Officer in Oscar Grant Murder is Released on Bail


via BAMN

Hundreds of community members and friends and family of Oscar Grant present at Alameda County Courthouse today were outraged after Officer Mehserle was granted release upon $3 million bail. District Attorney Tom Orloff’s office and his assistant DA did not even try to ask for denial of bail.

“The fix is in—it is the aim of the prosecutor’s office to let Johannes Mehserle, Tony Pirone, and the other BART cops get away with murder,” said Yvette Felarca, Northern California coordinator of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). “Orloff has not even charged Pirone and the other killer cops who were clearly accomplices to murder. He’s protecting them. He’s hiding the identities of the other killer cops by instructing BART not to release their names.” “What’s needed now is an independent investigation and an independent public tribunal of and for the people of Oakland to gather as much information as possible so that the truth of Oscar Grant’s killing is not buried,” said Ronald Cruz, BAMN organizer and Berkeley Law student.

“It’s clear that Oscar Grant is not going to get justice through the police, the Alameda prosecutor’s office, or any of the official bodies. BAMN calls on unions, churches, and community organizations to join us in pulling together this independent investigation and series of public hearings. Any witnesses who saw the killing or who has evidence, should get that evidence to BAMN, either directly or anonymously.” “Mayor Ronald Dellums has got to break his silence, and make clear he seeks justice for Oscar Grant and is prepared to defend black and Latino youth of Oakland against police terror, brutality, and murder,” said Felarca. “Dellums must speak out against the handling of the investigation and prosecution of this case.”

In addition to the independent public tribunal, BAMN plans demonstrations, including emergency response demonstrations statewide Monday, February 2. BAMN has also launched a mass petition campaign demanding: (1) jail all the killer cops, (2) disarm the BART police and keep BART police out of Oakland, (3) open an independent public investigation, and (4) drop all the charges against protesters.

[video] 50 Cent Warns Rick Ross His Career Will Finish! “Rick Ross Ima F*ck Your Life Up For Fun. I Have A List Of Niccas I Already Did. Khaled Is A Faggot”

Curtis takes a moment to regretfully inform Rick Ross that his career will be coming to an end once he gets back from Venezuela. He is bent on adding him to his growing list of candidates for extinction. This battle should be very entertaining to say the least…

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Young Jeezy Responds Back TO Bill O’Reilly On This New Remix Version Track Called “My President Black” (Feat. Jay-Z) “Bill O’Reilly Eat A Dick. You Really Being A Racist & Tell Dennis Miller The Show Suck”

Vodpod videos no longer available. I seen this earlier in the week but because of WordPress complications I’ve been refraining from posting audio, but I can’t deny this one. I like the way this battle is shaping on because I think they picked the wrong one when they signaled out Jeezy and Jay-Z.  Jeezy got that rebellious spirit in him that will make him spit the real, so now you have the full transition of a TRAPPER RAPPER into one who has been dealing with street politics in a unique way since THE RECESSION dropped.  Who would have ever thought it would be Jeezy that would be the one with the potential of crippling Bill O’Reilly and his crew of cronies.

[video] AROUND THE WORLD- Puff & Mase [ThrowBack]

I stumbled on this and was reminded of what made Puff great when he was at the top of his game.  And that was the ability to capture life at its most festive moments and then create a genre of video making that was similar to cinema to project it. He had the honor of initially setting off these CINEMATIC big budget videos by launching the career of B.I.G. with both “JUICY” and “WARNING” videos, his very first, culminating with “HYPNOTISE”  his very last. The latter being the pinaccle of BIG BUDGET productions, but definitely worthy of every penny.  They are both CERTIFIED classics. 

He was working with a winning formula when he had Ma$e playing the ROBIN to Puffy’s DARK KNIGHT.  He has never had chemistry with another rapper of this caliber since Frank White himself.  So shout out to Puff for really having the vision to THINK BIG and for that foresight he can always say I AM KING.

NFL to Monitor Super Bowl Celebrations for Gang Signals


via Telegraph UK

You will not see anything like Salomon Kalou’s ‘handcuff’ sign on Wednesday night for Chelsea, or Robbie Fowler pulling up his shirt to reveal a T-shirt supporting sacked dockers in 1997.

The NFL acted in the wake of the murder of Darrent Williams, a cornerback for the Denver Broncos, who was shot on Jan 1, 2007 during an altercation with gang members.

From the start of this season, there was a ban on players flashing gangland hand signals for on-field celebrations. A team of experts, or ‘spotters’, were hired to analyse video footage of games.

With 140 million expected to watch in the United States, the Super Bowl being broadcast to 220 countries around the world, and NBC selling 30-second advertising slots at $3 million each – the NFL will watch with great vigour.

The NFL are also aware that there is a danger of being seen as ‘institutionally racist’, fuelling a stereotype that black players are most likely to be criminals. But many believe that the influence of gangs such as the Bloods, Crips, MS-13 and Black Guerilla Family should not infiltrate the sport.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell means business in his third year in charge. Goodell hired experts in gang culture this season to determine which signs are emblematic. Referees were also asked to look out for “symbols, clothing, jewellery or other items that would signify an association with criminal gang enterprises”, according to NFL commissioners. Continue reading

BREAKING: Michael Steele picked to lead RNC

This face of this country seems to changing at break neck speed. Anyway shout out to for the scoop.

via CNN


Michael Steele was picked Friday to be the RNC’s first African-American chairman. (Photo Credit: Getty Images/File)

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Members of the Republican National Committee elected their first-ever African-American party chief on Friday, choosing former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele to chair the organization after six rounds of tumultuous balloting.

After five rounds of voting, the race for the chairmanship came down to a choice between Steele and Katon Dawson, the South Carolina GOP chairman who secured strong support from party insiders after former chairman Mike Duncan dropped out of the race earlier in the day.

Steele emerged as the winner on the sixth ballot, winning with 91 votes. A candidate needed a simple majority of 85 votes from the 168-member committee to secure victory.

For the duration of his campaign, Steele fought perceptions that he was too moderate to lead the party because of his blue state roots and his former membership in the Republican Leadership Council, a group that sought to curb the influence of social conservatives in the party.

“I’m proud to say I’m a conservative, have been, always will be,” Steele told CNN earlier this month. “So this notion that I’m a moderate is slightly overblown, and quite frankly a lie.”

Steele brings a national profile to the committee, having shot to fame in the political world during an underdog Senate bid in 2006 distinguished by a series of clever TV commercials. He has since become a fixture on cable talk shows, experience that boosted up his reputation as the best communicator among the field of RNC candidates.

General Wants to Scan More U.S. Irises, Fingerprints



Air Force Gen. Victor Renuart, the Pentagon’s homeland security commander, thinks one of the tools the military uses to combat insurgents in Iraq — the collection of biometric data — is needed here at home.

The Associated Press has this alarming intriguing quote from Renuart, who spoke Tuesday at a defense industry conference in northern Virginia:   

“Interestingly, we are probably further forward in using biometrics outside our country in some of the combat environments than we are inside our country,” said the general. “We’ve got to find a way to fix that.”

Tuesday’s conference was devoted to discussion of implementation of HSPD-24, a homeland security directive signed by President George W. Bush in 2008. The directive is supposed to harmonize the way federal agencies and the military collect, store, analyze — and share — biometric data. As it stands, the directive instructs the Attorney General to work with the Secretaries of State, Defense, and Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the Office of Science and Technology to create an action plan for implementing HSPD-24 by this June.

The new administration may be reviewing a number of Bush directives, but now might be a really good time to read up on the military’s use of biometric technology. Noah reported extensively on the use of biometrics to deny freedom of movement to insurgents in Anbar province; he also noted the privacy and human-rights implications. For good measure, go read this fascinating transcript of this bloggers’ roundtable from 2007 with Lt. Col. John Velliquette, then the chief of biometrics collection in Iraq. Continue reading

Cops Find Marijuana Field Via Google Earth


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Swiss police revealed yesterday (January 27) that they discovered a large local marijuana plantation while using Google Earth.

According to The Associated Press, police revealed that they stumbled across the plantation while investigating two farmers suspected of operating a drug ring.

The plantation measured almost two acres and was hidden inside a field of corn.

The plantation’s discovery led to the arrest of 16 people. 1.2 tons of marijuana was seized as well as cash and valuables worth $780,000.

Fastest Bentley Ever Is Cleanest Bentley Ever



Bentley is teasing us with a lone picture of the biofuel burner it promises will be the fastest, most powerful and cleanest car the company has ever built.

The biofuel Bentley the crew from Crewe will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show in March marks the first big step toward the automaker’s goal of getting the average CO2 emissions of its entire fleet to a Toyota Yaris-like 120 grams per kilometer, and it should have gearheads rejoicing at the prospect that going green doesn’t mean going serene.

Bentley isn’t saying much about the car — the press release was literally 54 words — dubbed the “extreme Bentley,” but considering the Speed versions of the Continental coupe and sedan produce 600 horsepower, we’re eager to see what Bentley’s cooked up this time.

We do know the new model will ride on the D1 platform underpinning the Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur. Look for one of the ginormous 6-liter twin-turbo 12-cylinder engines used across the Continental range. Bentley isn’t saying how much CO2 the car will emit, but anything would be an improvement on the nearly 400 g/km the 2008 Continental coupe and sedan spit out. Continue reading

Blackwater Mercs Likely to Stay in Iraq, Despite Gov’t Ban



Iraq’s government says it won’t give Blackwater a license to operate in the country. So does that mean the firm’s cadre of tattooed gunslingers will be gone from Iraq, forever? Not exactly.

Sure, Blackwater as a corporate entity probably won’t be roaming the streets of Baghdad or Mosul for much longer. But the individual mercenaries who’ve been working for years in Iraq, serving as a Praetorian Guard for the State Department’s diplomats — those guys likely will be able to stay.

The State Department has a contract for “worldwide personal protective services” with three firms: Blackwater, DynCorp, and Triple Canopy. If Blackwater is no longer allowed to operate in Iraq, a lawyer steeped in the field tells Danger Room, there’s no legal reason why the other two firms can’t scoop up Blackwater’s employees. “State simply issues a new task order to DynCorp or Triple Canopy, who turn around and hire some or all of Blackwater’s employees,” he says.

Which could prove to be more than a little problematic. More than any other private military firm in Iraq, Blackwater had a reputation for recklessness and violence. Think about the drunken Blackwater contractor, who killed a bodyguard of Iraq’s vice president on Christmas Eve, 2007. Or the car full of people a Blackwater detail ran off the road, in September 2006. Or the Nisour Square shooting that left 17 dead, in September 2007. “If you think Blackwater culture is to blame, this [loophole] kind of confounds that,” the lawyer observes. Continue reading

DMX Sentenced to Three Months in Jail


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An Arizona judge today (January 30) sentenced DMX to 90 days in prison and 18 months supervised probation for various felony charges including drug possession, identity theft and animal cruelty.

According to The Arizona Republic, DMX (born Earl Simmons) appeared in the smiling Friday but later complained that he had severe pain in his knees and feet. The rapper said he thought he was suffering from gout.

“I’m not sentencing DMX today, I’m sentencing Earl Simmons. I don’t know DMX,” said Judge Phemonia Miller. ”Mr. Simmons, it’s time to do something different. What you have been doing is not working.”

Over the past three years, DMX has had numerous brushes with Arizona police. The Yonkers bred rapper picked up the drug and animal cruelty charges after malnourished pit bulls and marijuana were found in his Arizona home during a raid in May 2007.

The identify theft charges stem from accusations that DMX used a fake name at an Arizona hospital in April 2008 to avoid a bill. Continue reading

Run-DMC Biopic Coming to the Big Screen


via Woooha

It was only a matter of time. First Biggie, then Aaliyah and now Run DMC is the next in line to get a major motion picture biopic. It was just announced that Notorious writer Cheo Hodari Coker has been tapped to write the screenplay to Bill Adler’s book “Tougher Than Leather: The Rise of Run-DMC — The Authorized Biography.” Adler was Run DMC’s former publicist.

Similar to Notorious, which was actually also written from the adaptation of a book the Coker wrote about Biggie, Tougher Than Leather (not the official movie title) will explore the rags to riches story of Joseph “Run” Simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizel and how they ushered hip-hop into mainstream popular culture.

Movie will be produced by Dallas Jackson who is currently working on the remake of The Last Dragon with The RZA and Samuel L. Jackson. You know WoooHa will be following this one very closely and we will have updates on casting, release date, etc. You know we got the hip-hop movie angle covered!

What actors would you like to see cast as Run DMC?

50 Cent Launches Dietary Supplement Business



We have praised 50’s savvy business sense with the creation of his film production company Cheetah Vision which enabled him to cut out his G-Unit members, but we will have to wait a little until we can praise his next business move. Although he has a production company, a water, a video game, and a body spray, 50 will be expanding his empire by introducing a new line of dietary supplements. 50 recently stated:

“Right now, I’m interested in dietary supplements. I’ll be coming up with something very soon.” When asked what the name of it would be he replied  “I can’t tell you what it would be called. I’d be blowing the big launch party!”

No word yet on when 50 really plans to launch his supplements and once we find out what they are called we will let you know. I just hope they are not Barry Bonds approved.

First Lady Michelle Obama To Be Immortalized In Wax

via Baller Status

Madame Tussauds wax museum is reportedly adding a wax figure of the new first lady, Michelle Obama, to its collection.mobama

According to the Associated Press, the full figure is expected to be unveiled in March.

So far photos of the head of Michelle have been released. Designers have worked on the figure for the last six months, studying photos and video of the first lady.

“As our nation’s first African-American first lady, a proud working mom and budding style icon, Mrs. Obama is a role model to women around the corner and around the globe,” said Madame Tussauds General Manager Janine DiGioacchino.

Michelle’s wax counterpart was designed at Merlin Studios in London, and will be placed alongside President Barack Obama’s figure in a replica Oval Office.

Offline? Google’s Gmail will still be available


via FoxNews 

SAN FRANCISCO —  Now there’s one less excuse for not dealing with your e-mail.

Google Inc. is giving people a way to manage their e-mail even when they’re offline, marking the Internet search leader’s latest move to unshackle its services from the Web.

The offline feature introduced this week is aimed primarily at workers who rely on Google’s Gmail service as part of their jobs. But anyone with a standard account can choose the option. (This can be accomplished by clicking on “settings” and then entering Google’s “labs” section.)

After the e-mail box synchronizes with a computer’s hard drive, virtually all of Gmail’s usual tools become functional offline _ except for the ability to send and receive messages. Those chores are handled the next time a computer connects to the Internet.

Google is trying to lessen its dependence on Internet advertising by selling an online package of commonly used business programs that include a souped-up version of Gmail. The offline feature makes the e-mail program more competitive with rival Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange and Outlook programs, which are widely used by corporations. Continue reading

[audio] Lil Wayne- TROUBLEMAKER




Alright, I was hoping Wayne wasn’t pulling a Kanye with this one and by the sounds of things he’s just using rock as an outlet to get more aggressive and expansive with his music, but he ain’t finnin’ to be singin’ no ballads in autotune like Mr. West, well at least I hope he ain’t.  I give this the thumbs up, rock on Mr. Carter.

Lara Croft Due For ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie Makeover


via MTV

Lara Croft is set to follow in Indiana Jones’ footsteps, and make a return to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. (who gained the rights to the character this December) and producer Dan Lin are working to reboot “Tomb Raider,” and give the pistol packing heroine a new franchise. The new project will ignore the previous two Paramount films and start fresh, as the latest games have and revamp her origin, give her new adventures, villains, and love interests. Of course, this means there will be a new actress as well. Warner Bros isn’t planning on bringing Angelina Jolie back — and it is unlikely the Oscar nominated actress would return if they did make an offer. The studio plans to attach a writer and director first, and then find a new Croft.

Rumors hit the Internet this week that Jolie-clone Megan Fox was attached, but her spokesperson denied any involvement to io9. (I’ll cast my vote now for Rhona Mitra, original Croft model, and current vampire warrior in “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.”) I’m really rather excited by this news, as I’m a huge fan of the character and the games. (Tonner’s Lara Croft decorates my desk as we speak.) But it could all go downhill depending on what talent is attached on the writing, directing, and acting fronts — and the track record for turning video games into movies remains incredibly poor. Still, the fan in me can’t help but hope this might finally be the exception, and that Lara Croft finally gets the kick ass movie she deserves.

Memories Have Time Stamps

via CNN

What was the name of that guy with that stuff in that place with those things? Don’t you remember?brain_wave_gi

We all suffer occasional lapses in memory. Some people suffer severe neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, that rob them of their ability to form memories or remember recent events.

Three new studies shed light on the way the brain forms, stores and retrieves memories. Experts say they could have implications for people with certain mental disorders.

Newly born brain cells, thousands of which are generated each day, help “time stamp” memories, according to a computer simulation by scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, and the University of Queensland in Australia. The research was published in the journal Neuron.

These cells do not record an exact, absolute date — such as January 28, 2009 — but instead encode memories that occur around the same time similarly. In this way, the mind knows whether a memory happened before, after or alongside something else.

Neuroscientists believe that if the same neurons are active during two events, a memory linking the two may be formed.

For example, you might remember that, on a day a few years ago, you went to a restaurant and then went to a baseball game. Researchers think the same neurons are active during both events, which results in an association with each other when you remember them.

In fact, the same young neurons respond to everything that happens for several weeks, said two of the study’s co-authors, professor Fred Gage and graduate student Brad Aimone from the Salk Institute. While associations are known to form based on sight, smell, and other senses — you may remember last year’s baseball game through the taste of a hot dog today, for example — their computer model shows that the young brain cells also link through time.

“Even though these young cells are only a small percentage of the overall circuit, we believe that their effect may be enough to give people the sense of “this happened around the same time as” something else, Gage and Aimone wrote in an e-mail.

The findings could have promising implications for diseases that involve a neurogenesis deficit — in other words, a lack of new brain cells being born — which happens in conditions such as depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the authors said. Continue reading

Spike Lee to Direct Wesley Snipes in James Brown Biopic

via MTV

James Brown is the lone Godfather of Soul, and even if he looks a lot like Wesley Snipes in Spike Lee’s upcoming biopic, Lee wants to make sure there’s one recognizable voice coming through the microphone when the legendary figure appears on-screen.wesley-snipes-200x300

“We’re doing it together – it’s going to happen,” Lee told MTV News in an exclusive interview at the Sundance Film Festival this week. The Oscar nominated director of “Do the Right Thing” and “Inside Man” lavished praise on Snipes. “He’s my man,” Lee said; but when it comes to the vocals on Brown’s classic tracks like “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and “Get Up Offa That Thing,” expect to hear the authentic voice of James Brown being dubbed in. “I want to hear James Brown’s voice,” the director said. “That’s just my personal taste.”

He’s not the first filmmaker to take the dubbing route in a musical biopic. Taylor Hackford dubbed Ray Charles’ original voice over Jamie Foxx in “Ray.” “I know Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Walk the Line,’ he did some of the singing,” Lee said, breaking down the decision. “I’m a purist,” he explained. Lee and Paramount grabbed Snipes to play Brown in 2007. The project came together shortly after Brown died in 2006 of congested heart failure. Snipes’ big-screen energy summoning Brown’s near mythological stage presence will obviously carry a hefty punch. You have to feel the demands being place on Snipes, though, just to physically imitate James Brown to the point of syncing with his vocals. That task alone should make “Demolition Man” feel like a jog through through Park City, Utah, by contrast. Do you think Spike Lee is doing the right thing by dubbing in James Brown’s original voice? Do you think Wesley Snipes is a good fit for the part? Speak up and let everyone know in the comments section below!

How the Internet (and Advertisers) Killed Journalism


via The Atlantic

To give you an idea of the state of journalism today, I probably couldn’t do better than to tell you something about John Crewdson, a big, burly guy just past age 60, with whom I worked when I ran the Washington bureau of the Tribune. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his work on immigration at The New York Times in 1981, and is one of the premier investigative reporters of his generation.Twenty years ago, Crewdson revealed (in a Tribune article so expansive it merited its own special Sunday section) that it was in fact a French research doctor named Luc Montagnier who had discovered the AIDS virus, rather than a self-promoting American, Dr. Robert Gallo, who had claimed full credit and been showered with media attention. To investigate the piece, Crewdson spent months wading into dense, difficult material, becoming almost as conversant in the science of AIDS as any researcher. (And just this year, Montagnier’s work-and Crewdson’s-was prominently rewarded, when Montaignier instead of Gallo received the Nobel prize for the discovery of the virus.)

Among other great Crewdson pieces was his 1996 series about people dying needlessly of heart attacks on commercial airliners, which resulted in all airlines now carrying defibrillators on board. (If you survive a heart attack at 30,000 feet, thank John.) And more recently, Crewdson dug deep into the Bush administration’s secret “rendition” program, matching tail numbers with FAA records, among other painstaking work, to unearth such disturbing details as the fact that a Boston Red Sox owner had been allowing his Gulfstream jet (sometimes used by the team) to be flown by the government on these covert flights.

Any one of Crewdson’s 15 to 20 major exposés would be the highlight of most journalists’ careers. But this fall, not long after Montagnier learned that he would get his Nobel, John Crewdson got his walking papers, shown the door by new management at the Tribune. A solemn farewell party was held at a Mexican restaurant near the Washington office that he had been given 24 hours to vacate. Continue reading

New York Post AND YOUCAST Rihanna In A First-Of-Its-Kind Newspaper Widget Promotion

via ProHipHop

New York, NY, 1/28/09 (Hip Hop PR Wire) — YouCast Corporation and the New York Post today launched an online widget featuring multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning, Def Jam Recording artist Rihanna, in a groundbreaking newspaper widget promotion. The New York Post widget is available at NYPost.compost_widget and extends New York Post content directly onto the desktops, social network pages including MySpace and Facebook, and blogs of New York Post readers. The widget updates content automatically with the latest news, sports, business and entertainment content – as well as the best gossip from Page Six.

The New York Post widget also features an exclusive Rihanna contest where participants have a chance to win an NFL football and NFL jersey signed by Rihanna, who is the headlining performer at the Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash, airing on VH1 on Thursday, January 29 at 9:00 pm. A free membership to Rihanna’s fan club at is available to any fan that embeds the New York Post’s free widget. Chris Shaw, VP of Digital Media commented, “We are delighted to be able to offer our free New York Post widget to our readers and new readers who crave up to the minute insights and news written with authentic New York Post passion and wit.” “YouCast is proud to partner with the New York Post to deliver premium editorial content as a widget so people can enjoy the New York Post content on their blogs and social network pages such as Friendster, Facebook and MyYearbook,” said John Eaton, CEO of YouCast Corporation.

Army to report Record number of Suicides

via CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. Army will report Thursday the highest level of suicides among its soldiers since it began tracking the rate 28 years ago, CNN has learned.army_gi

Statistics obtained by CNN show the Army will report 128 confirmed suicides last year and another 15 suspected suicides in cases under investigation among active-duty soldiers and activated National Guard and reserves.

The confirmed rate of suicides for the Army was 20.2 per 100,000. Army officials were reviewing the suspected suicides Wednesday. If any of them are confirmed, the rate would rise.

Last month, Army officials said the nation’s suicide rate was 19.5 people per 100,000, a 2005 figure considered the most recent.

Military officials have long said it is difficult to compare the military suicide rate with that of the private sector because of demographic differences and overall human stress factors. Another factor is that military suicides tend to be committed by young men with access to weapons. Continue reading

Dems Start Petition Against Limbaugh


via CNN

(CNN) – In a bid to capitalize on Rush Limbaugh’s recent comment that he hopes President Obama “fails,” national Democrats launched a petition drive Wednesday taking direct aim at the conservative radio host. “Jobs, health care, our place in the world — the stakes for our nation are high and every American needs President Obama to succeed,” says the petition, sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Stand strong against Rush Limbaugh’s Attacks — sign our petition, telling Rush what you think of his attacks on President Obama.” Continue reading

Scientists Not So Sure ‘Doomsday Machine’ Won’t Destroy World


via FoxNews

“We conclude that … the growth of black holes to catastrophic size does not seem possible. Nonetheless, it remains true that the expected decay times are much longer (and possibly >> 1 second) than is typically predicted by other models,” the three state in a brief paper posted at the scientific discussion Web site can think of a few other things that didn’t seem possible once — the theory of continental drift, the fact that rocks fall from the sky, the notion that the Earth revolves around the sun, the idea that scientists could be horribly wrong.

We’re also wondering how often the LHC might create individual black holes, since longer-lived ones have a greater chance of merging with each other, and, um, well, see ya.

If the worst comes to pass, and there’s now a slightly greater chance that it might, at least it might explain why we’ve never heard from extraterrestrial civilizations: Maybe they built Large Hadron Colliders of their own.

Still worried that the Large Hadron Collider will create a black hole that will destroy the Earth when it’s finally switched on this summer?

Um, well, you may have a point.

Three physicists have reexamined the math surrounding the creation of microscopic black holes in the Switzerland-based LHC, the world’s largest particle collider, and determined that they won’t simply evaporate in a millisecond as had previously been predicted.

Rather, Roberto Casadio of the University of Bologna in Italy and Sergio Fabi and Benjamin Harms of the University of Alabama say mini black holes could exist for much longer — perhaps even more than a second, a relative eternity in particle colliders, where most objects decay much faster.

Under such long-lived conditions, it becomes a race between how fast a black hole can decay — and how fast it can gobble up matter to grow bigger and prevent itself from decaying. Continue reading

[video] ABC NEWS Reports on 2012 Theories & Preparations

ABC NEWS covers a man that is supposedly the foremost expert on the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. I would expect that being their is less than roughly four years to go, that you will be getting bombarded by these theories and prophecies until they have managed to commercialize an upgraded Y2K phenom around it. Gotta love capitalism…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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‘Leading Artist Say Obama Makes Room For New Black Superheroes’


via FoxNews asked leading artists, authors and editors in the comic book industry about the absence of black superheroes and the impact President Obama may have.

Here’s what they had to say: Jerry Craft, creator of the “Mama’s Boyz” comic strip: “Without people like Oprah Winfrey coming into America’s homes there would be no Barack Obama. Because of people like her and Denzel Washington and Will Smith, America realized that they can let us into their homes and not have to worry about us stealing their TVs.” Spike, creator of the “Templar, Arizona” series: “I think it’s a mistake to market any character, new or old, as ‘the black superhero.’

If you want to draw parallels, consider Obama. He never ran as ‘the black candidate,’ and he hasn’t got any interest in being ’the black president.’ His skin color is incidental to his identity and motivations, not the core of them.” Zuri Stanback, creator and artist of the “Epiphany Park” series: “In general, having a black president will help continue the destruction of negative black stereotypes. There will be an increased desire to have more accurate depictions of the diversity, values and intellect that exist within our community. We are not just a collection of singers, dancers, athletes and thugs, and that will be better reflected in mainstream pop culture in the near future.” Continue reading