RZA: ‘Bobby Digital’ To Live On In Comics, Films

This is definetly a viable business for RZA. With his newfound Hollywood connects, he should be able to make a huge splash in the anime and karate/kung worlds. Just please don’t take forever to do it, your fans are waiting!!
He spoke to Billboard about the future of Bobby Digital:

It took RZA seven years to get back to Bobby Digital. Now, if he has his way, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the character.

In the wake of this week’s release of “RZA as Bobby Digital: Digi Snacks,” the Wu-Tang Clan leader tells Billboard.com that “I’m gonna continue to build the character with films, comics … I hate to sound so business-push with it, but I see Bobby Digital as being a potential franchise for hip-hop.

He ain’t too watered-down. He ain’t too soft. He ain’t too good. He’s got a little bit of everything in him that people can relate to, so I’m gonna try to develop him like that. I think he will have more adventures.”

RZA — who wraps up his “Digi Snacks” tour July 8 in Washington, D.C. — says that may include resurrecting the Bobby Digital film he started making after the release of 2001’s “Digital Bullet.” “I found the old films, the old artwork, everything,” he says. “They’re low-budget films, but they’ve got a vibe to them and I think they offer the hip-hop community something. When I was first doing it, it felt like I could’ve had a bigger budget, but now it feels like a classic.”

That said, Bobby Digital may have to wait in line behind a number of other projects in RZA’s typically jammed qeue. He’s completing the first album by ACHOSEN, his band with System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian. He’s also producing several new albums, including one for Wu-Tang mate Raekwon. RZA has developed a martial arts film with Hollywood pal Eli Roth called “The Man with the Iron Fist,” which he says has “the blessing” of his “teacher,” Quentin Tarantino, and he collaborated with Hans Zimmer on the score for the forthcoming Vin Diesel science fiction film “Babylon A.D.”

He also hopes to complete “The Cure,” which he says will be his final solo album, in the near future. As for Wu-Tang Clan, RZA says that he hopes a European tour slated for July will yield some ideas for a new project.

“Usually when we get together on those types of tours, we get to be together with our friends and buddies and we get a chance to talk and figure out if there’s any energy left in us to go do what we want to do,” RZA explains. “We have to see what we’ve got in terms of talent, energy, sensibility … whatever it takes. So we’ll see what we got out there on the tour.”

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