[video] Kevin Gates on Eating Groceries, Adele, and Winnie the Pooh being a Drug Addict

The guilty pleasure of rap today has to be Kevin Gates. Here is a frank discussion on a bunch of different subjects in this overrated or underrated segment from Pitchfork who have been accused of exploiting the negative aspects of Hip Hop culture. This right here will do nothing to change that view.

Kevin Gates talks about whether Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are overrated or underrated.

Raw Video: New Orleans Marks Katrina Anniversary

We send out our thoughts and prays to everyone who is still standing from the tragedy that happen in New Orleans 5 years ago. I was actually there last summer and was able to witness first hand what they went through. These people still need help so let’s keep the pressure up on the government to finish the job.

Associated Press:
A symbolic burial service in honor of the unclaimed bodies left behind by Hurricane Katrina. The solemn ceremonies mark the third anniversary of the killer storm. (Aug. 29)

Shocker: Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty In Hurricane Katrina Killing Probe: 2 Shot, Killed On Danziger Bridge

This story is such a shocker. After going thru a terrible deadly hurricane and looking for food for survival, that these men would be shot and killed by police. Unbelievable.

via Huff Post

NEW ORLEANS — In Hurricane Katrina’s chaotic aftermath, police shot six people – killing two – as they crossed a bridge in search of food. For years the case was a shocking symbol of the confusion and violence that swept through the flooded city. On Wednesday it became a mark of shame for the police department.

As victims’ relatives watched from the courtroom gallery, a retired lieutenant who supervised the department’s probe of the shootings pleaded guilty to orchestrating a cover-up to conceal that police gunned down unarmed civilians.

Michael Lohman, a 21-year veteran of the force, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Prosecutors said Lohman and other unidentified officers conspired to fabricate witness statements, falsify reports of the incident and plant a gun in an attempt to make it appear the killings were justified.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said the investigation is continuing and would not say whether higher-ranking officials of the police department might be involved.

Lohman’s plea brought at least some closure to families of victims in the best-known of several violent incidents that raised questions about police conduct immediately after Katrina. The shootings happened on Sept. 4, 2005, six days after the storm smashed levees and flooded 80 percent of the city.

Survivors have said the officers fired at unarmed people who were crossing to get food at a grocery store. The officers claimed they opened fire only after being shot at. Ronald Madison, 40 and mentally disabled, and James Brissette, 19, were killed and four others were wounded.

“We are very, very happy about the progress that the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department have made,” said Romell Madison, Ronald’s brother. “The people of New Orleans should be relieved that there is still justice for everybody here.”


New Orleans mayor in flu quarantine in China


New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who traveled on Friday to Shanghai, China on an economic development trip, was placed in quarantine Sunday after Chinese officials found another passenger on his flight to have signs of the swine flu.ray_nagin_cp_8482804

That passenger was undergoing quarantine and treatment.  As a precaution, the mayor, his wife and another member of the Mayor’s Executive Protection Unit were also placed in a designated quarantine location in Shanghai, according to the mayor’s communications director.

He and his wife were displaying no symptoms of being ill, said Communications Director Ceeon D. Quiett.

Nagin was scheduled to travel to Sydney, Australia, where he is planning to deliver a keynote address and lead a panel discussion on climate change at the 2009 National Summit of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

Quiett said the mayor may need to alter his travel schedule.

Meet the Off-Duty Cop that Saved Lil Wayne’s Life

via NOLA/by way of RealTalk

Robert Hoobler, a former New Orleans Police officer, stands in front of the apartment where Grammy-winning musician Lil’ Wayne once lived in the Hollygrove area of New Orleans. It is the same home where Hoobler carried out a bloodied Lil’ Wayne after he was shot when he was 12 years old. Hoobler saved Lil’ Wayne’s life by driving him to a nearby hospital.

Lil Wayne never would have made it had it not been for big Robert Hoobler.lil_wayne_950k_5751

The celebrated New Orleans rapper would have bled to death on the floor of his mother’s Hollygrove apartment the afternoon of Nov. 11, 1994, at just 12 years old, after accidentally shooting himself in the chest while playing with a 9 mm handgun.

If not for Hoobler, the New Orleans police officer who cradled the bleeding boy in the back of a squad car that day on the way to the hospital, the Grammy-winning superstar would never have made the cover of the current issue of Rolling Stone.

The shooting, part of the Lil Wayne lore, has been chronicled before, but not its details, nor the tale of the man who saved his life: a 6-foot, 7-inch, 330-pound officer who responded to the shooting while off-duty, as was his habit.

That nearly fatal day, according to police records, 12-year-old Dwayne Carter Jr. left school early because it was report card day. He bought a hamburger, fries and soft drink from Burger King on his way home to 3409 Monroe St., Apartment D. He sat on the mattress in the master bedroom and began eating. But he stopped when he noticed a blue-steel Taurus 9 mm handgun. Continue reading

VH1 Goes Behind The Music With Lil Wayne


via XXL

VH1 reps have revealed that Lil Wayne will be the subject of an upcoming episode of VH1’s Behind the Music series.

A rep for the music network told XXL that the famed show will be making its return to the small screen and so far Weezy is the only rap artist that has been confirmed to star on the hour long program.

VH1 will have a lot of content to discuss about the controversial rapper. The New Orleans superstar, who has well over a decade in the industry, has experienced a publicized bout with syrup addiction,
faced several criminal charges and endured watching his hometown get destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Weezy reached his highest level of success last year. His his sixth solo album Tha Carter III was the overall biggest selling album of 2008 and he took home four Grammy Awards, where he lead the nominations with eight nods.

As of press time, it is uncertain when the episode of Behind The Music will air.

C-Murder Taken Into Custody, Violation Sends Rapper Back To Jail


via SOHH

Corey “C-Murder” Miller has reportedly been jailed after violating the terms of his house arrest rules Monday (March 9) afternoon.

Miller was taken into custody because he was allegedly out of range while wearing a tracking device.

Deputy Chief Chuck Whitmer of the Gretna Police Department says the monitor early Monday indicated Miller was out of range, a violation of house arrest rules, for about 10 minutes. Miller’s attorney Ron Rakosky says his client received a call about 3 a.m. after the equipment indicated he was out of range. Miller says his client was home sleeping. (The Advertiser)

The rapper was later placed into lock-up after police located him.

Miller was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center and will appear Wednesday before Judge Hans Liljeberg of the 24th Judicial District Court. (Associated Press)

Last week, a judge ruled in Miller’s favor against claims of the rapper violating his house arrest order.

After hearing testimony and questioning witnesses, Judge Hans Liljeberg of the 24th Judicial District Court found that the prosecutor’s argument fell short and noted that the times Miller allegedly strayed happened during “odd, ” early-morning hours. “I’ve never heard of this in any other case, and I don’t know what to make of it, ” Liljeberg said. “I’m not 100 percent convinced” that the home incarceration monitoring equipment worked properly. (NOLA News) Continue reading

Several Shot Along Parade Route in New Orleans


via NY Times

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — An infant and at least five other people were shot Tuesday along a parade route packed with Mardi Gras revelers, police said. Two suspects were in custody and the victims were recovering.

The shootings happened near the Garden District about 1:40 p.m. after the last major parade of the celebration, Rex, had ended. Hundreds of truck floats that follow the parade were passing when gunfire broke out.

”It sounded like a string of fireworks, so I knew it was more than one shooter,” said Toni Labat, 29, a window company manager. She was with her two children, a 2-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl.

”Everybody was petrified. They hit the ground, the floats stopped, everybody on the floats ducked,” Labat said.

Labat said one man dragged himself on the ground screaming for help after being wounded and another man was gasping for air and bleeding from his mouth.

Police spokesman Bob Young said the victims were taken to local hospitals. The infant was grazed by a bullet and not seriously hurt, Young said.

Dr. Jim Parry, 41, a surgeon who was with a gathering of doctors near the shooting site, ran over to tend to one man who he said had been shot in the abdomen. ”He kept asking me, ‘Was I shot? Was I shot?”’

Paramedics arrived and took over for the Air Force reservist. Continue reading

Blackwater to change name to ‘Xe’

Blackwater Merc's patrolling streets of N.O.

Blackwater Merc's patrolling streets of N.O.

via Raw Story

Blackwater Worldwide is abandoning its tarnished brand name as it tries to shake a reputation battered by oft-criticized work in Iraq, renaming its family of two dozen businesses under the name Xe.

The parent company’s new name is pronounced like the letter “z.” Blackwater Lodge & Training Center — the subsidiary that conducts much of the company’s overseas operations and domestic training — has been renamed U.S. Training Center Inc., the company said Friday.

The decision comes as part of an ongoing rebranding effort that grew more urgent following a September 2007 shooting in Iraq that left at least a dozen civilians dead. Blackwater president Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

“The volume of changes over the past half-year have taken the company to an exciting place and we are now ready for two of the final, and most obvious changes,” Jackson said in the note.

In his memo, Jackson indicated the company was not interested in actively pursuing new private security contracts. Jackson and other Blackwater executives told The Associated Press last year it was shifting its focus away from such work to focus on training and providing logistics. Continue reading

[video] Lil Wayne & Robin Thicke Perform “Tie My Hand” At The 51st Annual Grammy Awards (Dedicated To Hurricane Katrino / New Orleans) [HD Quality]

Proppers to Lil Weezy for repping for his hometown New Orleans. This was a moving tribute to a forgotten American tragedy. Wayne did the unexpected with this one and merged the Marti Gras flavor in it as well. Even Robin Thicke got it all the way in, he was groovin’ wasn’t he? Still think he got jerked on the Album of the Year but hey, that’s life for ya!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Judge Assigned To C- Murder’s Re-Trial, Delay Expected


via Thisis50

After being turned down by three judges, C- Murder’s re-trial has been assigned to a new judge.

As reported earlier, three judges refused to preside over the rapper’s trial because of their prior involvement in the case.

C Murder, born Corey Miller, is accused of killing sixteen year old Steve Thomas in 2002 during a brawl at the defunct Platinum Club in Louisiana.

He has been under house arrest awaiting re-trail since his initial murder conviction was overturned in 2006.

The judge who was initially presiding over C-Murder’s case, Martha Sassone, lost the re-election bid for her seat to Judge Ellen Kovach in November 2008. Continue reading

FBI to Probe Fatal Shooting by New Orleans Police

As tensions mount, Hip Hop needs to find its voice to call out the indiscriminate practice of police killing “black” men.  It is inaccurate to say Obama is inheriting two wars when he takes office. How quickly do we forget about the “War on Drugs” or the “War on Poverty?” These are actual engagements that have budgets, bureaus, and goals attached to them.  When is enough enough?  This is atrocious.   

via Nola.com

The FBI will probe the New Year’s Day fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man by New Orleans police, considering whether it could be a civil rights violation, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Agents from the local FBI office consulted with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s office in deciding to open the inquiry, said Special Agent Sheila Thorne, a local FBI spokeswoman.neworleanspolice

Relatives of Adolph Grimes III contacted the FBI shortly after he died in the shooting, which New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley described as a “gun battle” involving seven officers.

Nine police officers were reassigned after the early morning incident and the Police Department’s homicide division is conducting its own investigation. Police have said seven officers fired after Grimes shot at officers. Frank DeSalvo, an attorney representing several officers and the Police Association of New Orleans, said homicide detectives on Monday began collecting statements from the officers.

Eric Hessler, an attorney representing the Fraternal Order of Police and several of the officers, predicted Monday night that evidence will show the shooting was justified.

“I’m sure once they look at the facts and circumstances, that they will come to the same conclusion that these officers were justified,” Hessler said. Continue reading

True Blood Hotties Top List of TV’s Best Nude Scenes

via Wired

While True Blood‘s vampires bare their fangs, the HBO series’ female stars are baring something else entirely.

True Blood boasts two of the top 10 nude television scenes of the year, according to a celebrity skin website.

Lizzy Caplan, who plays blood druggie Amy Burley in the sex- and corpuscle-drenched series, tops the list, which was compiled by nudie site MrSkin.com. Anna Paquin (pictured), who portrays mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse, comes in No. 3.paquin_big

“All the nudity on TV this year finally made good on the term ‘boob tube,'” said website rep Mr. Skin in a press release crowning 2008’s hottest nude scenes.

True Blood, based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris, takes place in a near-future Louisiana in which vampires walk among the living, thanks to synthetic blood and a “vampire rights” movement.

Before her True Blood portrayal of a hippie with a taste for mind-altering vampire blood, Caplan played Marlena in Matt Reeves’ creepy creature feature Cloverfield and previously held down lesser roles in Smallville and Freaks and Geeks.

All the winners on MrSkin.com’s list come from cable television shows like True Blood, Weeds and Californication, which thrive in a world where FCC restrictions don’t apply (and clothes and profanity fly). See the complete list of winners — and sound off on the picks — after the jump.

1. Lizzy Caplan: True Blood (HBO)
2. Mary Louise Parker: Weeds (Showtime)
3. Anna Paquin: True Blood (HBO)
4. Arlene Tur: Crash (Starz)
5. Jenaveve Jolie: Entourage (HBO)
6. Caprice Benedetti: Brotherhood (Showtime)
7. Hayley Marie Norman: Crash (Starz)
8. Cerina Vincent: Manchild (Showtime)
9. Alicia Leigh Willis, Katherine Moennig: The L Word (Showtime)
10. Carla Gallo: Californication (Showtime)

New Orleans Ranks Highest in Crime, Survey Finds


via CNN

(CNN) — A controversial ranking of U.S. cities’ crime rates indicates New Orleans, Louisiana, has the worst crime rate, while a New York exurb has the lowest.The CQ Press “City Crime Rankings” list named New Orleans its most crime-ridden city based on a reported 19,000-plus incidences of six major crimes — including 209 murder cases — in 2007.

The Gulf Coast city of about 250,000, still grappling with the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, was followed in the rankings by Camden, New Jersey; Detroit, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; and Oakland, California.

The lowest crime rate was reported in Ramapo, New York, about 40 miles northwest of New York City, with only 688 total crimes and no reported killings in a city of about 113,000. It was followed by Mission Viejo, California, south of Los Angeles; O’Fallon, Missouri, outside St. Louis; Newton, Massachusetts, west of Boston; and Brick Township, on the New Jersey coast.

Previous editions have been criticized by criminologists and the U.S. Conference of Mayors as a misreading of federal crime statistics. The FBI, which compiles its own Uniform Crime Report statistics, warns that ranking cities against each other can produce “simplistic and/or incomplete analyses,” and the American Society of Criminology called last year’s CQ report “an irresponsible misuse of the data.” Continue reading

Martial Law lifted, No Power in New Orleans

Yeah people I said it. Martial Law has been lifted in the N.O. now that Hurricane Gustav has left and caused severe flooding and damage which has left many without power.

Gov. Nagin declared martial law and curfews before the hurricane was downgraded to a storm and hit the coastline. This act of government shows you how our laws mean nothing when there is some type of disaster or major tragedy a la 9-11 declared. We are totally f*cked in this country!!

We at Street Knowledge send out our full support to the residents of New Orleans and elsewhere who have been displaced out of their homes and hope that they get back to a normal way of life very soon.

Lisa and Cliff Lyons stand in the flooded yard in front of their home in Coin du Lestin Estates that was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008, in Slidell, La. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Brett Coomer)

Lisa and Cliff Lyons stand in the flooded yard in front of their home in Coin du Lestin Estates that was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008, in Slidell, La. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Brett Coomer)

via Source

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Enter at your own risk, New Orleans. That was the message from Mayor Ray Nagin, who gave residents the go-ahead to return to the Crescent City early Thursday, but with several warnings—many homes were without electricity or working toilets and a dusk-to-dawn curfew would still be in effect.
“It’s my humble opinion that the city is still in a very, very vulnerable state,” Nagin said Tuesday evening.
Continue reading

Katrina Refugees Forgotten as US Funds Iraqi Refugees In New War Bill

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A long way from Iraq and the war debate in Washington, Herman Moore sat outside a tent in a downtown New Orleans homeless camp, trying to make sense of a proposal that helps Iraqi war refugees but will likely exclude Hurricane Katrina victims.

“Messed up is not the phrase. I think you know the phrase,” Moore said. “This place has been forgotten, just forgotten.”

The 56-year-old lifelong city resident is referring to Congress’ plan to spend $212 billion to finance the war in Iraq. In the massive spending bill, $350 million is set aside to help Iraqi refugees while just $73 million has been allotted to help shelter physically and mentally disabled Katrina victims – and that money could be cut as early as Tuesday.
Continue reading

Katrina Victims Have to Pay Back Grants

The Katrina debacle continues to torment the hurricane survivors and stain the tarnished legacy of the Bush administration. It seems that homeowners given grants are being told that they were given too much and have to repay the overages.

The bid invitation said: “The average amount to be collected is estimated to be approximately $35,000 but in some cases may be as high as $100,000 to $150,000.”


This is totally outrageous due to the fact that it took the government way too long to get aid to these people and now they are adding insult to injury with trying to recoup money from these families who are still not back to normalcy. Tragic indeed.

Full hogwash here..

Sipping Syrup Hits Suburbs via Youtube


The phenomenon of “sipping syrup” has hit the suburbs and it is causing serious alarm because many of these teens are posting vids of them “Robo-Tripping” on Youtube. We in the hip hop community are already aware of this trend because some of our most popular artists actively promote and rap about sipping syrup (i.e Lil Wayne).
The trend has been brought to light recently with the untimely death of Pimp C who was an avid drinker of syrup. This is very disturbing indeed. Full story click here

Here is an example of a kid “Robo-Trippin”


Weezy Lawyers Try to Lessen Drug Charges


Lil Wayne has alot more serious things to worry about then  just putting out a great album this year. He has to deal with multiple court cases he has accrued over the last year. His lawyers are trying to get his most recent drug charges reduced in Arizona, stemming from his tour bus be pulled over and a  variety of illicit drugs and weapons being found(wayne does have a gun permit in Florida).

                                                              Full story [click here…]