Meek Mill Found Guilty of Probation Violation, Pleads with Judge

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Meek needs to finally grow up and make better decisions. He has officially taken the biggest L of 2015 and it seems like it will continue into next year. Secondly, Rick Ross might be joining him as well with his own serious legal troubles. Safaree gets the last laugh here folks.

via ABC News

Meek Mill faces a potential prison sentence early next year after a judge in Philadelphia found the rapper guilty of probation violations.

The judge said Thursday she’s not sure she’ll keep Mill on probation after he repeatedly ignored travel and other rules she set for him in recent years.

The 28-year-old rapper, born Robert Williams, cannot work or perform before the Feb. 5 hearing except for community service.

Mill testified that he knows his “whole life is on the line” and tried to follow the rules.

Mill says he has dropped old friends from his entourage to spend time with his family and girlfriend Nicki Minaj. She was in court with him.

Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley sent Mill back to jail for five months last year for similar violations.

Nicki Minaj Apologizes for ‘Only’ Lyric Video’s Nazi Imagery, Says Video Producers are Jewish

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So the multi-million dollar generating bosstress didn’t initially sign off on this? Reeks of bullshit like her former apology for her ‘Lookin Ass Nigga’ artwork. Gonna post the video if you haven’t seen what has caused the shitstorm.

“The artist who made the lyric video for “Only” was influenced by a cartoon on Cartoon Network called “Metalocalypse” & Sin City,” she explained.

“Both the producer, & person in charge of over seeing the lyric video (one of my best friends & videographer: A. Loucas), happen to be Jewish. I didn’t come up w/the concept, but I’m very sorry & take full responsibility if it has offended anyone. I’d never condone Nazism in my art.”

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Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne Score Millions in New Pepsi Deal

I have criticized Nicki plenty based on her direction musically but I must say this is a huge deal for her and she gets props from me even though I don’t like any of her recent songs. Lil Wayne is just probably just scratching the surface of what he can earn from corporate America. More below:

via Forbes

Nicki Minaj became the first female to grace FORBES’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings last year, pulling in $6.5 million, enough to land the No. 15 spot on the annual accounting of rap’s top earners. Expect her bulging bank account to grow even more in 2012 following a massive deal she recently signed with Pepsi.

According to Derek Jackson, the Glu agency chief who brokered the agreement, Minaj will become the face of a new Pepsi beverage nearing its debut. He said the pact, which includes a commercial filmed in South America last month (pixely footage has already leaked on YouTube), is a multimillion-dollar deal.

“You’ll see the commercial probably in the next two months,” Jackson told me before Lil Wayne’s performance at South By Southwest. “That’ll be a segue into a new beverage Pepsi has, called ‘Pop,’ and she’ll be the face of the brand … it’s going to be explosive.”
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Breaking News: Lil Wayne drinks Syrup (video)

From QD3’s doc on rap phenomenon Lil Wayne, we are shown that he drinks cough syrup which is probably the worst example of Hip Hop to show our kids.

At least we know he will be not be drinking that stuff during his upcoming stint in prison. Get well Wayne, make music and stop killing yourself with the drugs.

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Breaking: Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge

via Allhiphop

One gun charge down, one to go.

Lil Wayne Arrest

Rapper Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted weapons possession charges today (October 22). As reported by yesterday (October 21), the rapper is expected to receive a maximum sentence of one year in jail, although he is expected to serve around eight months in prison for the offense. The rapper had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges, but changed the plea to avoid a trial that was due to start January 20 and could have resulted in at least 3 ½ years in prison. The guilty plea stems from an incident in New York in 2007, after police found a .40 caliber handgun during a search of his tour bus. Originally, lawyers for Wayne planned to contest the charges. Yesterday (October 21), the plea was entered after Wayne’s DNA evidence was allegedly found on the weapon and deemed admissible by a judge. Lil Wayne, 27, also faces a trial in Arizona for felony drug possession and weapons charges, after a 2008 arrest during a routine stop at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint.

For the full story or to comment log on:

Here is a clip of the upcoming documentary he tried to fight by producer and filmaker QD3.

Lil Wayne To Plead Guilty To NYC Gun Charge: ALLHIPHOP

Wow! No longer is celebrity a shield in this country when it comes to committing a serious crime.

Concerning Lil Wayne, he still has another serious gun charge to deal with the celeb hating police dept. in Arizona. Will being away for 8 months effect his career or will this just add to his street cred?

Lil Wayne Arrest

Lil Wayne will be forced to plead out to a jail term in New York City on Thursday, according to sources with

The rapper is expected to accept an 8-month bid in jail over his alleged involvement with a loaded .40-caliber pistol gun found on his tour bus in 2007 while in New York.

The 27-year-old now faces 15 years in jail for each count of criminal weapons possession and criminal possession of a loaded weapon.

“Wayne is going to plead guilty,” a source close to the case told, stressing that this was definitely going to happen. The rapper pleaded not guilty at press time and has yet to make any such public declaration.  “The date is coming up and he’s going to do it tomorrow.”

Wayne is rumored to be willing to accept the deal to avoid a long term in jail over the gun. The same source said the term will begin in February of 2010 under the terms of the deal. “If he doesn’t plead, he goes to jail for a long time,” the source said.

“They told him that if he doesn’t plead tomorrow, it will go to trial and then he faces a far longer jail term,” the source continued.


Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Nikki Minaj (Honey Mag Shoot)

How could we not feature the young starlet and first lady of Lil Wayne’s empire Nikki Minaj. With her rapping skills still up for debate, there is no denying her sex appeal and ability to turn men to mush. I have briefly met Ms. Minaj and she definitely has a way with words and demands to be the center of attention where ever she goes. Which is not a bad thing to the average American male.

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BET apologizes for Drake and Lil Wayne Performance

This was an epic fail for BET and once again they prove that those in charge are idiots to the tenth degree.
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By Houston Williams
BET has expressed remorse over a performance by Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Money Records that involved underage girls during songs “Best I Ever Had” and “Every Girl.”

The songs, which have overt sexual references, were performed during the Sunday BET Awards ’09 show as a bevy of young girls danced on stage. The group of girls consisted of Lil Wayne’s daughters and her friends.

In an exclusive statement, BET has responded to the criticism and the public outcry over the segment.

“BET Networks deeply regrets the performance by Young Money at the BET AWARDS ’09 (featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine),” a BET representative told exclusively. “Elements of the performance were unplanned and should not have happened.”

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[Family Life] Meet Lil Wayne’s Daughter Regginae & His Former Wife

Daddy dearest Weezy with daughter Regginae

Saw these pics over at WordPress juggernaut Black Celebrity Kids. Here are some great pics of Lil Wayne and his daughter Regginae with a bonus of her mother ,his former wife Antonia “Toya” Carter.

Great to see has a positive relationship with his daughter despite the circus that follows him around daily. Kudos. This girl has star written all over her,and it seems she ‘gets it from her momma’.

Lil Wayne's former wife Antonia “Toya” Carter  and their daughter Reginnae

Lil Wayne's former wife Antonia “Toya” Carter and their 8 year old daughter Reginae

To see the best in Black Celebrity Kids, babies and parents go right here…