[video] EXPOSED! Rappers Who Brag About Money Are Actually Broke and Bankrupt

Label whores beware. If you don’t know any of this stuff you might be living under a rock or never have logged onto TMZ because this is their daily fare for several years. This guy who put together this video together, obviously has an axe to grind against the rap community and materialism based on his tonality and sarcasm throughout but I will concede he makes some valid points. Take a look for yourself and draw your own conclusions as to if you think what he says is the truth.

T.I. Akoo Clothing Line Fends Off Recession Effects


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T.I. has officially launched a site for his Akoo apparel line, as other rapper lines from Young Buck and Snoop Dogg have felt the heat of recession.

Along with non-clothing features, Tip provides fans with a wide selection of shopping choices via the sites’s online store.akoo-ti2

Playing T.I. songs from Paper Trail including “Live Your Life,” “What Up,” and “Swing Your Rag,” the site offers visitors Akoo news, events, an event gallery, MySpace page access, e-mail sign-up and an upcoming blog for the site. Fans will also be able to peep the featured collection section showing visual images of the clothing and a breakdown of tops, outer wear and bottoms. (Akoo Clothing Brand)

Tip has spoken on the motivation behind his brand’s launch and the meaning behind “Akoo” with television personality Chelsea Handler.

“We’re actually fortunate enough to translate that style into my own clothing line that I released last year,” Tip said. “Akoo, A King Of One’s Self.” The clothing line hit the market in October and was publicized with videos of T.I. during an Akoo video shoot prior to its release circulating online. (Chelsea Lately)

While the rapper’s clothing line appears unfazed by the current economic crisis, rappers like Snoop Dogg have admitted to feeling the economy’s effects.

“The recession is affecting everybody,” Snoop said in an interview. “We’re trying to keep it one hundred percent and do what we’re doing and try to keep the prices a little lower. [We’re] trying to keep it cost sufficient for what [we’re] doing.” (Hollyscoop) Continue reading

50 Cent Shaves $ 4Million Off Conneticut Mansion

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The housing bubble has definitely hit a ton of people across the board. Even the mighty 50 Cent has to rethink the price for his mansion which is probably more of a headache then anything else right now. He has wanted to get rid of this property for years. But if he manages to get at least 6-8 million for it he has made a very nice profit.


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The slowing real estate market has caught up with 50 Cent.

After almost two years on the market, the rapper has lowered the price of his Farmington mega-mansion from $18.5 million to $14.5 million, a 21 percent price cut.

“It’s the market,” acknowledged listing agent Deborah Orr of Keller Williams Realty. “With a unique property, everyone acknowledges it’s difficult to pinpoint the perfect market price. We feel we need to stimulate some activity, and that was the intent of the price cut.”

Even with the price reduction, the home is still the most expensive home listing in the region.

The home, on Poplar Hill Road, was purchased by 50 Cent in 2003 for $4.1 million.picture-372

The 17-acre property, which in the past has been home to real estate swindler BenjaminSisti and boxing champion Mike Tyson, has many sumptuous features, including a helipad, a 40-person hot tub, a movie theater, two billiard rooms and a disco. It has 18 bedrooms and 37 bathrooms.

BREAKING NEWS: Young Buck Allegedly Attempts Suicide

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A rumor has surfaced that David Darnell Brown – also known as Young Buck – overdosed on prescription pain pills in what has been called a suicide attempt. HipHopDX.com caught wind of the rumor through several sources, however, none of this has been confirmed as of yet. According to the sources, Buck was depressed and told cops that he was trying to harm himself. Lizzie Grubman (Buck’s publicist) was allegedly with Buck and stated to police that the former G-Unit member received 40 pain pills and made an attempt to overdose by taking up to five.  One source stated that he was treated at Metro Nashville General Hospital for a drug overdose last night and was admitted to an emergency room this morning after suffering an adverse reaction to the painkillers.

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[video] Young Buck Gets Free Milk

They’re back at it again, the same dudes that put Ice-T on ice (Broken Equipment) are giving Young Buck the business with this hilarious clip parodying his much publicized crying session taped by his boss, Curtis Jackson. As we would say over here at Street Knowledge, ‘get that man a warm bottle.’

[audio] Young Buck Responds to 50


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The saga continues. A day after Curtis threw a recorded conversation out on Young Buck in which he sheds some tears, Buck responds with this track which is an honest attempt at damage control. Homie needs to get his name back before the blogosphere goes nuclear with this story. The attempt is at least half-decent. CLICK [HERE] for AUDIO

Young Buck Breaks Down & Cries to Curtis, Wants To ‘Come Home’

50 & BUCK

The ongoing feud between Young Buck & 50 has just ventured into the realm of extra weird. It’s the kind of weird that makes you take multiple showers to get the weird off. For no other reason than you have two individuals who parade themselves as super-thugs, killers, “gangstas” for the lack of a better term having an emotional tirade over the phone (knowing damn well them lines is tapped) about a private situation that they’ve made uncomfortably public. Buck begging to get back under 50’s wing and 50 telling him to “stay close” under that wing like Yayo. Man, these dudes both need a shot of HGH right about now or a testosterone infusion.


Buck Out of G-Unit, The Game Offers Help

In another bow to the once mighty tank of G-Unit, Young Buck has been excused from his position as G-Unit attack dog, but apparently still records for the label. Ironically The Game recently released a new track imploring YB to come over to Black Wall Street. I guess it will be a real cold summer.

“You can look at it and see that’s Game [former G-Unit rapper] all the way. I was giving him a chance, giving him the benefit of the doubt [to remain with the group]. You can take this as an official notice right here – pretty much you can say: Young Buck is no longer in the group G-Unit, but signed to G-Unit [Records] as a solo artist,” 50 Cent told DJ Envy, a co-host on the Hot 97 Morning Show with Miss Jones. Source : Allhiphop

Update : [Download] The Game ft. Omar Cruz (G-Unit Diss)

Full story and interview here