[video] VICE 20th: Ghostface Killah – “Daytona 500”

Rae and Ghost always deliver.

Ghostface Killah performs “Daytona 500” at the VICE 20th Anniversary Party.

In December, 2014, VICE threw a massive rager for 3,000 of our closest friends at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. VICE staged dozens of performances throughout the evening, bringing together musicians as varied as Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson to The Unicorns’ Nick Thorburn to Ghostface Killah and Lil’ Wayne, to perform some of the songs that have defined VICE over its twenty years. Hell, Jonah Hill even rapped Drake, backed by our very own Spike Jonze on guitar.

Of course we recorded the whole thing and we’ll be putting up many of these unique performances onto the VICE YouTube channel so you can check them out.

Raekwon The Chef – Latest & Greatest Hits Promo Cassette (1995)

One of my all time favs in music period is Raekwon. Saw this over on Hypebeast and just had to post it for you guys.

via HB

Labeled as one of the greatest classics in Hip Hop Raekwon the Chef’s solo effort “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…” still sounds as fresh as in 1995. Witty wordplay and grimy beats were all a true Hip Hop fan could ask for. Thanks to dirt_dog of Philaflava the music world can now rejoice as a digitized version of Rae’s promotional cassette hits the internet.


Rapper Method Man Arrested For Tax Evasion

When will these stars learn that they need to pay their damn taxes and start taking better responsibility with their finances. Well XXL is reporting that everyone’s favorite weed head is in the pokey for not paying Uncle Sam.

Picture 1

via XXL

Method Man is currently in police custody on tax-evasion charges according to the Staten Island Advocate.

Apparently Meth is at Shaolin’s 120 Police Precinct awaiting arraignment. As of press time details on the case are unclear, but it may be related to Tical’s tax problems from last March. As previously reported, the department of taxation repossessed his Lincoln Navigator after he failed to pay $52,503 in arrears.

Meth blamed the ordeal on his marijuana consumption. “Myself, I’m a pothead,” he told New York’s Daily News in March. “It’s no secret. Everyone knows that. I go on the road and forget everything else.”

Raekwon feat. Nas & Ghostface – Verbal Intercourse Part II

Picture 2via Hypebeast

What could have been the crowning jewel for Raekwon’s latest OB4CL2 album, never actually took place as many expected. Luckily, the album still turned out as a classic for years to come. But bringing forth this creative effort via Kenzo Digital, we have this interesting blend created as an homage to fill the void of a Nas collaboration that never happened on the album as fans expected. This is not exactly an official record from Nas and Rae, but it’s very well put together as a blend. Alongside the track, you can also get a sneak peak of Kenzo Digital’s trailer for his upcoming experimental Hip-Hop opera, City of God’s Son on their website. Check it out.

Raekwon feat Nas & Ghostface – Verbal Intercourse Part II

Lawsuit: Method Man Accused of Shooting a Female Fan With a BB Gun

It has been the best and worst of years for legendary rapper Method Man. The Blackout album with Redman has had moderate success and his beef with Joe Budden has some calling him chicken for not giving Joey a verbal lashing over a RZA beat. Now some fan is saying he sprayed her with a BB gun:

Picture 31

via Hair Balls

When Mary Anderson of Fort Bend County allegedly asked rapper Method Man for an autograph after a show last November at Houston’s House of Blues, she claims she got a different kind of signature: A wound in the stomach from a pellet gun.

Anderson is suing Method Man, more formally known as Clifford Smith, in Harris County District Court for allegedly shooting at her six times with a pellet gun. According to the lawsuit, Anderson attended a rap concert where Method Man and Redman were performing.
Afterward, Anderson joined a group of fans outside, where Method Man was signing autographs out of the back window of a bus. When Anderson handed Method Man her ticket stub for him to sign, Method Man suddenly pulled out a pellet gun and began firing, hitting Anderson in the torso, according to the lawsuit.

Anderson’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz, tells Hair Balls that Anderson suffered permanent scarring on her chest, stomach and breast area.

“You can’t just go around the country shooting people like that,” says Horowitz, “and then leave town and not think anything’s going to happen.”

Anderson claims she had to seek medical treatment for the wounds and is suing for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Horowitz says Method Man has not yet been served.

Raekwon Announces EMI Deal



via HipHopDX

Having received mixed critical and commercial success on his last two albums,Raekwon [click to read] has decided to partner with EMI for his upcoming Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2. The Staten Island emcee, who has been one of the Wu-Tang Clan‘s most outspoken members, announced the new deal to K-Dubasis and DJ Biggmann of OnAirIdiots.com.

“The project is vicious right now,” Raekwon said. “It’s done. I just closed my deal that I signed with EMI. I just signed off yesterday, and we made everything official.EMI is the home; they gave me a nice piece of what I needed.”

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx was followed by Immobilarity, which reached the number nine spot on the Billboard 200 before being certified gold by the RIAARae‘s third solo effort, The Lex Diamond Story, failed to sell at least 500,000 copies. Raekwonreportedly signed with Dr. Dre‘s Aftermath imprint in 2006, but eventually left the label on good terms without releasing any material. The tracks “Criminology 2” [click to listen] and “Wu-Oooh” [click to listen] have been released in anticipation of a proper album release.

“It’s gonna be raw Hip Hop,” Raekwon added. “We’re gonna keep it where we supposed to keep it. That album? That shit is gonna be better than your momma’s spaghetti, yo.”

Wu Tang Preps Afro Samurai Soundtrack, Tour Dates


via HipHopDX

Wu Music Group and the RZA are readying the release of Afro Samurai: The Resurrection. This is the soundtrack to the second season of Afro Samurai, the animated show on Spike TV. The show is home to Samuel L. Jackson, who is the voice of the star character and music for the program is entirely composed by RZA.The soundtrack, which will be released in conjunction with the DVD for the series, boasts an impressive roster of guests. Sly Stone, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son Boy Jones all make appearances.
RZA’s acting will once again be on display very soon. The rapper, who has been in films such as American Gangster, will be working on a major motion picture with Judd Apatow, who is responsible for big screen hits like Superbad and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

The film, which also stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann, is titled Funny People. It is said to be about a star comedian’s near death experience and fans can expect for the flick to hit screens in the Summer of 2009. Continue reading

Deleted Iron Man Scene ft. Ghostface Killah

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We finally get to see the much talked about scene in Iron man featuring Ghost face Killah, who was instrumental in keeping the franchise alive when it basically dead. He deserves a part in Iron Man 2 and this time make sure he does not hit the cutting room floor. The dvd is dropping soon.

UPDATE: RZA Says Wu-Tang Reunion Unlikely…Death of a Dynasty?

All Digital

via ProHipHop

RZA’s in the midst of his Bobby Digital tour for the release of Digi Snax. He’s getting quite a bit of press attention and appears to be taking the opportunity to dig into past history quite freely.

RZA spoke recently on the unlikelihood of another Wu-Tang Clan album:

“I don’t know, really, to tell you the truth…Wu-Tang is forever, I think, and we’ll be making the same sounds, whether we make it together or separately. But as far as making an album together, I don’t know.”

“I wouldn’t want to get into a business relationship with the Wu-Tang Clan because it hurt my business, Universal Music’s business, the record business. It hurt a lot of people when they wouldn’t show up for music videos, for press. It (wastes) a lot of people’s money. A lot of people got fired — the guys don’t even know how many people got fired because of them.”
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Fear of a Muslim Planet: Hip-Hop’s Hidden History

hip hop & islam

via The Daily Star

Journalist Harry Allen once called Islam “hip-hop’s unofficial religion.” This theme is echoed by Adisa Banjoko, unofficial ambassador of Muslim hip-hop, who says: “Muslim influence was at the ground floor of hip hop. Hip hop came from the streets, from the toughest neighborhoods, and that’s always where the Muslims were.”

Hip-hop’s Muslim connection came initially via the 5 Percenter sect, and later expanded to embrace Nation of Islam (NOI), Sufi, and Sunni Islam. Since the 1980s, there have also been shifts where 5 Percenters have moved to NOI or Sunni beliefs. The same artists’ back catalog may reflect both his 5 Percenter beliefs and his later NOI faith. Islamic iconography, philosophy, and phrases are in fact so widespread in hip-hop, they show up regularly even in the works of non-Muslim rappers.
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Meth In Talks For Film Based On Graphic Novel

M-E-T-H-O-D Man!

[via WooHah]

My Hollywood sources are telling me that Method Man has been in talks with a couple of film production companies this past month to bring his upcoming graphic novel entitled “Method Man” to the big screen. Graphic novel is in collab with artist Sanford Greene with early sketches shown here. While the graphic novel doesn’t come out until July 23, 2008 I do know that many film development heads are interested in the Order of the Secret Method plot line that is part DaVinci Code, part Hellboy and part How High. No joke. I’ll have more details as I get hear them. Check out the full plot after the jump…


“Private investigator Mosley Paine hasn’t always been a P.I. Before retiring to civillian life, he was a top agent of an international conspiracy known as the Order of the Secret Method, a deeply religious assembly of elite “murder priests”, descended from the Biblical Cain, who hunt creatures thought only to exist in Biblical myth. Though an excellent Method Man, Mosley suffered expulsion from the sect when it was discovered that he was having an affair with the irresistable daughter of Grand Arch Occisor d’Arc, head of the organization. But when Mosley’s arch nemisis enemy–a Leviathan of giant proportions–reappears stronger than ever and threatens to destroy all that is good, Mosley is convinced to rejoin the Secret Method to lead the epic fight against it.”

Method Man Makes 3rd Appearance on CSI…

Method man is steadily building his acting resume. Ballerstatus is reporting some new appearance on CBS mega-hit CSI. Now we just gotta get another classic album outta him before he goes totally Hollywood. Info below:

Showcasing his talents outside of music, Method Man is slated to make a return guest appearance to the Emmy Award-winning show “CSI.”

According to from CTV.ca, the 37-year-old rapper will return to the show where he will play role of Drops, a Las Vegas promoter known for his frequent run-ins with CSIs whenever their investigations threaten his entourage.
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RZA To Supply Soundtrack For Afro Samaurai Video Game

This has definitely been a busy week for RZA! In addition to announcing the creation of Wuchess.com and releasing a video for “The Heart Gently Weeps” sans the rest of the Wu (excluding GZA), news has also emerged that RZA will also be handling the soundtrack to the Afro Samaurai‘s video game release. The Samuel Jackson voiced game will be debuting on Xbox and Playstation 3 sometime this fall, stay tuned! Below is the trailer for the highly anticipated videogame version of the hit cartoon.