Meek Mill Found Guilty of Probation Violation, Pleads with Judge

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Meek needs to finally grow up and make better decisions. He has officially taken the biggest L of 2015 and it seems like it will continue into next year. Secondly, Rick Ross might be joining him as well with his own serious legal troubles. Safaree gets the last laugh here folks.

via ABC News

Meek Mill faces a potential prison sentence early next year after a judge in Philadelphia found the rapper guilty of probation violations.

The judge said Thursday she’s not sure she’ll keep Mill on probation after he repeatedly ignored travel and other rules she set for him in recent years.

The 28-year-old rapper, born Robert Williams, cannot work or perform before the Feb. 5 hearing except for community service.

Mill testified that he knows his “whole life is on the line” and tried to follow the rules.

Mill says he has dropped old friends from his entourage to spend time with his family and girlfriend Nicki Minaj. She was in court with him.

Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley sent Mill back to jail for five months last year for similar violations.

[pic] Soulja Boy adds ‘Rich Gang’ Tattoo to His FACE (EPIC FAIL)

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Is this news? No. But just the stupidity of this guy who once had the nation under his spell with his multi-platinum hit ‘Crank That’ in 1997, has fallen to new lows. Since then he has had a few urban hits but nothing compared to when he burst on the scene and helped usher in a new way to get noticed via myspace and youtube.His recent music has practically gone unnoticed outside of the few hard core fans he still has on the internet. His output has been steady but the songs consistently are their stomach turning worst after he begins rapping in the worst flow of the decade.

Accompanying his fall from grace he has steadily started to tattoo various oddities on his face including the Gucci logo on his forehead. A collaboration with superstar Lil Wayne is on the horizon from his ‘I Am Not A Human Being 2’ album, has Soulja showing he is ready to become apart of the biggest brand in Hip Hop by tattooing ‘Rich Gang” on his face. By the way ‘Rich Gang’ is something that Cash Money records boss Baby promotes as an exclusive club through his various tweets.

Sadly, this young man Soulja Boy(22) obviously has no positive influences around him coupled with a low self worth which makes him think it is extremely cool to continue to destroy his face all in the name of money,hoes, and clothes.


[video] Cash Money vs. Wendy Day: Did Baby & Slim Stiff the Woman Who Made Them Rich?

If you guys, particularly rappers, don’t know anything about Wendy Day, I suggest you do your research. This video below about her bout with Cash Money Records from a new documentary called The Big Payback, is just a snippet about her contribution to this business and culture. I was one of the many people who read her columns, articles, and advice from her website Before the record industry was totally changed and some say permanently damaged by file sharing, she was preaching artist independence back in the day when artists still sold millions of records and life seemed to be good.

Wendy Day pictured with producer Mannie Fresh, who also claimed he was stiffed by Baby and Slim of Cash Money

She always said artists were getting the raw end of the existing deals and that it would come to a head sometime in the near future.When asked why artist continued to sign oppressive she summed it saying that she thought artist were more concerned with being famous then making money off their art. Not only did help Cash Money, No Limit, and Eminem,but was also was instrumental in David Banner and Twista being freed from their oppressive contracts. I know this because I was an online student of hers and she gave me advice about my aspirations on the business side of this game.

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[video] Pink Glove Breast Cancer Awareness Dance (Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne)

Source: Video Viral Chart

Brian “Baby” and Slim Williams really made a splash by signing this guy Jay Sean and this is evidenced by this hospital choosing his Number#1 record “Down” to bring awareness to the Pink Glove Breast Cancer Awarness Campaign.

Our employees put together this video to generate breast cancer awareness throughout our hospital system. We had a ton of fun putting this together and hope it inspires others to join in the cause

Exclusive Interview w/Founders of Pen & Pixel


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Pen & Pixel once was to graphic design what McDonald’s is to gastronomy : a mass-production company, instantly recognizable, not really focused on finesse but highly effective. And culturally relevant, too : during the 90’s, the agency immortalized the underground movements of southern rap and pushed to the extreme every glittering codes of modern hip-hop. Let’s go back to the Pen & Pixel legend with its founder, Shawn Brauch.

A: How did the company start ?

S: My brother and I were working for Rap-A-Lot Records in Houston, Texas. My brother was general manager of the label from the start, he had worked there for a number of years. Other than 2 Live Crew, Rap-A-Lot was was the first exposure that America had basically seen to gangsta style southern rap. I came to Rap-A-Lot in about 1991 to assist him directing music videos. My main purpose was story-boarding. My brother was more into business, I was more into graphics. Before that, I went to the Chicago Art Institute, I have one degree there and another one in Parsons School of Design in graphic communication.

A: What albums did you work on, over at Rap-A-Lot ?

S: Quite a few. One of the first albums was Prince Johnny C, and most of the Geto Boys albums.

A: Why did you choose to leave Rap-A-Lot and run your own business?

S: We had started using computer special effects on some of the album covers of that time. Willie D’s “I’m Going out like a soldier” was actually the first CD cover to use a high amount of photorealistic special effects. When that album came out, people started saying that they wanted that for their covers. So they would come to Rap-A-Lot, thinking that they would just get the artwork and nothing else, but Rap-A-Lot obviously said that was impossible. The demands for the work went up to the point where my brother and I said “Listen, that sounds like a good business venture, so let’s start and do our own thing“.

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Lil Wayne to Appear on ‘The View’


via Rap-Up

The ladies of “The View” will get a special visit from Lil Wayne next week.

The Cash Money rapper is scheduled to join co-hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd on ABC’s popular talk show on Friday, April 24. He will perform for the first time on the daytime program, which is taped in New York City.

Weezy F. Baby has made several high-profile TV appearances this year, including “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where he presented the Top 10 list, and a sit-down interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric.

Lil Wayne will release his first rock album Rebirth on June 16.

The New Issue of Rolling Stone: Lil Wayne Goes Rock


via Rolling Stone

How does arguably the greatest rapper on Earth follow up a blockbuster like 2008’s Tha Carter III, an album that moved more than 1 million copies its debut week and solidified Lil Wayne’s place in hip-hop history? By shifting gears and attempting to conquer rock & roll. Rap’s alien genius opens up to Mark Binelli about his upcoming rock album Rebirth in a series of revealing interviews for the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, on newsstands this week. (Get a look at outtakes from our photo shoot.)

“The rock shit just comes from what my life is now,” Wayne, 26, says. “I’ve grown into this person.” He released his first album, 1999’s Tha Block Is Hot, when he was only 17, and built his name on being the busiest rapper in the game, dropping a relentless stream of mixtapes and cameos. (Revisit Weezy’s journey from kid MC to superstar, in photos.) But aside from plucking at electric guitars onstage and in videos, Weezy never let on that his rap career could take such a significant detour. Describing a wild night when he woke up in bed with three or four women he couldn’t name, Wayne reveals he had an epiphany. “I just got — I’m not going to say ’so good’ at what I was doing, but it became such a regularity for me that I got tired of it. And then I said, ‘You know what? I’m not going to rap on this one.’ “ Continue reading

XXcLusive: DJ Drama Speaks On Cash Money’s Mixtape Suit, “This Is Not A Case Of Lil Wayne VS Drama”

via XXL

With paperwork recently hitting the Net revealing a lawsuit that Cash Money Records has filed against several mixtape deejays, including DJ Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group, contacted the self-described iPod King to find out his reaction to the case.

“The accusations against me are misplaced,” Drama told XXL in a statement. “This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good.”

According to the documents [ View here, here and hereCash Money has named the Aphilliates, along with BCD Music Group, Deep Distribution World Wide, Tyree C. Simmons (Drama) and Cinque Productions, Inc. in a civil action suit.

Frank Nino, of Makin’ Moves Entertainment, who is also named in the case, told XXL that he believes the matter revolves around money profited by BCD, who released various Weezy mixtapes in big chain stores like FYE. Continue reading

Lil Wayne Partners with AT&T to Release “Prom Queen”


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AT&T Will Also Offer Ringtone Exclusively Through February 2

January 26, ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lil Wayne is teaming up with AT&T to release a new song via social media for the first time. Fans can catch the live world debut performance of his hotly anticipated new single, “Prom Queen,” from his upcoming new album Rebirth on two AT&T Facebook pages at 9:40 p.m. PST on Tuesday, Jan. 27 (12:40 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 28).

Lil Wayne is the most popular musical artist on Facebook. AT&T reports more of its customers downloaded Lil Wayne ringtones in 2008 than any other artist.

Lil Wayne will perform the single for the first time during a concert in San Diego. The performance will be streamed live to AT&T’s FREEdom of Choice page on Facebook ( and also on AT&T’s Mobile Music page on Facebook (

Following the show, a ringtone will be available to AT&T customers exclusively through Monday, Feb. 2. Fans can buy the tone by texting “Wayne” to 7317 or by purchasing it through the AT&T MEdia Mall from their handsets or online ( Lil Wayne ringtones were the most downloaded ringtones in 2008, according to AT&T sales records.

AT&T customers who want to download the full track can text “Wayne” to 7299 following the performance.

“I’m honored that AT&T selected me as the first artist to be a part of this historic live event, say Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne is Prepping All “Rock” Album

via Much Music

Homegrown rapper Drake told MuchNews in an exclusive interview that he will be appearing on Lil’ Wayne’s upcoming rock album. “Wayne’s coming out with a new album, it’s a rock album,” he said. “A complete rock album. I have a song on there.”lilwayne_iam_tour

Drake says Weezy’s album will be a major musical departure, much like Kanye’s latest. “It’s something different in just that whole 808’s and Hearbreaks, just throwing individuals off.”

In addition to going rock with Wayne, Drake’s got a busy year ahead. He just signed an impressive management deal with the superstar team of Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua (who manage Kanye West), and Cortez Bryant (who handles Lil’ Wayne). He’ll kick off ’09 touring North America with Weezy, hitting Montreal on Jan. 14 and Toronto on Jan. 15. Then he’ll clean up nice and get ready to attend Grammy weekend.

Drake told MuchNews that he was heading to the studio on Tuesday night to record the last track for his upcoming mixtape So Far Gone. His debut album, Thank Me Later, is due out later this year. At which point, we will indeed thank him.

“A Milli” Named Amongst Top 10 Songs of 2008 by Time Magazine


via HipHopDX

Revered as one of the world’s top magazines, Time has acknowledged Hip Hop in this week’s issue, a collection of lists acknowledging 2008. The periodical placed Lil Wayne‘s [click to read] “A Milli” [click to read] among its best songs of the year.

Coming in at #4, the Bangladesh-produced monster hit of 2008 was quoted as “crazy, off-balance wordplay, which [Lil Wayne] claims is spontaneous, is hypnotic.

The single was only topped by Norwegian singer Ida Maria‘s “Oh My God,” Pink‘s “So What” and another familiar face to the Hip Hop genre, Kanye West with “Love Lockdown” [click to listen].

In related news, Rolling Stone this week acknowledged the album “A Milli” hails from, Tha Carter III [click to read], as the third best album of 2008. The Cash Money/Universal Records release was only topped by a Bob Dylan bootleg release, and TV On The Radio‘s Dear Science.

The lone other rap release to make the famed music and pop culture mag’s yearly Top 50, was NasUntitled [click to read], coming in at #43.

Both issues are on newsstands now.

Carter III Gets Top Nod at Grammys


via Real Talk

Lil Wayne’s, “Tha Carter III,” will be going against: Ne-Yo – “Year Of The Gentleman,” Coldplay – “Viva La Vida,” Radiohead – “In Rainbows” & Alison Krauss & Robert Plant – “Raising Sand.” A rap album hasn’t won the album of the year since 2004 with Outkast’s, “Speakerboxx/Love Below.” Kanye got nominated for album of the year in 2005, 2007 & 2008.

The only other rappers to be nominated for album of the year for this decade are Eminem & Nelly. Clearly the Grammy awards only like a particular style of rap and are not fans of any, “gangsta rap.” Top rap artist like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, and T.I. have never been given a nomination for the award despite their success.

M.I.A.’s, “Paper Planes,” has been nominated for record of the year. Rap nominations are below

Best Rap Album:
Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III
Jay-Z – American Gangster
Lupe Fiasco – The Cool
Nas – Untitled
T.I. – Paper Trail

Best Rap Song:
T.I. – Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye West – Swagga Like Us
Lupe Fiasco – Superstar
Lil Wayne – Lollipop
Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption
Flo-rida – Low

[video] Is Baby from Cash Money Gay?

Damn, dogs I got this from Illseed’s blog. Now much has been said about the shenanigans over at Cash Money with Baby at the wheel. Never one to jump to speculation, STREET KNOWLEDGE stays out of these arguments, but when a dude is on tape talking about he “f*cks with n*ggas too” then that leaves little to the mind. If you look at the Hot Boyz faces, they clearly looked embarrassed, and Lil’ Weezy looked extra uncomfortable. I wonder if these is where the cracks came into play that ultimately lead to the downfall of Cash Money’s roster. 

Baby Announces Upcoming Flick With Lil’ Wayne, “Like Father, Like Son”

via SOHH

Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams has announced plans to release an upcoming film starring himself and Lil’ Wayne called Like Father, Like Son by next summer.Speaking with New York’s Power 105.1 FM radio personalities Ed Lover and Free backstage at the station’s mega Powerhouse concert last night, Baby revealed a forthcoming film set to star the two rappers.

“Me and Wayne just finished this movie, Like Father, Like Son, that’s coming out in June and the album coming out at the same time,” Baby told Free. “That’s what we do. Just me being myself. I just wanted to, it’s something we wanted to fund. It’s ours.”

While not giving away too many details, he hinted at the movie’s plot along with basing it out of their hometown.

“So, it’s really what it is, like father, like son,” Baby added. “Normal day growing up in New Orleans, you know. Hood rich.”

Performing at the event, Weezy also spoke with Free discussing the status of Tha Carter 4 and confirming rumors about a forthcoming Tha Carter 3 re-release album. Continue reading

Weezy F. Baby Is Father of New Baby

damn that was quick, he just announced this sh*t last week!

via XXL

Weezy F. Baby now has a new baby…boy that is.

The Cash Money rapper recently announced he would be father to a new son as he accepted an award at the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards. The rapper made no mention of who the mother is. Rumors swirled that it could be one of two former flames, Nivea or Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. is reporting the rappers son was born this afternoon at the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

No information was given regarding the boy’s weight or the time of birth. Wayne has managed to keep the pregnancy and mother’s identification private. He hasn’t offered a statement as of press time. attempted to contact Stephans, but as of press time she had not given a statement.

Lil Wayne Says “F*ck All Mixtape DJ’s!!!!”

lil wayne

Did Lil’ Wayne go and put his foot in his mouth? The lil’ homie spazzed out during an interview with Foundation magazine, a mag dedicated to the mixtape DJ. In the interview he says “F*ck, f*ck Mixtape DJ’s!” and he invited the interviewer to ‘lick the rapper’ (disrespectful) apparently out of disgust over how his music is being leaked to the public via the Mixtape DJ.

The owner of the magazine calls DJ Kay Slay and tears into Wayne, who said he is currently “smelling his self,” insinuating that even if the drugs were talking this is evidence that Weezy F. may be slipping. You know what they say about loose lips! If the Mixtape DJ’s take offense to this Wayne will be fighting an uphill battle.

CLICK [HERE] to Hear Lil’ Weezy going OFF

CLICK [HERE] for the AUDIO of Owner Calling Kay Slay

Carter III Commercial Contest

lil wayne

There is a contest underway over at eyespot involving fans creating an official Carter III commercial. Peep below.

“Tha Carter III” hits stores JUNE 10th! and Lil Wayne needs your help!
We need you, the fans, to create the official online commercial for “Tha Carter III” announcing its June 10th release. Mash the available video, photos and music to create a 30 second commercial for Lil Wayne. The creator of the best commercial will win the entire Cash Money Records catalogue courtesy of Lil Wayne and Universal Motown.
Get the single at iTunes and Amazon.
Cash Money Records.
lil Wayne’s MySpace page
Here’s what you gotta do:
Click the Start Mixing button on the right to add the videos and single to your account and start mixing
Just Drag and Drop your favorite clips
Upload your own photos and vids rocking out to the track
Drag the “Lollipop” audio track into the timeline to complete your mix
Don’t forget to display the June 10th release date in your mix!

CLICK [HERE] to make your commercial

Will The Real Lil Wayne Album Cover Please Stand Up?

After this flick (on the left) of Lil Wayne’s supposed album cover was uploaded to Amazon yesterday, igniting a firestorm on the net Miss Info popped up with this photo (on the right) saying this should be the rightful cover of Wayne’s The Carter III. Now, I swore I’ve seen the pic on the right before as a promo copy of the highly anticipated album The Carter 3 earlier this year.

Either way it is clever marketing whether intentionally done by Wayne or one of his legions of Stans he has online. It has brought the anticipation of this project up another notch. Which do you prefer? Which will make you go to retail and plunk down piece of your stimulus check? Let us know

Rick Ross Da Boss & BirdMan Collabin’ On Joint Project



When he’s not anticipating putting up monster Billboard numbers with his sophomore Def Jam release Trilla, Rick Ross is contemplating a full-length collaboration album with The Numba One Stunna Baby “BirdMan” Jr.  The Cash Money frontman plans to hit the lab with the Carol City Chemist to cook up that unadulterated raw that they’ve been able to capture on some of last years bigger crew cuts, usually helmed by DJ Khaled and ending with “We The Best!” The big homie Ross had this to say to HipHopDX: 

“Me and Birdman are working on an album and a movie at the same time,” Ross told HipHopDX yesterday from his traveling tour bus. “We just feed the streets. Me being a fan of the hustle – the grind, [Birdman and I] have the same attitude and hunger coming from streets. He feels the same about me, you already know. We just went in the studio for the hood.”    

Expect them to be serving this “cookup” sometime towards the ending of the year. For the original POST CLICK HERE