Air Jordan 7 Miró “Olympic Collection”

via Nice Kicks

A few photos have surfaced of the Air Jordan 7 Miró, but little has been known about the shoes. True, this special edition of the Air Jordan 7 is inspired by the colors and the international spirit of the Olympic Games, but the story extends much further beyond just that.

The shoes were inspired by the Spanish painter and sculptor Joan Miró who died only months before Michael Jordan and Team USA won Gold in the ‘84 Games. The Jordan 7 was on the feet of Michael Jordan when the Dream Team took Gold in Miró’s hometown of Barcelona, Spain.

The Air Jordan 7 Miró will release July 3rd at the new Opium store in Barcelona. The shoe will be the focal point of an exclusive event in store starting at 7:30PM for a selected group of invitees. Please take a look at all of the photos provided to us by Opium Barcelona of the shoes, its special packaging, and paired next to one of Miró’s most famous sculptures in Barcelona, Woman and Bird.

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Chelsea aka Diznee

We discovered these great pics of Diznee over at Real Talk NY and had to help share them in the blogosphere. This California girl is currently heating up the new video of Day 26, Puffy’s reality show group in their new single “Since You Been Gone”. With a sight on a career past modeling we hope to see her become a successful in all her ventures. And sorry fellas she is taken. Collective ‘sigh’ for millions of men.

Diznee’s Myspace

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Nas Signs on to Endorse Fila, Fila Pledges to Support Project

Smoking that LA LA LA

via Billboard

Rapper Nas has broken his tradition of sidestepping brand partnerships and inked a one-year partnership with athletic apparel company Fila, Billboard can reveal.

Fila will offer reciprocal financial support for Nas’ print and TV ad campaign as well as his upcoming tour in support of his untitled album, due July 15 via Def Jam. In return, the MC will wear Fila products and co-create an apparel line that draws from fashions of the late ’80s.

“My best friend Will and I loved Fila,” Nas tells Billboard. “It represented prestige and everything that was cool to us. When Will passed, we buried him in a black Fila sweat suit, so doing a deal with them has a lot of significance for me.”
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New Era Fitted : Gotham Police Department New Era 59/50

Batman is back and bigger than ever so is this Gotham Police Department New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat. only got in a total of 20 pieces of this fitted. Once it’s gone it will never be back. This hat is all dark navy blue. The front of the hat has the embroidered “Gotham Police Department Badge” in dark navy blue, yellow, white and grey. The back of this hat has embroidered “GCPD” in yellow. GCPD standing for Gotham City Police Department. Represent the Gotham Police with this New Era fitted available at

Young Jeezy ‘Put On’ by Obama

The Prime Minister

Young Jeezy, the “Thug Motivator” chimes in on the Master Motivator Sen. Obama and his paradigm of ‘Change’

via MTV

” ‘I know it’s a problem, but how can we work it out?’ ” Young said of what he perceives Obama’s philosophy to be. “Barack, he has a lot of things going for him. He’s ahead of his time. Given the right chance, he’ll make some type of change. We’ll feel it. I really feel that. John McCain is cool, but he looks like a fraud to me.”

Jeezy says he has some issues with how the country is being run, and his take on the ‘hood’s state of affairs will be heard all over his August release, The Recession. He thinks McCain is the wrong person to be the country’s cleanup man, especially since he had a chance to talk to the senator after a taping of “Saturday Night Live,” during which Jeezy performed with Usher.
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‘The Dark Knight’ Tickets Selling Out @ Alarming Rate

via Breitbart

Fans are Scooping Up Tickets for Late Night Showtimes Scheduled Across the Nation

LOS ANGELES, June 30 /PRNewswire/ — With less than three weeks remaining till “The Dark Knight” opens on July 18, at 12:01 a.m., Fandango, the nation’s leading moviegoer destination, is finding that dozens of showtimes for the film are already sold out.

“The Dark Knight” tickets have been a hot commodity since they first went on sale on Friday, June 20 at As of this morning, the film is outpacing “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, “Iron Man” and “Sex and the City” as Fandango’s fastest ticket-seller of this summer.
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10 Reasons Why I Ditched WordPress via Yongfook

I found this article over at Global Grind(Ryan517) and it sheds some light on this subject a bunch of other bloggers and I have been discussing about how safe is the WordPress Platform. A lot of stuff may go over the average bloggers head but this important information nonetheless.

via VotemeCool2008/ Yongfook

This is not an “I hate WordPress” post. I love WordPress. It has been a great playground for me, for the last few years. It has an amazing community behind it. WordPress has contributed more to the blogging world and blog economy than we can possibly imagine. I just think it’s not for me anymore. Who is WordPress for? I think companies and publications still need it. It’s excellent for multi-user, editorial affairs where you need drafting and previews and user levels and whatnot. My blog is not such a blog. In the past couple of days I wrote a (very) simple home-grown platform that uses Code Igniter and Tumblr to produce all that you see before you (more on the technicalities of the platform in another post). Here’s why I’m ditching WordPress in favour of my own thang. Caution, this might get quite long…

1) WordPress is a centralised system and I want to be de-centralised

I no longer want to have everything on my own server. For my personal blog, I no longer want to install a monolithic platform and add plugins that I have to maintain and upgrade myself, and use one single interface that gets increasingly cluttered with each piece of additional functionality. We are living in an age now where we can outsource almost all the major functionality of an individual blog to external services – notably content and comments, and these services do a better job of digesting and managing our data than any WordPress plugin on your $50-a-month server can hope to compete with.
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Master P & Romeo Ink New Deal w/Wal-Mart to Redistribute P. Miller Line

Master P & Romeo

via Billboard

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Master P and his son, fellow hip-hop hit-maker Romeo, have agreed to relaunch their P. Miller Designs apparel line exclusively through Wal-Mart, Billboard has learned.

The father-son duo’s brand of men’s apparel will be available at about 350 Wal-Mart stores starting in July and will include graphic T-shirts, fleece hoodies and fashion denims. The P. Miller line was last available at such retailers as Kohl’s and Mervyns “a few years ago,” Master P (aka Percy Miller) said.

The veteran rapper said that Wal-Mart was a logical vendor for P. Miller Designs, which he described as “high fashion at an affordable cost.” Master P said he has shifted most responsibilities for the clothing line to 18-year-old Romeo.
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Plies Establishes Scholarship Fund

Lil Homie Plies

via ProHipHop

Big Gates/Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic recording artist Plies has announced details of his very own non-profit organization, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions Foundation, Inc., as well as a scholarship program, the “Somebody Loves You” Scholarship Fund. This all comes as the Ft. Myers, Florida-bred rapper continues to ride the wave of success proven by his sophomore release, “DEFINITION OF REAL,” which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, selling 215,000 copies in its first week. In fact, the album’s first week sales gave Plies the highest selling first-week numbers in the history of Miami-based Slip-N-Slide Records.

Keeping in the tradition of Plies’ philanthropy, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions will provide funding for legal representation and aid to needy individuals, specifically those who are incarcerated, with the goal of promoting a more functional, productive, and just community. The organization will also provide educational forums, classes, workshops, trainings, opportunities, and other charitable activities aimed at individuals in the community, in particular focusing on rehabilitation.
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Device Puts Steering at the Tip of the Tongue

Tongue steering
via News Daily

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2008 (Reuters) — A new device that uses a tiny magnet can help disabled people steer a wheelchair or operate a computer using only the tip of the tongue, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

The magnet, the size of a grain of rice, lets people direct the movement of a cursor across a computer screen or a powered wheelchair around a room.

It is easily implanted under the tongue, the team at the Georgia Institute of Technology said.

“We chose the tongue to operate the system because unlike hands and feet, which are controlled by the brain through the spinal cord, the tongue is directly connected to the brain by a cranial nerve that generally escapes damage in severe spinal cord injuries or neuromuscular diseases,” said Maysam Ghovanloo, an assistant professor who helped direct the work.
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Online Music Service to Benefit AIDS in Africa Relief

via NY Times

The music business is known for supporting causes with events like the Live Aid and Live Earth concerts, which generate lots of money and publicity for a relatively short time. But on Monday (RED), a nonprofit organization that arranges for companies to contribute a share of profits on certain products to fight AIDS in Africa, is starting a digital music service for that purpose, and it plans to operate for the long haul. The new venture has already arranged to release new songs from U2, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Emmylou Harris and Death Cab for Cutie.

The still-unnamed service, which is scheduled to start in September, will deliver customers three new pieces of exclusive content a week for a monthly fee of $5. Half of that money will go through (RED) to the Global Fund, and the other half will go to the artists who contribute songs and to their record companies. As with (RED)’s branded products, like a special iPod and Motorola phone, companies will sacrifice part but not all of their profits, and consumers will know that some of the money they spend goes to the AIDS-in-Africa cause.
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[Video] Jay-Z Owns Noel Gallagher @ Glastonbury

When I first saw this, I thought it was was a cheap attempt by Hov to appeal the Glastonbury crowd, who supposedly were not too thrilled with his headling the festival. But a large boulder struck me in the head and let me know that the song was “Wonderwall”, probably their most popular song written by Noel.The crowd sung along with Hov and he relished serving humble pie to the Oasis guitarist. Once again Noel lost.

Philly Man Jailed After Posting Anti-Police Video

Video Source: H8torade

Another video from Moore which he goes after the 18th district.

via Hip Hop DX

The right to free speech cost one Philadelphia man his freedom after a YouTube video threatening police officers caught the attention of local police.

Andre Moore, posted a clip titled “Dissin Philly Cops,” in which he displayed a silver firearm and proclaimed his joy when an officer is shot in the line of duty.
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Can Will Smith Survive Bad Reviews of Hancock ?

Source: Huffington Post

The reviews are out about the upcoming anti-hero movie Hancock starring mega-star Will Smith. Basically critics across the board are panning the movie but still believe the movie will open big thus keeping Smith’s winning box office streak intact. Arianna’s crew has got some of the reviews below:

The NY Post “Hancock” review is brutal, titled “Stuporman!” and talks about how rough the film is for a family film:

[Smith’s Hancock] doesn’t give a rat’s rear about political correctness. He also throws around the F-word, calls women the B-word and uses a slur similar to the one that got Isaiah Washington kicked off “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The Hollywood Reporter saves its breath in its “Hancock” review, saying “Great concept, shaky execution.” It adds, on a slight up-note:

The visual effects are stellar, but the true star is Smith, who again demonstrates acting chops as well as effortless charisma in a vehicle that’s only occasionally worthy of his superhuman skills.

Fox News “Hancock” review is rather unimpressed, and borderline mean:

“Hancock,” with which Sony is hoping to have a merry July 4, 2008, may not duplicate Smith’s previous successes. It is one of the worst family holiday weekend releases of recent memory — and jaw-droppingly so. And that’s hard to do, since it clocks in at a mere wisp of one hour and 20 minutes.

Full story here…

The Internet Introduces Limitless Web Extension Addresses

via NY Times

PARIS — Move over .com and .org. Get ready for a nearly infinite variety of new Web addresses ending in words like .perfume, .sports and .paris.

On Thursday the Internet’s main oversight agency approved the most sweeping changes to the network’s address system since its creation.

According to new rules unanimously passed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or Icann, at its meeting here, any company, organization or country will soon be able to apply for a new Web address extension, called a top-level domain.
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[Green Tech] Smart Car Vending Machine

This is a great way to get people interested in smart cars. The way things are going it seems to be that our beloved SUVs may be going the way of the dinosaur. Get used to new vehicles looking like these models below:

via Toxel

This Japanese SMART Car Vending Machine offers two choices: coupe and cabrio.

Note:Pushing the button on the vendor won’t exactly pop out a car, but it does dispense a branded tube containing pamphlets on the new models, dealer information, and a sheet of Smart Car stickers featuring the available colors.

Kobe Remains Mum on Shaq Telling Him to Kiss His Bum

Reporters recently caught up with LA Lakers guard Kobe Bryant at a practice session for the upcoming 2008 Olympics. When asked what his response was to some outlandish statements made about him by former teammate Shaquille O’Neal in a recent freestyle, he said “I didn’t take it any kind of way whatsoever,” before declining to harp on the question anymore. Bryant is focusing his energies on bringing home the gold medal from China, where he is looked upon as an iconic figure. He compared the redeeming notion of winning an Olympic medal in China after losing the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics to drinking a full glass of cold water after having a parched throat. CLICK [HERE] for the full story.

City Vehicles Painted with Anti-Obama Sayings

Source: MY Orlando Fox

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) — The Orlando Police Department found dozens of city owned vehicles vandalized Saturday.

The vandal or vandals appear to have political intentions; most of the vehicles were spray painted with anti Obama sayings, with ‘Obama’ misspelled several times. Some of their vehicles had their gas caps removed.

Officials said that gas caps were removed from several of the vehicles and they aren’t sure if gas was stolen or if something could have been added to the tanks that will damage the engines.

The person or persons left a business card with political ramblings and other phrases such as ‘How ‘Bout them Gators’ and ‘Legalize Marijuana/ Stop Building Prisons’.

Police are investigating but have no leads and no estimate on the damages.

Peta has serious beef w/ Jessica Simpson for being Meateater..

Yes people, this not a phony headline. She has a big beef(no pun intended) with Peta and they do not find her t shirt (above)she rocked the other day funny in the least way.Check the ensuing drama below:

via The Independent
Animal rights protesters have launched a series of angry campaigns against A-list carnivores. They are shifting their focus from celebrities who wear fur to others who encourage the “exploitation” of animals by eating them. In its latest campaign, Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which became infamous for dousing fur-wearers in red paint – has launched an attack on the singer Jessica Simpson.

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Man Stabs Mother with Fork, Assaults Woman with Frozen Chicken

Crackheads gone wild?

via Click On Detroit

YPSILANTI, Mich. — Police said an Ypsilanti man is accused of stabbing his mother with a fork and hitting another woman over the head with a frozen chicken.

Frederick McKaney, 40, was arraigned in a Jackson courtroom on Thursday on two felony assault charges, one count of assault and battery and one count of resisting an officer.

“He stabbed his mother in the back of the neck when she refused to give him money, and then, an hour later, he attacked a neighbor woman with a chicken,” Jackson County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Mark Blumer told the Ann Arbor news.

A short time later, he encountered two other women talking on the sidewalk on Woodbridge Street.

The woman said he said something nasty to them and hit one of them over the head with 10 pounds of frozen chicken.
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Teenage Pregnancy at 30-Year Low in US, Report Says


Shh, they need to spend a day on 125th St. and count the strollers before they print this

via Chicago Tribune

NEW YORK — News of a cluster of at least 17 pregnant teenagers at a Massachusetts high school recently made headlines around the world, but it came at a time when teen pregnancies and abortions in the United States actually are at their lowest points in 30 years.

Pregnancies — whether they end in birth, miscarriage or abortion — among women age 15 to 19 dropped to 72.2 per 1,000 women in 2004, down from a peak of 117 per 1,000 women in 1990, according to the latest data compiled by New York’s Guttmacher Institute, which focuses on reproductive health research, policy analysis and education. While some 700,000 women age 15 to 19 become pregnant every year, the rate has declined 36 percent since it peaked in 1990.

The rate of abortions among teens also plummeted, to 19.8 per 1,000 women in 2004 from a high of 43.5 per 1,000 in 1988.
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Bush Wants to use Domestic Satellites for Spying on US Citizens

Eye in the Sky

Because of the administration’s poor handling of the electronic spying program (mainly conducted by the super-secret National Security Agency, which operates a worldwide web of electronic eavesdropping systems), Harman says she and other members of Congress will be more cautious about accepting civil-liberties assurances from administration officials. “We have to make sure this is not a back door for spying on Americans,” Harman told Newsweek.

Harman said that she had discussed the administration’s plans for expanding domestic use of picture-taking spy satellites—which are supposedly capable of taking very high-resolution photographs of buildings, vehicles and people—with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. According to Harman, he promised strict procedures to protect the rights of Americans, including obtaining court authorization for law enforcement-related surveillance operations where appropriate. Despite Chertoff’s assurances, however, Harman said that Congress probably would not fully approve the program until the administration is more explicit about how it would operate.


J-Lo Asked to Testify About ’99 Shooting @ Club NY

diddy & j-lo

via People/the LIFE Files

Will Jennifer Lopez have to take the stand?

Almost nine years after Sean Diddy Combs was involved in a nightclub shooting, his then-girlfriend, Lopez, might have to recall that experience in a court of law.

The New York Post reports that Lopez, who was at the club with Combs the night of the shooting, was subpoenaed and asked to tell “all she knows.”
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Producers battle it out to produce 300 Sequel ‘War of The Gods’

Finally fans of the epic movie 300 are getting some progress in the quest to see a sequel. Details are kinda complicated but something is sure to hit theatres in 2010. Here are the details:

via THR/Risky Business Blog

The producers who brought you that film, Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are, like the Spartans and Megarans in the Archidamian stage of the Peloponnesian war, joining forces to come up with a new film. It’s called “War of the Gods,” it’s been snapped up and will be financed by Relativity (and produced by Ryan Kavanaugh), and the hook is that, this time, the gods actually come down to fight.

“A purported bastard who retains an allegiance to his mother despite the fact that he longs to join the quest of a king who is battling demons in ancient Greece later embarks on a grail of discovery that has him finding he is the king’s son and also fated to become his country’s greatest hero as he leads the successful war against long-imprisoned Titans who are hoping to use the demons to restore their power.”)
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RZA: ‘Bobby Digital’ To Live On In Comics, Films

This is definetly a viable business for RZA. With his newfound Hollywood connects, he should be able to make a huge splash in the anime and karate/kung worlds. Just please don’t take forever to do it, your fans are waiting!!
He spoke to Billboard about the future of Bobby Digital:

It took RZA seven years to get back to Bobby Digital. Now, if he has his way, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the character.

In the wake of this week’s release of “RZA as Bobby Digital: Digi Snacks,” the Wu-Tang Clan leader tells that “I’m gonna continue to build the character with films, comics … I hate to sound so business-push with it, but I see Bobby Digital as being a potential franchise for hip-hop.

He ain’t too watered-down. He ain’t too soft. He ain’t too good. He’s got a little bit of everything in him that people can relate to, so I’m gonna try to develop him like that. I think he will have more adventures.”

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Future : Wall-e vs. The Real Wall-e

Source : ScienCentral News

With much discussion and innovation concerning robots and their function in our society in the near future we decided to give you a look at The Real Wall-e. Amazing.

WALL-E is a 2008 computer animated-adventure-comedy-science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures on June 27, 2008.[2] The film follows the romance between two robots in the future. The film is directed by Andrew Stanton, whose previous film, Finding Nemo, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Most of the characters do not have human voices, but communicate with sounds (designed by Ben Burtt) which resemble voices.- Wikipedia

The new Disney movie WALL-E features robots of the future actively helping humans. But the future is now. This ScienCentral News video reports on a real robot that could help us take care of elderly relatives from miles away.

Preserved mummy of 500-year-old Inca ‘Ice Maiden’ wows visitors

via Frinko

She died over 500 years ago yet, with her hands resting on her lap and head falling forward so that her finely braided hair slips across her eyes, this 15-year-old girl looks as peaceful as if she has just fallen into a sleep from which she might wake at any moment.

Her frozen body has been hailed as one of the best preserved Incan mummies ever found and, this week, she went on public display for the first time in the in Argentina.

DMX Tries To Buy Coke & Weed, Arrested By Undercovers…

Somebody please get this brother some serious help. It is a shame no one in his family is giving him a hard intervention to stop his destructive behavior. He will wind up dead somewhere soon if he is not stopped. Anyway TMZ got the scoop:

DMX was arrested for the — oh heck, we lost count how many-ith time — busted in Miami for trying to buy cocaine and marijuana.

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, DMX was busted as part of an undercover narcotics investigation. He approached an undercover Miami-Dade Police narcotics detective and requested to purchase “30 Powder & 15 Weed” — street slang for cocaine and marijuana. X handed over $45 — and was arrested.

X, real name Earl Simmons, was popped back on June 23 for driving without a valid driver’s license … and on May 9 on seven misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and four felony drug possession charges … and May 7 on charges of racing on a highway, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment, three counts of criminal speed and driving on a suspended license.

New Energy Drink Called Booty Sweat? Racial Overtones in Stiller Movie?

Source: Reddit,Ad Age

What at first was a fiticious product placement in the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’, will now be on the shelves given the green light by Paramount. Will people actually wanna be caught drinking something called Booty Sweat? On second thoughts why did I even ask.

The troubling fact about this product is the fact there is an urban and rural version which has some very tired so called ‘ghetto speak’ that no one uses in this present time.This type of language definetly is not used in the inner cities across America, so is this a racist jab at Blacks and Latinos?

via Ad Age


Two versions available
The can’s label will be customized for “urban” and “rural” markets. Metropolitan stores will carry the description of the concoction as a “delicious and bump up struttin’ energy drink that will pump up a brotha’s ass right-pronto. This swill will crank yo’ metabolism up skippin’ right over jiggy to straight G-pimp level, word to your mutha. Brothas will be layin’ down the 2-3 on the wiggy jig focusing the energy flow into cold-face benjamins that will fill yo’ pimp pockets to burstin’. Damn straight! Booty Sweat will keep a brotha pitchin’ straight game all night to the baby-dolls.”

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