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[video] Giant Players in Hot Water Over Prince Amukamara ‘Hazing’ Tub Incident

This type of stuff happens every season in the NFL ,so do not be shocked. None of the current or past players will speak against this, except to say it should have never been put on the internet. This sis straight boys being boys in the NFL and will not change. The Coach’s statement is under the video.

“First of all, it was wrong of Steve to do that because there’s trust in the locker room,” Coughlin said. “People have to be able to rely on each other. You don’t think for one minute that would’ve happened if they said this was going to be public.”



[video] Police Shoot Homeless Man’s Dog After He Suffers Seizure

They say the dog survived which is unbelievable in itself.


On Monday, NYPD officers in the East Village shot a dog protecting its owner.Although immediate reports claimed the dog (a pit bull named Star) had died from the gunshot wounds, it was later revealed she was in fact alive but in serious condition.

Since then, a video has surfaced capturing the horrific event. You can hear bystanders screaming to officers, “No! Why did you do that?”

According to police accounts, the dog had lunged at officers attempting to approach her owner who was visibly passed out and appeared to be suffering from a seizure.


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[video] 44-Year-Old FL Man Arrested For Causing Panic At Batman Showing After Yelling “This Is It”!

This dude is a first class idiot and is lucky he did not get shot.

A Miami Beach man is in custody after he caused a panic in a theater during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” police said Tuesday. According to a Miami Beach Police arrest affidavit, 44-year-old David Martin Escamillo was at the Regal Movie Theater late Monday night when he got into an altercation with another moviegoer, left the theater and returned wearing black gloves and screamed “This is it!” from the back of the theater. Escamillo’s actions sent a hundred moviegoers fleeing for the exits, the affidavit said. When officers responded to the theater to a call of shots fired, they found three moviegoers detaining Escamillo, who was screaming, “I didn’t shoot anybody,” the affidavit said. James Butler said he and his brother were two of them. They waited outside the theater and chased Escamillo down and held him until police arrived. “My instincts kicked in, and I was like, let’s get this guy. He was screaming, ‘I never shot anyone, I never hurt anyone,'” Butler said. Escamillo, who sounded irrational and had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath, was taken into custody, the affidavit noted.” – NBC News