‘What The Fuck Obama Has Done So Far’ Website is a Huge Hit

The election for 2012 is already in full swing. I say President Obama gets another four years by the hairs of his chin. This website is a testament to that. Anyway these guys have struck gold and right now they are riding a wave of publicity. More info below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Newser) – The website “What the F***k Has Obama Done So far?”—which is actually a tribute to the prez—has garnered a whopping 4 million hits in less than a week, its founders tell the Huffington Post.

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[video] EPIC FAIL: Lady Holding Baby Throws Punches in Fight on the Bus (WTF)


This lady is absolutely crazy, she actually throws punches while holding this infant? Somebody please call child services on this broad.

The fact she would endanger that baby’s life is good enough for me. Her friend if anything should have thrown the punches and she get out of the way to protect the baby but no this bitch wants to fight and not even a baby is gonna stop her. Sad.


[video] NBC LA anchor Chris Schauble says ‘WTF’ Live on Air (LMAO)

We love to see news anchors act like real people and this is no different, check out Chris Schauble reaction to the wrong picture being flashed on screen.

via TMZ

The picture shown was supposed to be Jaycee Dugard, the woman who was kidnapped and held for 18 years.

Problem is … the production crew ran a video showing Abby Sunderland — the teenage sailor who went missing for just a couple of days.

[video] LMAO!!! Kid after being drugged up by dentist

Remind me to never go to the dentist, when they are giving out cocaine to sedate you.

via BOOBA 1234

This is my 7 year old son who had an extra tooth removed last summer, 2008. I had the camera because he was so nervous before I wanted him to see before and after.

He was so out of it after, I had to carry him out of the office. The staff was laughing and I had tears it was so funny.

He is doing fine now and the teeth are great.

Best of all he is the best kid as his brother William. I couldnt have asked for two better sons!

2/3 Update: Video camera is a flip video. not bad for $150 bucks!