[video] University Teacher From China Suspended After Slapping And Kicking Students For Being Late!

I don’t care how late I was no way in hell is any teacher slapping the sh*t out of me without getting knocked the f*ck out.

A university tutor has reportedly been suspended after he was caught on camera slapping his students for being late.The teacher, identified only as Zheng, dished out physical punishment to a group of first-year students for several minutes, according to reports.Mobile phone footage, believed to have been filmed at the Shandong Rizhao Maritime Academy in China’s Rizhao City, shows Zheng ordering students not to flinch or turn their heads as he slaps them hard across the face. He is also seen to kick one of his students after the boy apparently gave him cheek. The 18-year-old students, who were in their first week of university, are thought to have arrived up to 30 minutes late.The students were also still taking part in their two-week military training course – mandatory for all new students of Chinese universities in which participants are taught the basics of self-defence and wilderness survival.After the video was shared on social media, the university released a statement confirming the students had arrived 30 minutes late, but added that Zheng “had not disciplined them in a patient manner.” The teacher has been removed from his post pending an internal investigation, the university added.It is unclear whether police will become involved in the investigation