[video] Are those Reebok or Nike (LMAO)

Please I beg you, just listen to the end it is worth it. Lol.


The listener of one of the radio stations in the Dominican Republic asked about letting the words of the song is “Is this reebok or nike?”. Lecturer from the beginning did not know what was going on, but after hearing the chorus realized what he meant.

[video] Nat Geo: Black People Laughing

” Why do Blacks laugh louder than other races? Maybe because they’ve seen the most struggle”

Funny stuff from the guys at Dormtainment

Join us as we go into the world of black people laughing.https://vine.co/v/MmgPljvuYBp

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[video] LMAO!!! Kid after being drugged up by dentist

Remind me to never go to the dentist, when they are giving out cocaine to sedate you.

via BOOBA 1234

This is my 7 year old son who had an extra tooth removed last summer, 2008. I had the camera because he was so nervous before I wanted him to see before and after.

He was so out of it after, I had to carry him out of the office. The staff was laughing and I had tears it was so funny.

He is doing fine now and the teeth are great.

Best of all he is the best kid as his brother William. I couldnt have asked for two better sons!

2/3 Update: Video camera is a flip video. not bad for $150 bucks!