uncool — and it’s likely his long-time bad-itude on set was one reason the Grey’s cast was so quick to see him go. Flash forward to this week and Perez is now the one calling folks “faggot” — and it’s resulted in a bitch-slap! Obviously, Perez’s beat-up was way out of line — but equally out of line is his insistence that his use of derogatory and anti-Gay language is no big deal. Well, according to GLBT rights group GLAAD — it is a big deal and Perez needs to account for it. They’ve asked the blogger to apologize for his bad behavior — which they say “feeds a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community.” And how.

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GLAAD Condemns Perez Hilton’s Use of Anti-Gay Slur

GLAAD Condemns Perez Hilton's Use of Anti-Gay Slur
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The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is speaking out after Perez Hilton admittedly used an anti-gay slur in a confrontation with will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Perez, who is openly gay, admitted in a video blog that he used an anti-gay slur against will.i.am during a confrontation in Toronto on Sunday night, which was corroborated by will.i.am in his own video blog. Perez said in his blog that during his conversation with will.i.am: “I made the split-second decision — that I was gonna say what I thought was the worst possible thing that thug [will.i.am] would ever want to hear,” and then called the Black Eyed Peas singer the anti-gay slur.

“These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community,” Rashad Robinson, Senior Director of Media Programs at GLAAD, tells ET. “For someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, ‘The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,’ is incredibly dangerous. It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes.”

“We have reached out to Hilton and asked him to apologize for promoting this anti-gay slur and we would ask media outlets to avoid repetition of the slur in their coverage of this story.”

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Wil.I.AM. gets gangster send goons to punch Perez Hilton in the face

This story definitely is just getting started and we will probably see and hear a lot more before the week ends. Anyway below is the Wil.IAM explanantion of what happened at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada. If you click thru Perez Hilton’s video you will hear his cursed filled rant about what happened on his site. It seems that karma has reared its ugly head and served a cold dish to PH.

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Singles: Black Eyed Peas Remain #1, Kid Cudi’s Rising


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The Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow enters its fourth week at the top of the Hot 100 singles chart as Eminem’s We Made You drops to no. 11 after a single week in the top 10 at no. 9.

Kid Cudi’s Day ‘N’ Nite continues its upward rise to no. 3 and enters week four in the top 10 while Flo Rida’s Sugar featuring Wynter joins Right Round featuring Ke$ha giving him two top 10 entries.

Top 10 Singles on the Hot 100:

1. The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
2. Lady GaGa – Poker Face
3. Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite
4. Jamie Foxx – Blame It feat. T-Pain
5. Flo Rida – Right Round feat. Ke$ha
6. Soulja Boy – Kiss Me Thru the Phone feat. Sammie
7. Flo Rida – Sugar feat. Wynter
8. T.I. – Dead and Gone feat. Justin Timberlake
9. Miley Cyrus – The Climb
10. Beyonce – Halo

Will.I.AM’s Viral Distribution for Artists Tired of Record Labels.


As reported here before, Will.I.AM is riding a wave of success withYes We Can”, now a bonafide anthem, and plans on opening up a lane for artists wanting to skip the major label route. Re-inventing himself once again as an online video producer expect more things to come from his new online company DIPDIVE. 

With todays new music models steadily evolving it is good to see mainstream hip hop finally accepting the change and using it to take control of their prospective careers. This trend will increase and you will have more labels filling for bankruptsy because of their unwillingness to move forward and to make technology an ally.

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Being at the top of the music world has given many artists opportunities in Hollywood that they would’nt normally have, and Will.I.AM is no different. First riding the wave of success of The Black Eye Peas, Fergie, and his own anthemic song“Yes We Can” for Barack Obama, he now is poised to join the X-Men franchise and star in the forthcoming Wolverine movie as John Wraith AKA Kestrel. Let’s just hope he does the role justice and  I know they are probably rioting in the comment area over at Aint it Cool News. For more check out IESB.net