[video] Omega Psi Phi starts investigation of disgusting viral ‘booty’ video

I don’t know what the f*ck is going on here at this meeting of Omega Psi Phi but there is definitely something wrong and it needs to be addressed asap. Things like this gives a lot of fuel and credence to the ‘homosexual agenda ‘theory that is talked about in many black circles.

via Philadelphia Tribune

About 11 p.m. Saturday, Antonio F. Knox Sr., the Grand Basileus for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., said he began receiving phone calls and text messages about a video on social media that featured members of the organization.

The less-than-two-minute video, which has received more than 6 million views on Facebook and YouTube, shows a number of members of the fraternity hopping with their pants down — low enough to expose their buttocks.

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[video] Tommy Sotomayor Receives Death Threats, Blames Black Women

Self-hating youtube personality Tommy Sotomayor is scared to death of some threats received via Chicago goon who was none too pleased about some comments made in reference to a young lady who was allegedly murdered by a john in her home in St. Louis.

In the above video, he lays out his hatred for black women and niggas in great detail and calls on the authorities to continue shooting down black men in the streets irregardless to the circumstances. Which is illogical due to the fact that he himself is a black man who could be easily mistaken for a suspect and be detained, arrested, or killed similar to what James Blake experienced here earlier this year in NYC.

I surmise Tommy’s hatred of black women must stem from tough childhood upbringing, because his first relationship with a black woman was his mother. If he can proudly say these things to her with a straight face shows severe dysfunction.

This guy is a complete joke but I am glad he exists because he is the perfect example of the self-hatred that lies within a lot of black people.


[video] Legal Aid organization under fire for Uncle Murda & Maino “Hands Up” (Eric Garner Tribute) video

Somebody is gonna take the fall for this in a big way. Glad this video is getting some media attention now. Where are all the free speech advocates rushing to defend them?


A city-funded legal aid organization knowingly participated in a music video where artists rapped that it was “time to start k!lling these coppers” and pointed guns at a man dressed as an NYPD officer, the city’s Department of Investigation has found.
The Bronx Defenders, a criminal defense firm that receives about $20 million every year in public funding, let rappers Uncle Murda and Maino shoot portions of their “Hands Up” music video in their offices near Yankee Stadium and then tried to cover up its involvement, according to a DOI report.

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[video] How Marques Brownlee Became “The Best Technology Reviewer On The Planet” #BLACKSINTECH

This kid needs a television program in addition to his online empire. #BLACKSINTECH

Marques Brownlee is a 20-year-old college student who’s been hailed “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now” by former Google VP Vic Gundotra. With nearly 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Brownlee has become a supremely influential personality in the tech and gadget space. He tells us how he got to where he is at such a young age.

F-Train Brawlers Arrested for “Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway” viral video

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.47.58 AM

This story has become a nightmare for all involved. Note to anyone planning on having a brawl using your shoe will result in you getting a felony charge.

via Daily News

What began as a young woman taunting a man on the F-train in Greenwich Village devolved into a wild subway brawl that left four people in cuffs early Saturday, according to police video footage of the melee.

Danay Howard, 21, is seen in a video posted to Youtube on Saturday being egged on by friends as she taunts Jorge Pena, 25, over his style sense on the uptown bound F train near W. 4th St. shortly before 5 a.m., police said.
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[video] Family Dollar Employee FIRED for Spraying Alleged Shoplifter With Febreze

I have officially seen it all.

via TMZ

The video is damn entertaining — Gavyn Edlinger, the manager at Family Dollar in Saginaw, Mich. confronted a few alleged shoplifters (one of whom was pregnant) in the parking lot last week. It quickly turned into screaming, yelling, the Febreze spray and this classic line — “Bitch, what I want you to do is do something. I will whoop yo’ ass!”

Gavyn tells TMZ he was canned six days after the confrontation — and it probably didn’t help that it blew up on the web.

Edlinger called the incident an unfortunate scene and claims the mother of one of the girls in the video called the store to apologize. He says he tried to have the video taken down, but when the guy refused … he decided to just own it.

[video] Father Whoops On His 13-Year-Old Daughter for Dressing Sexy, Missing for 3 Days?

The discipline and beating of misbehaving children on video and being posted to Youtube and Facebook is a recent phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. The unverified story is that young lady scantily dressed in this video has been been missing for three days and presumed dead by her father.

Being a parent I can understand the pure horror of what this father was going through but this beating may in the end may cause more damage than good. I am not saying that to give his child a good ole fashioned whipping is wrong, the fact it was posted on the internet for the world to see is where I have my serious reservations.


[video] Kangaroo Viciously Tries to Drown Dog

This kangaroo was literally going in for the kill. There is a Part 2 to this amazing video whereas the uploader Anthony Gill states “After these two videos I had to jump in to save him as he was completely submerged and held down by the roo….” The comments he is getting on Youtube are just as vicious as this fight was, where commenters are correctly noting that this Kangaroo was justified in defending itself against this dog that was never called off by its owner.


[video] Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt

Whoever this guy is please will somebody get him a new profession cause killer is definitely not in the cards for him. He must really dislike this politics to attempt to kill this guy in front of dozens of people. The human race never ceases to amaze. Don’t like a guys politics go blow his head off. I have no real deep knowledge of what caused this rift in the first place and I really don’t care because it will probably be a bunch of bullshit at the end of the day.

[video] MTV defends TEEN MOM Show after JENELLE EVANS fight video

It seems that brawl videos have eclipsed everything in its path in popularity on Youtube. Brawl videos are even featured on the 6 o’ clock news and this particular story involves the much talked about TEEN MOM show on MTV. They defended their stance on the show after this video surfaced below of Jenelle Evans one of its stars, putting a serious beat down on another teen mom.

via CNN
MTV does not solicit and would never knowingly cast anyone who chose to get pregnant on purpose – that is the exact opposite of the intent of our show. Both ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ are intended as cautionary tales and meant to cast a light on the harsh realities teens face when raising children at too young an age.”
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[video] Mother locked up for cheering daughter on at a fight

Not sure if she should have got locked up for child abuse, probably was a dumb thing to do but child abuse seems kinda harsh.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via TSG

A Florida mother who stood on the sidelines cheering on her daughter during a planned high school fight between the teen and another girl was arrested today for child abuse.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, April Newcomb, 39, can be seen on multiple YouTube videos “encouraging” her daughter “to physically fight” with the other girl. The videos, one of which can be viewed below, were filmed by attendees of the fight, which occurred in a vacant field near Palmetto High School.

When questioned by a cop, Newcomb, pictured in the mug shot at right, claimed that she only attended the bout between the two 16-year-old combatants in order “to make sure nothing got out of hand.” She also wanted to look out for her daughter’s health since the teen had “sustained a skull fracture from a previous incident approximately two years ago.”

“Of course we were both wrong and I understand that,” Newcomb said, adding, “I understand where ya’ll are coming from”.


4 Chan vs. Youtube

I repeat, I repeat, do not piss off 4 Chan. Check out below how this little chubby kid caused a bunch of mayhem on Youtube the last few days.

By Andy Carvin

Happy YouTube Porn Day! Did you get my card?

Known in real life as Luke Taylor, Lukeywes1234 is a typical eight-year-old boy who likes Super Mario Bros and Harry Potter. He created a YouTube channel to talk about his interests, as well as do fun things around the house. He had a handful of YouTube subscribers and probably thought it would always remain that way.

Let me explain. Thanks to the members of the online community 4chan — regarded either as merry pranksters or trolls depending on your perspective — YouTube woke up this morning to newly uploaded videos that intersperse innocuous footage with images that are most decidedly NSFW.

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Myspace and Facebook to join forces?

Wow! This was something a few years ago we would have never thought could be possible. Figures because the newly appointed head of Myspace is an ex-Facebook executive.

Picture 34via Newser

– High-ranking executives at both Facebook and MySpace confirm that the companies are in talks over some sort of content partnership—a development that isn’t a big surprise to at least one observer. Formerly intense competitors in the social-networking sphere, Caroline McCarthy writes, now “Facebook’s the one providing the platform for the content; MySpace is the one providing the content itself.”

While MySpace can boost its claim as “a pop culture hub,” McCarthy adds on CNET, “for Facebook, meanwhile, you could take this as a ‘look, we’ve won’ move. After all, it’s a validation of the power of the social network’s content platform that a company like MySpace—which used to dwarf Facebook in size—would want to use it for distribution.”

[video] Drunk Off-Duty Cop Caught Talking Dirty about Murder Victims

Now let’s be brutally honest here, I’m sure in bars across America these kind of conversations take place every day.  There are no bleeding heart policemen throwing back shots in Irish pubs losing any sleep over dead Black and Latino men, especially no one in the NYPD.  By the way, this reminds me this week marks the one-year anniversary of the acquittal of the cops who killed Sean Bell, may that man rest in peace.

ERIE, Pa. (April 19) — A city police officer was suspended after someone posted to the Web a video of him, in a bar and apparently intoxicated, joking about a homicide victim.
In his profanity-laced rant, James Cousins II talks about the victim being shot in the forehead and his body lying outside a bar below a malt liquor sign that reads, “take it to the head.” He laughs as he recounts seeing the dead man’s leg twitch and the reaction of the victim’s mother as she identifies him. Cousins also says he used his camera phone to take photos of the victim.

“We’re looking at it like, ‘One less drug dealer to deal with. Cool,'” he says on the video.

Cousins, who was hired in 2004, was suspended with pay Wednesday after the Erie Times-News asked about the video. A phone message left Thursday at a number for a James Cousins was not immediately returned. Continue reading

Universal and YouTube agree on music video deal

via Financial Times

Universal Music and YouTube have finalised plans for a premium music video site, a landmark agreement between the largest record label and the Google-owned video sharing site it had once threatened to sue. youtube-universal-logo

Vevo, the planned new service which is expected to launch later this year, will host Universal’s entire library of professionally produced videos, as well as content from artists. Fans will be able to use clips in their own amateur videos.

Other large labels are expected to sign up to the initiative, an industry-wide effort to control the flood of unauthorised copies of their videos currently circulating online, from which they make little or no revenue. Continue reading

Online Gaming can make Consoles Obsolete


via Yahoo

What if you could stream top-end games to your TV, just like a Youtube video that you can control? You’d never need to buy a console again.

That’s the future envisaged by Palo Alto startup OnLive, which plans to launch a groundbreaking gaming service this winter. OnLive will supply players with a small set-top box, not much bigger than a Nintendo DS, which will plug into your TV and your home broadband connection. From there, you can start playing games just like those on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC — but with no install time, no waiting for downloads, and no need for big, noisy, expensive consoles cluttering up your living room. OnLive’s service can be continually upgraded, too, so you’ll never be stuck with obsolete hardware again. online_live21

Skeptical? So were we, until we actually sat down and played with an OnLive box last week. Even a blisteringly fast racer like Burnout Paradise was totally playable over the service, and top-spec shooter Crysis: Warhead — which normally requires an expensive gaming PC — ran excellently too. It’s all rolled together with a slick interface that requires just a few button-presses to get playing. Continue reading

YouTube blocks UK users from watching music videos


via MyWay

LONDON (AP) – Google Inc. (GOOG) (GOOG) said Monday it will block U.K. users from watching music videos on its popular video-sharing site YouTube after negotiations with Britain’s music royalty-collecting body broke down.

Google said it would begin blocking British users starting Monday night. The Internet titan said it knew the move would cause “significant disappointment.”

But it said its hand was forced by PRS for Music, which it said is asking for royalties that would cause Google to lose money every time a video was played on YouTube.

“Our previous license from PRS for Music has expired, and we’ve been unable so far to come to an agreement to renew it on terms that are economically sustainable for us,” Google said in a statement. Until a solution is found, it added, “we will be blocking premium music videos in the UK that have been supplied or claimed by record labels.” Continue reading

Universal To Partner With YouTube For New Video Site

via XXL

An inevitability in the age of downloading as record labels look for new revenue streams, at least one label is in talks with YouTube to create a premium online music video service.umg-news

Reuters reports that Universal Music Group—the umbrella under which such labels as Interscope and Def Jam fall and home to artists the likes of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent—is looking to partner with the No. 1 video site in the nation to create what at this point is being referred to as “Vevo.” Carrying premium music-related content, the new video site would generate higher advertising and per-play rates than currently available through YouTube.

Financial terms of a potential deal remain unknown, but an agreement between the two media giants could prompt similar partnerships between YouTube and the remaining “Big Four” labels—Warner Music Group, EMI, and Sony BMG. Back In December, Warner ordered YouTube to pull all of their content from the site after contract talks fell apart but current agreements with Universal, EMI, and Sony BMG remain in place.

YouTube Said to Be Near Hollywood Deal


via NY Times

YouTube and the William Morris Agency, the Hollywood talent agency, are close to signing a deal that would place the company’s clients in made-for-the-Web productions.

The deal would underscore the ways that distribution models are evolving on the Internet. Already, some actors and other celebrities are creating their own content for the Web, bypassing the often arduous process of developing a program for a television network. The YouTube deal would give William Morris clients an ownership stake in the videos they create for the Web site.

Two people close to the talks, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized by their companies to speak publicly about the deal, described the arrangement as YouTube’s most sweeping attempt to date to add professionally produced videos to its Web site, which mostly features amateur videos uploaded by users. The people cautioned that the deal had not been completed. Representatives for YouTube and William Morris declined to comment Wednesday evening.

The addition of more videos by A-list actors, musicians and other stars would bolster YouTube’s identity as a next-generation entertainment source and, more important for the site’s parent company, Google, could help answer a riddle it is trying to solve: how to wring cash from the hundreds of millions of videos it hosts free. Continue reading

YouTube Teams Up with Congress to Show Laymakers at Work


Let’s see who we can catch with their hands in the cookie jar

via NY Times

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube is aiming to raise its profile in American politics by helping deliver a glimpse of life on Capitol Hill to its large online audience.

On Monday, YouTube, in collaboration with Congress, will unveil two new Web pages, one for the House and one for the Senate, where every lawmaker will be able to create a video channel on the site. The pages will include a map of the United States that will allow users to easily navigate to the channel of their elected officials.

Already several members of Congress have channels on YouTube. But by creating a central hub for all senators and representatives, YouTube is hoping to encourage more members to create their own channels, not only as a place to promote their agendas but also as a forum for interacting with citizens.

“People out there don’t really know what senators and congressmen do on a daily basis,” said Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube. “This will give them a sense of what they are doing.”

During the election season, political campaigns made heavy use of YouTube and other online tools, including social networks like MySpace and Facebook, as well as blogs and “microblogging” services like Twitter, to communicate with voters. But until last fall, so-called franking rules largely limited the use of online tools by members of Congress to official House and Senate Web sites. Continue reading

Details Emerge in Youtube/Warner Bros Riff


via LA Times

The removal of Warner Music Group’s videos from YouTube over the weekend highlights the growing tension between music labels and websites over what is becoming an important source of revenue for the beleaguered recorded-music industry: advertising and licensing fees from music videos, the foundation that built MTV but which has now largely migrated to the Internet.
The impasse comes at a time when all four major labels — Warner, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI Music — are renegotiating their licensing deals with YouTube, the largest video site.

YouTube and social networks such as Last.FM pay for the rights to stream music videos. Typical licensing agreements pay either a minimum fee based on the number of times a video is viewed or, if the sum is greater, a share of the ad revenue, helping to make music videos a small but fast-growing source of revenue for the labels. One label executive estimates that music videos will generate about $300 million for the industry this year.
Record labels are eager to explore ancillary revenue to help offset free-falling CD sales. This year’s album sales are down 45% from 2000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. A recent Forrester Research report projects that disc sales will continue to decline by an annual rate of about 9% over the next five years, as retailers reduce the shelf space allotted to CDs and music fans shift their purchases online. Continue reading

Report: Warner Music Unplugs From YouTube


via The Street

Warner Music Group(WMG QuoteCramer on WMGStock Picks) Saturday ordered YouTube to remove all music videos by Warner artists, according to a published media report.

Warner Music’s demand comes after it was unable to work out a new licensing agreement with YouTube, according to the report, published Saturday by Reuters. YouTube is owned by Google(GOOG QuoteCramer on GOOGStock Picks).

Negotiations between the companies fell apart because Warner Music wants a bigger portion of the potential revenue from YouTube’s online visitor traffic, according to the report.

“We simply cannot accept terms that fail to appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide,” Warner Music was quoted saying in a statement.

In 2006 Warner Music, Universal Music and Sony Music took stakes in YouTube, the report noted. Soon after, Google bought YouTube, and the companies profited from the acquisition. Continue reading

Student Sentenced to 15 Years for YouTube Terror Video

picture_15via WIRED

An Egyptian engineering student was sentenced in the United States on Thursday to 15 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to uploading a 12-minute video to YouTube that demonstrated how to convert a remote-control toy car into a bomb detonator.

In June, Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 27, pleaded guilty in a Florida federal court to one count of providing material support to terrorists. He was a student at the University of South Florida. South Carolina authorities said they found various bomb-making materials in the vehicle he was driving when he was pulled over last year.

The video, with his voice in Arabic, was discovered during a search of his laptop computer, the authorities said. In the video, which the authorities said was viewed by the public hundreds of times, shows how to make a remote-control toy car from Walmart into a bomb detonator.

In court documents
, (.pdf) he said “he intended the technology demonstrated in his audio-video recording to be used against those who fight for the United States.” He said he considered them and their allies fighting in Arab countries to be “invaders.” The United States, he said, was a “vile nation.”