How to Destroy a Sex Tape? Burn baby burn!

With new information of John Edwards having a sex tape and the possibility of Tiger Woods having one also, Slate has given the no-brainer guide to ‘How To Destroy A Sex Tape’.via Slate

In his new tell-all book, The Politician, Andrew Young claims to have discovered a sex tape recorded by John Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter, in a box of trash. Although Hunter apparently tried to dismantle the video by pulling the tape out of the cassette, Young was able to restore it and view the footage with his wife. How do you destroy a sex tape so that it actually stays destroyed?

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Radar Online Reports: Tiger’s Wife Has Moved Out

Did we think she was gonna stick around after side chicks # 3 and 4 popped up? If this is true Tiger is about to be taken to the cleaners.

Elin Nordegren had enough and moved out of the $2.6 million Windermere home,neighbors and other sources close to Tiger, told exclusively. Sources tell that Elin is living nearby in another house.


[pics] Meet the Woman Who Snitched on Tiger Woods ( Mistress #2)

Source: HuffPost

Meet Jaimee Grubbs the woman who was sleeping with Tiger Woods and decided to out him to the world. This chick is slimy and the lowest of the low. I am not excusing Tiger but for her to record and broadcast their private intimate conversation is straight wrong.

These women who purposely pursue these rich and successful guys knowing their are married and then help to bring about their downfall are the scum of the earth. More pics of this skank here
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[pics] Meet Rachel Uchitel the Woman Who Destroyed the Tiger Woods Legacy

Source: HuffPost via Sports By Brooks

Yes people. The squeaky clean Tiger Woods is no more. Though it seems that Tiger is the victim in this case, due to his wife assaulting him, he no longer has the golden boy image that corporate executives shelled out millions for the past ten years.

Read play by play here..

This is not to say that they will leave him in the dust, but if more information starts to trickle out that he is no saint when it comes to extra marital activities things will snowball.

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[pics] Tiger Woods shows off new cub to the public

Is it me or does this dude have some weak genes? His kids look totally white without an ounce of his bi-racial DNA.

via Yahoo

Ladies and gentlemen, Sam and Charlie Woods, the two luckiest kids on earth. If you look really closely, you can see the Nike swoosh tattoos.

Charlie Axel Woods was born on Feb. 8 to Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren (well, mostly to Elin), and these photos from Golf magazine are the first public appearance of the lil’ duffer.

“Both Charlie and Elin are doing great, and we want to thank everyone for their sincere best wishes and kind thoughts,” Woods wrote on his website when Charlie was born. Woods, of course, has been out of the game since the U.S. Open in June 2008, but expects to return to competition in the next few weeks … just in time to dodge the majority of diaper-changing duty.

Indeed, Charlie is a lovely and precious kid. Now, Chuck, tell your daddy to get back to work!

Tiger Woods Niece Looks to Make Her Mark in World of Golf

via NBC

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – When Tiger Woods’ niece steps up to the tee, it’s obvious golf is in her DNA. Cheyenne Woods has got the firm grip and a fluid swing, not to mention the almond-shaped eyes and wide smile of her uncle Tiger.

With her Wake Forest University golf coach and teammates watching at a recent practice, the pressure was on the team’s lone freshman. She wasn’t too happy with a tee shot that landed near a tree, but pumped the next through some branches, over sand traps and onto the green.

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Photo of Shoeless Black Caddy On or Off Golf Club Wall…?

Now when I spotted this story, it was being reported that the photo was removed, but after some research I ran into a blogger who reported that a black administrator did not feel the pic should be removed. Well check the video below and get familiar with the story and we will try get an accurate update:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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[Editorial] The Tale Of Two Candidates

2 Peas In A Bucket

I find it appalling that at this stage in the presidential campaign the networks are still harping on rhetoric as opposed to blatant disrespect at the hands of Senator Obama’s opponents. Yeah, ok he called a group of people that live in the mountains of Pennsylvania “bitter” due to the economic disparities created by lopsided policies initiated by the Clintons (effectively killed industry in these small towns with NAFTA and other trade agreements) and he’s labeled an “elitist?”

This from the same pundits who let the sitting president skate for two terms when he told his fellow Americans that his oath was to his secret society first and foremost. The same pundits who let his opponent (John Kerry) tell his fellow Americans in 2004 that him and Bush belong to the same elitist super-exclusive secret society (Skulls & Bones) and the rules of this order prohibit him from divulging any details about their sect.

Polls say the “bitter”comment doesn’t count but all day all you hear is repetitive propoganda about Obama being out of contact with the people, yet the people agree with his sentiments and further analysis would uncover that back door deals like the ones that Mark Penn was caught making in Colombia is the kind of political manuevering that has left Americans disenfranchised. So I ask CNN, why isn’t your lead story about the comments made by U.S. Rep Geoff Davis who called Obama a “boy?” and questioned his ability to defend the homeland by stating:
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The BIG WILLIE LIST is here…No suprises


Forbes has released their much coveted “10 Top African-American Earners” list and to the surprise of no one Ms. Winfrey sits comfortably atop that hill.  She topped the rictors at $26o million to add on to her earth shattering total of $2.5 BILLION.  Coming in at a distant second was Tiger (who don’t consider himself a brother so I don’t know why he’s on the list) with a whopping $100 million in endorsements and purse money.  Clocking in at third is Shawn Carter who racked in $83 mil during the period between June 2006-June 2007 on his relentless drive to become the first rapper to join the Billionaire’s Boy ClubCurtis Jackson checked in at fourth laughing straight to the bank with $33 milli, and we must note these calculations were tabulated before Coke bought out Vitamin Water which would’ve placed him slightly ahead of Jay.  According to Forbes he became $100 million richer on that transaction.  Tying with Fif at fifth was Kobe at $33 mil and at sixth Shaq racked in his Magic number, $32 mil. Thanks to the resurgance of his insanely popular sneakers, Micheal Jordan tacked on another $31 mil to his fortune and Will dominated Tinseltown with a $31 million take.  Take that, take that.  With endorsements galore and global tours Beyonce pulled in $27 million and the Boy Wonder Lebron hauled off $27 mil.  Now add em all up ($657 Million) and they still don’t add up to the mountain of a fortune maintained by Ms. Winfrey. Damn, can a brotha get a loan! CLICK HERE for the full rundown.

Golfweek Hangs Editor Out to Dry


It what seems to be a story that seems to reveal the true feelings of the lily white and historically racist golfing community(remember Fuzzy Zoeller), Golfweek has axed the editor of its magazine after a very racist and insensitive cover on the next issue was to highlight the recent incident of a reporter stating that the young professional golfing community should“lynch” Tiger Woods if they were to have any success. This just goes back to the saying that no matter how successful you are whites will always look at you as being a second class citizen(i.e nigger)As always Tiger will remain quiet and not speak out until he finds himself in some sort of a scandal and needs the black community(i.e Micheal Jackson). Now where are the Bob Johnsons and Bill Cosbys when you need em? Full whitewash at Fox Sports…and ESPN