[video] SK THROWBACK- WHAT WE DO- Freeway feat Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z

This is the first installment of SK THROWBACK‘s which will be a blog dedicated to revisiting those tunes that made an imprint on our consciousness when they dropped.  There are so many songs that are part of our musical archive, we thought it would make sense to dig in the virtual crates and pull some of these memories off of YouTube and put you onto GAME.

I choose to set it off with WHAT WE DO by Freeway because I had the honor of being the studio with YOUNG CHRIS last night and I bore witness to a creative process that I can only describe as pure genius.  When JAY-Z said he doesn’t write his rhymes on paper, but instead in his head, he transformed a whole generation of lyricists who ditched the pen and relied on the mind to scribe their rhyme.  YOUNG CHRIS is one of those talents and Freeway also comes across as one of those unique talents that you can honestly say carved his own lane with his own style and his rhyme pattern was always on automatic fire (was he coming off the top of the dome?)