Alcohol Infused ‘Whipped Lightning’ to Take Over for Four Loko?

Seems like if you wanna party these days just sign up to your local university.
via WFTV

It might look like a regular can of whipped cream, but if you take a closer look at the label, you’ll see why some university students are really buzzing about whipped lightning.”I think it’s awesome, you can throw it on some Jell-O shots. It’d be fantastic,” UCF student Bo Frisby said.The whipped treat comes in different flavors, and it’s infused with alcohol.

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[video] Haiti holds first election since earthquake

Man Haiti is such sore subject with me because it seems corruption has basically destroyed the country. The earthquake was devastating all everyone has seem to have forgotten since the concerts and charity events were all over the news. Check out CNN’s report about the first set of elections since the quake.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Government shuts down sites claiming serious copyright infringement

By now you guys should know that the government went haywire shutting a bunch of sites for copyright infringement. Is there more to come? Regardless to what side you are on it seems that the way things have gone on are no longer the norm and that Big Sis is on the hunt.

via The Hill

The investigative arm of the Homeland Security Department appears to be shutting down websites that facilitate copyright infringement.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has seized dozens of domain names over the past few days, according to TorrentFreak.

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[video] Kanye West’s Rant after NYC Bowery Performance

10 minute rant, still has not gotten over the Bush & Taylor Swift incident, how long will we endure this sh*t? Anyway he says his album is gonna do big numbers so why the hell must we relive this at every concert.

via Smshnpmpkn

After performing his new album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ live from start to finish (w/special guests Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Bon Iver, Rick Ross & more), we got to hear a near 10-minute rant at the end.
Cost of ticket – $100.00 Cost of Kanye rant – priceless! :p


WTF:Famed designers Dolce & Gabbana Indicted On Tax Evasion Charges, Owe $569 million

We should get a Kanye West rant about this on Twitter soon. Don’t worry Ye’ the headline sounds worse than it is these guys have a couple of loopholes to jump through to avoid paying that much it seems.

via Huff Post

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been indicted for evading taxes, WWD reports, with each designer allegedly owing 416 million euros, or $569 million.

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[video] Gliding Snakes Amazes Scientists

They wanna study these guys to see why they fly. Looks pretty dope to me.

via Washington Post

An unusual breed of Asian snakes can glide long distances in the air, and the Department of Defense is funding research at Virginia Tech to find out why.

Most animals that glide do so with fixed wings or a wing-like part. But not the “flying snakes” of Southeast Asia, India and southern China – at least five members of the genus Chrysopelea.

As video of the reptiles show, they undulate from side to side, in almost an air-slithering, to create an aerodynamic system. It allows them to travel from the top of the biggest trees in the region (almost 200 feet high) to a spot about 780 feet away from the tree’s trunk.

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Compilation of high-speed video’s of flying snakes Chrysopelea paradisi

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Exclusive: San Francisco Giants Custom New Era 59/50

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[video] Kid Strip Searched By TSA?

What is the big deal? Stuff like this has been happening in urban neighborhoods for years. Little Timmy looked suspicious. Anyway this title of the video is a little misleading because the father took off his shirt to speed up the search according to Huff Post.

via Huff Post

On November 19, a family was traveling through a TSA checkpoint at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Their son alarmed the walk through metal detector and needed to undergo secondary screening. The boy’s father removed his son’s shirt in an effort to expedite the screening.


Judge Orders Wesley Snipes to Surrender

Damn Wesley.

via TMZ
The hammer is finally dropping on Wesley Snipes — a judge has ordered the actor to immediately surrender to federal authorities so he can begin serving a 3-year prison stint for tax crimes.
Snipes has been appealing like crazy ever since he was found guilty on tax evasion charges in 2008 — but now, a U.S. District Court judge is putting his foot down … demanding that Snipes turn himself in ASAP.

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Scientist developing marijuana that does not get you high

I know some of you guys cant even fathom what is the purpose of highless marijuana but this lady below does not think every person with a ‘chronic’ disease wants to get sloshed.

Chapman University professor Keun-Hang Susan Yang is working to separate the intoxicating effects of marijuana from the medically beneficial ones. Register photo by Leonard Ortiz.

via The Orange County Register

New research shows that marijuana, long a symbol of tie-dyed inebriation, could one day become a respectable prescription drug with no intoxicating effects.

A Chapman University scientist reveals in two recent studies that nausea-reducing chemicals in marijuana can be separated from the chemicals that produce euphoria.

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