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Street Knowledge Media LLC is a full-service branding and production company specializing in professional content for television broadcast, internet and home entertainment.  Our objective is to combine creative talent with today’s technology to develop world class content for companies and firms looking to make a memorable impact with their clients and customers.  The Street Knowledge Media Blog is our perspective on global news and entertainment. Enjoy!

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  2. Hey Ya’ll,

    I happened upon a story written by a supposed convicted felon, serving a life sentence, and the name of the story is “The Preachers Son”; it takes place in none other than, what I like to call, “Planet” Brooklyn, New York City. Due to the the “unsavory” character of the Kat who gave me the story, [unsavory] because of his lack of business acumen, general common sense, questionable past as a legitimate comedy club promoter in NYC and his no-talent daughter vying to be a Female MC for the last 6 years, (and it is never gonna’ happen whether or not she is Nikki Minaj’s HomeGurl, which I did not believe from day 1; this supposed MC is good, (I have a few of her “tracks”), though she lacks a serious business and work ethic, healthy respect for The Game, as evidenced by her association and financial scheming program with the unoriginal Thieve of the L. E. S., Mental Supreme, she is Still ‘Hustlin’ Everybody ), and just ain’t pretty enough, I question the origins of this story. Plus, I am not into biographies or documentaries unless it is about Me.

    It was given to me in the hopes that I would turn it into a script, which would actually take me less than a month to do because it was written in such great detail, I do not want to nor would ever do so without the Authors knowledge and consent; Do UnTo Others AS You Would Have Them Do UnTo YOU.

    I have been “sitting” on this story for 4 years and I am a writer. My genre is supernatural/scyfy/fantasy/conspirarcy, ’cause there ain’t no such thing as “What If…..?”. And if I had a choice, I would not have taken the Blue OR the Red Pill because I invented The Pill. After all, I AM The Witch And The Pill.

    And I still say, after All this Tyme, Melvin Charles [father of Shawn Charles] “Mc”Knight, aka Blaqmel, is FULL OF SHIT! and then some. His story is all about the vagina and the penis, and how it became One….. or Not!

    BTW, I met “dr” Delbert Blair and was extremely un-im-pressed; he kinda resembles Hitler; now ain’t That Crazy???!?!?! Would make for a very interesting story, no?

    And I Still say, “dr” Phil Valentine SOUNDS just like Vance Hinton; and they Both Hate WOMYN. iMagine That!

    I had the chance to meet frances cress-wellsing ….. it would have been like, well, Me Meeting, Well, Me ….. and I did not ….. enough said.

    I met LA Banks, aka Leslie Eaisdale Banks, now deceased, a few times and started penning the script for the movie about Damali Richards and Carlos Rivera, “The Neteru Warrior Queen and Her Street-Wise King”, then I heard the script was optioned ….. now it will never be made into a movie; I sent my synopsis/movie storyline, over to Manny Baron anyway. I have all Twelve books and I agree, Leslie should have Stopped, at Book Three!

    Reeses Peaces Ya’ll :),

    The Queen of Divas ….. because I AM.

  3. Hey,

    My team noticed you currently use YouTube video embeds for your video content displayed on your website. We are interested in helping you monetize your video embeds by upgrading them to a sleeker, brandless video player and by delivering video advertisements before the content plays.

    Implementation is a simple, one-time integration that will just take a few short minutes. Essentially, you will just need to add a short line of code we’d provide for you on your webpage. Voila, the code automatically upgrades your embedded video players (existing embeds as well). This is a great opportunity for Street Knowledge to bring in additional revenue without incurring any additional cost or expense.

    Please let me know if you are interested, and I can provide additional details.

    Thank you.

  4. im looking for a career that way when i sho up earlyim not workin im doing wht iike doing and thts PORN ?how who do contactwhile im still active 9 an a half inchs is wht the ruler said

  5. Marc :

    I discoverd your website ,it is great ,keep up the good work guys …
    thums up from FRANCE

    Thank you!! We appreciate the support and are going to keep working for you guys and new upgrades on the way.

  6. I discoverd your website ,it is great ,keep up the good work guys …
    thums up from FRANCE

  7. hello SKM staff,
    I’m an unsigned/uncosigned rap artist out of NYC trying to get exposure but you probably already know. I pride myself on ability, and overall concepts & vision. I’m 23 years old, just trying navigate and figure it out. I’ve been promoting my music online for a while now, and my Facebook good, but it starts to feel counterproductive at a certain point when I’m putting in so many hours without making any real connection.

    I say that to say that I would be very thankful to receive a post on StreetKnowledge.wordpress. trying to see if you mess w/ my music.. here’s a link to one of my favroites, “We See The Same Stars” (prod. Abstrcct):

    if you like that here’s a link to download my last mixtape, Cold & Hungry:

    and you can stream all my songs and see what i got got going on on my Facebook artist page:

    appreciated regardless, hope to hear from you

    – Richard

  8. Some Home Foreclosures are Actually Disguised Real Estate Extortions

    Some people think that those who fall delinquent on their mortgage debts deserve whatever happens to them. Deadbeats, is what they call us, even when becoming delinquent on a debt was an unavoidable occurrence. Some of us (like me) did not know that marriage failure would bankrupt us; or there would be medical bills; or job layoffs -but yes, some folks lived beyond their means. All the same, this narrative is about what collection on a loan via fraud and deception can do to a person, (too few people know about dark sides of real estate lending and borrowing).

    My story is not a sour grapes foreclosure story; I am not so much calling attention to loss of a home, but rather, to nearly irreparable wrongs that occurred in connection with real estate extortion. My true verifiable story is about how -like an overrun creature lying in the street, my brutal adversaries maimed and left me there! And while I wince in pain, I anguish also for others who have been wronged by brutes. I do not have any other choice except to raise my pen and voice until vindication arrives; and authorities stop the wrongdoers from continuing their harms. Moreover, my situation has little to do with whether I have forgiven them, but it is about my lack of freedom and impediments to my ability to pursue happiness and employment to jobs of my choice, and for which I qualify.

    For 4 years, I fought through the court systems to prevent the fraudulent taking of my home. In so doing, I was repeatedly ravished by merciless litigators. They caused me lost jobs and blacklisting. I was always vilified and made to seem like a crazy outcast. I was persecuted and castigated by judges; I spent lots of ill-affordable money in legal costs; my privacy was shockingly, repeatedly invaded; I was falsely arrested; at one occasion, I was so tormented, I went to the bathroom on myself; and my freedom yet remains in jeopardy. Also, there’s an amazing plethora of distorted humiliating documents and statements about me in federal court records. Such pleadings, records, and documents would never have been if it I were not opposing that foreclosure fraud, as court systems are the only means of opposing an unlawful foreclosure. . . .” *Read entire article @ http://newsblaze.com/story/20100411123047lawg.nb/topstory.html

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