[Op-Ed] XXL’s Top 10 Hip Hop Trends That Just Must Cease to Exist in 2009


I can’t co-sign all of these, but some are on point

via XXL

With 2 weeks left in ‘08, figured it’s time to start breaking out the top 10 lists because… well… let’s be honest here, they’re easier to come up with than anything substantial.

Trends… I wish they’d die a very timely death (as in, right now). Here’s my top 10 list of trends and/or just general shit that must cease to exist in 2009.

10) “super” producers- These are the guys who become industry darlings after they make a hit record, and then every artist starts asking them for the same type of track, and well, it never amounts to much. I don’t want to dis anyone, but there’s some dudes that get mad work post-hit record and don’t ever duplicate that success. In ‘09, that shit really needs to stop. You guys are the reason why album budgets get eaten up and artists gotta resort to making internet weekly freestyle series after their singles bomb. Continue reading

The Game-The Source Cover [Pic &Video]

The Game is on fire right now with his songs in heavy rotation and a new album on the horizon. Still can’t believe the cats over at MTV left him off the hottest MC list. Some of those cats should have been put on the hottest rappers list. Anyway check out this recent interview where he talks about a bunch rumors and if he is really suicidal. Found this over at Necole Bitchie…

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys: Rita G

She been around on mainstream shows and magazines for years but now Hip hop can claim “the one and only” Rita G. By way of multi-platinum star Kanye West, she has has been thrust into the world of Hip Hop via the unforgettable video “Flashing Lights”.

Though many saw the video as being not related to the song, who could forget the woman in lingerie who eventually gives it to Kanye with a shovel. We had a chance to interview Rita and she seems to hold her NYC swagger quite well. We over here give Rita G the Street Knowledge Seal of Approval. Enjoy.