LA Times writes review of Hustla “Empire on the Rise” (starring Yung Brodee)

Hardly ever use this blog for self promotion but today I will. Check out the review of my mini movie Hustla “Empire on the Rise” starring Yung Brodee. Let me not forget everyone who worked on this and made it all possible. It was a great experience and we are getting set to come with Part 2 so stay tuned.

via Pop Hiss /LA Times

The “hood movie” has been an essential part of hip-hop for well over a decade. Partially pioneered by Master P,  the genre became a cash cow during the DVD boom of the early years of the last decade, with everyone from Game to 50 Cent to the Diplomats cashing in on the trend.

With the rise of YouTube and the popular online video emporium World Star Hip Hop, street-based reality films have tended to appear for free on the Web, and tend to boast a production value commensurate with third grade. Accordingly, keeping tabs on South L.A. rapper Yung Brodee’s productions has been a pleasant anomaly for the inconsistent genre.

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[video] Hustla ‘the Empire on the Rise’ (starring Yung Brodee)

My directorial debut. Thanks to all involved it was a pleasure working with you and can’t wait to shoot the next episodes, should be great fun.
Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Hustla “the Empire on the Rise” is a vivid look at the life of Marques Edwards aka Yung Brodee, a rap artist who is being watched by rogue DEA agents hellbent on arresting him for being a drug kingpin.

The story unfolds in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles where his every move is being watched and monitored. Will he prove his innocence or be taken down by the DEA is the question answered in this gritty thriller.

Starriing Joie Chavez, Kip Pierce, Brandon Wyse, and Brad Alan.