[video] Rock Group ‘The Anix’ Shoots First Music Video on iPhone 4


Nice job. Probably won’t make my everyday playlist but nice job with the iPhone 4.

The Anix – Enemy Eyes Official Music Video

via brandonanix

We filmed this entire video using only one iphone 4, literally minutes after taking it out of the box. All we had were tri-pods that we would tape the phone to or anything we could use to keep the phone steady. The song was recorded using Logic 9, on a MacBook Pro i7. As a disclaimer, this was my first attempt at editing/shooting a video, so if it looks like I have no clue what I am doing, you are right.

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[video] Feds arrest 10 accused of being Russian agents

Washington (CNN) — Less than a week after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the United States, the Justice Department announced Monday that 10 people were arrested on charges of being Russian agents involved in a long-term mission in the country. Another suspect was still being sought.Five of the arrested suspects appeared in a New York courtroom Monday. Four of the five, including a longtime U.S.-based columnist for the Spanish-language “El Diario” newspaper, were advised of their rights and ordered held due to flight risk, with their next hearing scheduled for July 1.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Exclusive] Custom Los Angeles Kings Pinstripes New Era Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks just dropped this Custom Los Angeles Kings Pinstripes New Era Fitted which includes the oh so popular green underbill. This fitted is all black with white pinstripes. The embroidered Los Angeles Kings logo on the front of the hat is done in grey. The top of the bill is in grey with the bottom of the bill in Green. The back of the has has the embroidered n.h.l. logo in all black. It is limited to only 30 total pieces. Go get yours only and exclusively atwww.rocknjocks.com Also be sure to get all of your Rock-N-Jocks updates on twitter atwww.twitter.com/rocknjocks and facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Canton-OH/Rocknjocks/123830674296579

G-20 Leaders Promise to Cut Global Deficit

Why does it seem that Blacks are always absent from the G-20 protests? The secretive 2 day meeting is over and all were concerned about  is Kanye and Chris Brown’s performance at the BET Awards.

(NEWSER) – The leaders of the Group of 20 nations wrapped up their 2-day summit today in Toronto, striking an agreement to reduce deficits over the next 3 to 6 years without endangering the global economic rebound. The major economic powers vowed to cut their deficits in half by 2013 and “stabilize” debt by 2016 while saying the reductions would be “carefully calibrated to sustain the recovery,” reports the Washington Post.

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Did Souljah Boy Delete His Twitter Account Over #IfSouljaBoysARapper Trending Topic?

(Just due to the fact that he had over 2 million followers makes this a story).

The debate about celebrities using Twitter has been chronicled in a bunch of different articles that have examined the pros and cons of the social network. Many celebs feels that this is away to stay connected directly with their fans. But it also has gotten plenty of celebs in serious beefs, disputes, and problems due to the frank nature of the discussions. Miley Cyrus, John Mayer, Chris Brown, and The Dream are just a few celebs who have deleted their Twitter accounts over things they have said that caused a bunch of bad press. Now it seems that rap star Souljah Boy has joined this group in the last day or so.

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In this photo obtained by the Associated Press on June 23, 2010, Jamaican alleged drug gang leader Christopher "Dudus" Coke is fitted with a helmet moments after his arrest at an undisclosed location. (AP Photo)

Will be interesting to see exactly what they have on this guy, cause we really have not heard too many details on his alleged crimes.

(NEWSER) – Jamaican authorities have handed over accused drug lord Christopher Coke to the US government,ABC News reports.

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Parents try to sell baby at Walmart

This has definitely been the year of the bad parent, we have seen all type of people doing pretty stupid things to their innocent kids and this probably takes the cake.

via Newser

A California couple have been arrested for allegedly trying to sell their baby to Wal-Mart shoppers for the bargain price of $25. Police say Patrick Fousek, 38, offered his 6-month-old daughter to two women outside the Salinas store, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The women called authorities when they realized Fousek wasn’t joking.

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[video] iPhone 4 Drops Calls when Left Corner is Touched

Insanley Great Mac:

This is weird. Touching the lower left corner of the iPhone 4 consistently drops calls. I’ve been testing this all night and here’s a replication on video. The test was performed four times, but it could have been 40. Whether the palm of the and, should, neck, or any body part results in quickly dropping the call. This does not appear to affect the iPhone 3GS, which was tested with the iPhone 4.


Michael Jackson Estate Rakin’ In The Dough

The numbers made in the last year off of the ‘King of Pop’ are just staggering to say the least. Read the detailed report below:

via Huff Post

A kingdom that was on the verge of collapse from more than $500 million in debt now looks to be able to support his three children and his mother and donate healthily to children’s charities.

The estate has earned more than $250 million in the year since he died. Executors used some of that to pay off $70 million in debt, including the $5 million mortgage on the Jackson family compound in Encino, part of Los Angeles. The interest payments on the remaining debt are now covered by a steady flow of cash.

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[pics] WTF happened to Lauren Hill (96-2010)

WTF happened to Lauren Hill? is a question many have asked over the years and it seems that no one has answer. Some recent footage of her singing(quite well) at some festival in Cali surfaced a few days ago but the way she dresses and acts still remains a mystery. People from all over have been feigning for a comeback but it looks like we have seen the best from this remarkable actor, songwriter, rapper, and singer. I cannot take any credit for gathering these pics that goes to Buzzfeed blooger Matt Sopera who compiled this timeline with the question we all have been wondering What Happened to Lauren Hill? Hit the jump to see this unbelievable transformation of Lauren Hill.