Jennifer Hudson Starts Foundation For Families Of Murder Victims, More Details Emerge In Nephew’s Death

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A week since the tragic loss of her family, Jennifer Hudson has created the Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims which will aim to benefit relatives of murder victims.According to People, the Hudson family will go forward with the project to help provide assistance to people with the most vital needs in addition to emotional guidance.

“The specific purpose of the Foundation is to care for the needs of families who have lost relatives to a violent crime,” she wrote in a statement. “This encompasses their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter as well as grief counseling.”

Based out of New York, the foundation will pay tribute to the memory of Hudson’s slain mother, Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and seven year-old nephew Julian King. Continue reading

[video] Jay-Z: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

Alan Yentob explores the life and work of the chart topping rapper and multi-millionaire business mogul Jay-Z.

Over the last six months, Alan has accompanied Jay-Z through key moments in his career, including the media frenzy and build-up to his triumphant headline gig at Glastonbury. Jay-Z gives an exclusive insight into his world, with backstage access to his concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, where Alan rubs shoulders with the stars and meets some of Jay-Z’s friends – including Chris Martin and P Diddy.

Jay-Z’s other passions extend beyond music, to modern art, architecture, politics, sports and fashion. He’s listed along with his partner Beyonce Knowles as one of the most powerful celebrity couples in the world. Contains very strong language.

Link: Imagine… Jay-Z: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

[Op-Ed]: The Rise of the Hip Hop Blogs

Below is an excerpt from a story posted on HipHopDX about the growing influence of the blogosphere and the realization that these entities are now at the forefront of music, christened as “Digital A&R’s.”  The excerp below is about the significant impact of Nah Right and his undaunting dedication to pushing blogs into the stratosphere of CyberSpace.

To even be a novice reader or Internet rap consumer, Eskay’s name holds weight. The self-proclaimed “king of all bloggers” celebrates his hard work, but the 30 year-old Yonkers, New York native is quite humble in his commitment to Hip Hop.

Although it competes with any online Hip Hop magazine with its traffic, [click here], like the Internet itself, began as intended for a small circle. “I started it as a way to aggregate content in one place for my friends. I was always the dudes out of my crew that had the latest mixtapes, the latest songs or MP3s; I knew whatever was poppin’ in Hip Hop,” says Eskay, who adds, “Starting the site was my way of bringing that conversation online.

With over 50 posts a day at times, Eskay’s built his kingdom on hard work. Audio, video and a reader’s digest of what’s happening in Hip Hop, the creator knows his strengths. “There’s a lot of blogs that’ll take a day off; I try to never take a day off. I constantly update through the day and the night – if it means being up till four in the morning, then that’s what it is,” he says, citing consistency as his key to success.
Having started in May, 2005, NahRight may be a driving force for new media departments everywhere. “I think in the last year, labels really started to understand how important the blogs were and how many people we reach. But I feel like the respect still isn’t there,” reveals Eskay. And NahRight lashes back, doing what many magazines, both print and online, cannot – he ignores. “I feel like some labels think individual bloggers are just a promotional vehicle for them. Everything I post on NahRight has to be either something I feel strongly about or something that I feel will appeal to my readership in some way – it’ll spark conversation. It might even be a song that’s wack, but because of the subject matter, it’ll spark conversation.” And whether it’s support of the unsigned, or tongue-in-cheek commentary on rap superstars, Eskay’s subjective opinion comes at a time when media sources seemingly drink the Koolaid of what’s good anymore. “Me, I’m not doing a Yung Joc feature no matter what happens,” says Eskay with a laugh. The power is back in the hands of the people. Whether or not you can impress a program director at a station or network, or an A&R doesn’t matter, all you need is the ear and support of one of the new few.

CLICK [HERE] for the rest of the story.

RZA To Co-Produce The Last Dragon Remake

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Reuters reports RZA [click to read] and Dallas Jackson are co-producing a remake of Berry Gordy’s cult classic martial arts film, The Last Dragon. Few details have emerged thus far, but Samuel L. Jackson has confirmed he will reprise the part of Sho’nuff the Shogun of Harlem. Dallas Jackson, whose previous film works include production on I, Robot and Norbit, is currently writing the script.

“I’m a huge fan of the original and look forward to bringing Sho’Nuff into the 21st century,” says Jackson.

The as-yet-untitled project will be included as part of Motowns 50th anniversary next year. After its release in 1985, the original Last Dragon grossed nearly $26 million. There is currently no word on if RZA will score the film as well. The Wu-Tang Clan’s primary beatsmith has previously scored Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and also Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai. RZA and Samuel L. Jackson will also be working on the sequel to the Anime movie Afro Samurai, which is expected to be released in 2009.

Voting Machines Could Bring Election Day Glitches

How ironic would it be, as we stand at the cusp of ushering in a historic moment in time, that Senator Obama, a Silicon Valley favorite, would fall victim to flawed machinery.  The Republicans have a fool-proofed method of how to go about winning elections in this new-age of technological electioneering.  They are a little too complacent for me, gotta watch those madmen, especially in airtight races.  Problems are arising already with these faulty machines, with no remedy in site and since these machines leave no paper trail (shout out to TIP!) it leaves one wondering what a nail-biter will look like on the morning of November the 5th (shout of to V for Vendetta!).  This is not above Republicans, my friends, they have deployed soldiers and police in anticipation of unrest, so there is obviously something being planned.  Think I’m fear-mongering? Well, check this out

via CNN

(CNN) — Eight years after Florida’s hanging chads exasperated voters and helped usher in sweeping changes in voting technology, many election observers remain concerned about the accuracy of the electronic voting systems most Americans will use November 4.

Touch-screen machines can occasionally fail or register votes for unintended candidates. Optical-scan systems can have trouble reading paper ballots that are too long or marked with the wrong ink. At least one study suggests that electronic voting machines can be easily hacked.

And some 9 million voters, including many in the battleground states of Ohio and Florida, will use equipment that has changed since March, increasing concerns about errors next Tuesday.

“You can be almost certain that there will be irregularities in some places around the country,” said Rep. Rush Holt, D-New Jersey. “The problem now is that roughly a third of voters nationwide will use unverifiable electronic machines. So if there are uncertainties, there will be no way to resolve them.”

With early voting under way in 31 states, these problems have already surfaced. In recent weeks, voters in West Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas have reported that touch-screen machines registered their votes, at least initially, for the wrong candidate or party. Video Watch video about voting-machine concerns »

This scenario even turns up in Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons,” already leaked on the Internet, in which Homer’s electronic vote for Barack Obama is recorded for John McCain by a sinister machine that then devours him. Continue reading

Baby Announces Upcoming Flick With Lil’ Wayne, “Like Father, Like Son”

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Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams has announced plans to release an upcoming film starring himself and Lil’ Wayne called Like Father, Like Son by next summer.Speaking with New York’s Power 105.1 FM radio personalities Ed Lover and Free backstage at the station’s mega Powerhouse concert last night, Baby revealed a forthcoming film set to star the two rappers.

“Me and Wayne just finished this movie, Like Father, Like Son, that’s coming out in June and the album coming out at the same time,” Baby told Free. “That’s what we do. Just me being myself. I just wanted to, it’s something we wanted to fund. It’s ours.”

While not giving away too many details, he hinted at the movie’s plot along with basing it out of their hometown.

“So, it’s really what it is, like father, like son,” Baby added. “Normal day growing up in New Orleans, you know. Hood rich.”

Performing at the event, Weezy also spoke with Free discussing the status of Tha Carter 4 and confirming rumors about a forthcoming Tha Carter 3 re-release album. Continue reading

[video] Corey Gunz on FORBES DVD

Forbes DVD gets a fresh interview from one of the hottest spitters in the game right now. Fresh off his XXL cover, Cory has been able to capitalize on the newfound steam by BODYIN the BET freestyle cypher and DJ Enuff’s live radio show with Red Cafe. Keep ya eye’s peeled for the Young Gunna! Shout out to Doggy Diamonds!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here goes Cory and Red stretching out on Enuff’s show…

9 BMF Members Sentenced To Prison Time, Rapper Bleu DaVinci Gets 5 Years

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Nine members of famed criminal organization the Black Mafia Family (BMF) were sentenced to prison time in Atlanta yesterday (October 29) for their role in the massive cocaine and crack distribution throughout the nation’s biggest cities.According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, nine BMF individuals were handed sentences ranging from at least four years to over 16 1/2 behind bars. Upon their release, each one will immediately be placed on probation.

Requesting U.S. District Judge Orinda Evans for enrollment in an intensive drug program in prison to help reduce their time, along with apologizing to the families they have affected, the group were given their terms for over nine hours in court.

Beginning in the 80s by brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory by selling drugs in Detroit schools and later expanding throughout Los Angeles and Atlanta. BMF took a legitimate role in hip-hop around 2000 setting up their label, Black Mafia Family Entertainment, and their flagship artist, Bleu DaVinci (born Barima McKnight). Continue reading

If Iraqis Could Vote in US Election They’d Elect McCain

Oh, and I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale…

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For five years Ali and Mohammed have lived alongside US soldiers in their Baghdad neighbourhood near Rasheed Street, a prominent commercial artery running through the heart of the Iraqi capital.

During that time American culture and politics have become familiar to them, and they say that if they could, they would vote for Republican candidate John McCain in next week’s US presidential election.

“McCain would be best for Iraq because he would ensure stability,” said Ali, 66, an expert on the Sumerian era.

The personal qualities and political platforms of McCain and his Democrat rival Barack Obama are of little import to Ali, however. His focus is on Iraq and its neighbours such as Iran.

“The Iranians believe that if Obama is elected he will not take action against them despite their nuclear ambitions. That worries me,” said Ali, sitting on an old bench in Al-Zahawi coffee shop.

“If the Iranians get the bomb they will become the Tarzan of the region,” said the former teacher and lecturer at the University of Baghdad, referring to the vine-swinging strongman of the jungle in old Hollywood movies. Continue reading

The Bloodline of Sarah Palin

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is distantly related to the late Princess Diana and late U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, genealogy experts said on Wednesday.

The governor of Alaska and the princess are tenth cousins, while Palin and Roosevelt are ninth cousins once removed, said, online genealogists based in Provo, Utah.

The genealogical connections are not the first to gain attention in the U.S. presidential campaign. Last year, Lynne Cheney said she found while tracing her family roots that her husband Vice President Dick Cheney was a distant cousin of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Other researchers discovered Obama is distant cousins with actor Brad Pitt.

“When you’ve got candidates who have deep roots in America, there’s a good chance that they’re going to have some famous cousins,” said’s chief family historian Megan Smolenyak. Continue reading

Nintendo Says Gamers Are Still Playing

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Consumers are continuing to buy video games despite the financial crisis, Nintendo said on Thursday, but the world’s largest maker of game consoles still cut its earnings forecast as the strong yen eats into the profits of Japanese exporters.

Nintendo, which leads rivals Sony and Microsoft in the sale of this generation of video game machines, said that even in the last few weeks as the world realised the severity of the economic downturn, sales remained strong. It reported first-half operating profits of Y252bn ($2.6bn), up 34 per cent on last year, and raised its sales forecast for the Wii console by 1m to 27.5m units. It cut this year’s net income forecast by 16 per cent to Y345bn, however.

Nintendo’s resilience supports the theory that consumers will turn to cheap, stay-at-home entertainment such as video games in a weak economy, but it also shows that even Japan’s most successful exporters are suffering from the yen’s strength.

The success of the DS handheld console and Wii home console has turned Nintendo into Japan’s biggest electronics company by market value. Both hit products are based on innovative user interfaces: DS games are controlled with a touch screen, while the Wii controller can measure physical movements by the player. Continue reading

Self-Censorship Hits Big Bucks Videogames Over Religion

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Violence may still be rife in the world of videogames, but when it comes to religion, caution remains the watchword in the big bucks business.

Sony’s decision this month to delay one of the most anticipated games in the history of PlayStation, LittleBigPlanet, to avoid offending Muslims, is the latest sign that videogame-makers are playing prudence when it comes to religion.

LittleBigPlanet, which has received rave reviews, is finally being released next week after a fortnight-long delay because of concerns that a track in the background music might be found offensive.

As copies began to be shipped off to distributors, game developers woke up to the potential for trouble following a post on a Sony public Internet forum stating that a song by Mali artist Toumani Diabate included two expressions from the Koran that could cause offence.

The forum user, who identified himself as “yasser”, said “Muslims consider the mixing of music and words from our Holy Quran deeply offending (sic).”

Responding on the game’s website, Sony said: “We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologise for any offence this may have caused.” Continue reading

Comic Book “Preacher” Gets Feature Film Nod

and another one…

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British director Sam Mendes, Oscar-winner for the 1999 hit “American Beauty,” will plunge into the world of fantasy with an adaptation of the comic book “Preacher,” the Hollywood media reported Thursday.

Columbia Pictures acquired the rights to the “Preacher” comics, and has recruited Mendes to make a film version about preacher Jesse Custer, possessed by a supernatural being named Genesis — the son of an angel and the devil.

In the comics Custer crosses the American landscape trying to find God, accompanied by an ex-girlfriend and an alcoholic vampire.

Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Steve Dillon, the “Preacher” series ran for 66 monthly issues in the 1990s.

Mendes is coming off the success of the award-winning 2002 drama “Road to Perdition” and the 2005 Desert Storm war film “Jarhead.”



Exxon Posts Profit of $14.83 Billion in a Quarter, Largest EVER

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US oil giant ExxonMobil shook off economic troubles and hurricanes to post a record third-quarter profit of 14.83 billion dollars, up 58 percent from a year ago, the company said Thursday.

The latest report pushed up profits for the first nine months of 2008 to 37.4 billion dollars, putting the biggest oil and gas company toward another record year for earnings.

The results translated to a profit of 2.86 dollars per share, or 2.59 dollars excluding special items, ahead of market expectations of 2.39 dollars. Continue reading

Does “Racial Politics” Make for Good Humor?

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As Barack Obama closes in on his bid to become the first African-American US president, racial politics have burst into mainstream media with the release this month of two “news” shows anchored by black comedians.

But while some applaud the emergence of minority viewpoints in prime time, others worry that even in jest, the negative stereotypes show just how little has changed when it comes to racism in America.

On the debut of “Chocolate News,” a half-hour sketch show on the Comedy Central cable channel, comedian David Alan Grier wasted no time joking about Obama’s mixed race heritage.

“Would I like a black-black president? Well, of course,” exclaimed Grier.

“I want can’t-catch-a-cab-in-Manhattan black,” he said. “So black that when he steps on the floor of the United Nations, foreign leaders say, ‘Oh no, not this motherfucker.’

“But until that day, half will have to do. And to the white folks who still can’t bring themselves to pull that lever? Just vote for the white half.”

Grier, 53, came up with the idea for the show more than a year ago, after seeing Jon Stewart, the host of the Daily Show, get an uncomfortable response when he tried to make a joke about Obama. Continue reading

SOHH Exclusive: Hot 97’s “Check The Rhyme” Concert W/ 50 Cent & T-Pain Called Off

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SOHH has learned Hot 97’s highly-anticipated one-night “Check The Rhyme” concert next month has been cancelled.With a star-studded line-up of guests including 50 Cent, T-Pain, Slick Rick, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and others, a rep for the NEw York based radio station spoke with SOHH to reveal the event’s cancellation.

“‘Check The Rhyme’ is cancelled,” the rep told SOHH. “It was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with the artists.”

Claiming they were “not sure” or “at liberty to say” whether the concert would be re-scheduled, the rep promised all fans who purchased tickets would be taken care of.

“If they go to ticketmaster they will definitely be refunded.”

As previously reported by SOHH, the event was going to be hosted by Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex and highlighted with legendary hip-hop icon Kool DJ Red Alert behind the turntables and Video Music Box’s Ralph McDaniels both celebrating 25 years of hip-hop achievements.

Other billed performers included Q-Tip, Brandy and Doug E Fresh.

Ice Cube Signs On For NBC Cop Comedy

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Ice Cube will be returning to television to help pen an upcoming police comedy series for NBC.According to Variety, the rapper-turned-mega actor will both write and executive produce an untitled show aiming to offer the major network something different to help compete with TV ratings.

“As we continue to expand our roster of diverse talent both on-camera and behind the camera, a guy like Ice Cube, whose multi-talented, is someone we really wanted to be in business with,” NBC entertainment chairman Ben Silverman told Variety. “He’s had an amazing career, to have gone from NWA to this.”

While his role on the project is off-camera, the executive would not mind if Cube offered some on-screen time in the process. Continue reading

[pics] Jay Z & Lebron Give Slam Dunk Concert for Obama

I have never seen such support for one man to win in my entire life. It appears that the world’s hope and promise is on Obama. The pressures he faces would certainly crush the average joe. I think he wins by default no matter what the results are come Nov. 4th. The turnout will be record breaking and the young people in this country will set this country on a different course. I have officially drunk the kool-aid. Don’t f..this up Obama!!

LEVELAND (AP) – On his home court, LeBron James tried to swing some votes toward a guy who loves to play basketball nearly as much as he does.The NBA superstar hosted a free concert Wednesday night by Grammy-winning hip hop star Jay-Z for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, a former high school hoop star who still enjoys lacing up his sneakers and playing ball when he isn’t on the campaign trail.

Continue reading

Husdon Murder Weapon May Have Been Found

via Chicago-Sun Times

A promising lead surfaced Wednesday when Chicago Police found a gun in a rubbish-strewn lot just down the street from where the nephew of Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson was found shot to death in an SUV on Monday, authorities said.

The gun was found about 1:30 p.m. in a lot on 14th Street between Kildare and Kolin by three probationary officers during a search of the area near where the body of 7-year-old Julian King was found in a white Chevy Suburban.

Continue reading

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It’s something you can’t get on the Roku. Nor on LG’s BD300. Nor on Samsung’s P2500 / P2550 Blu-ray players. Nor through Netflix’s own “Watch Instantly” portal. It’s high-def Netflix streaming, and it’s coming first to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Just in case you glossed over this massively huge tidbit when digesting the new dashboard information this morning, we’re here to remind you that when the aforesaid dash hits on November 19th, with it will come HD Netflix streaming for (US-based, presumably) Xbox Live Gold members. You should know that this is only a “soft launch” with about 300 titles available for now, and the litany of details you’re surely craving simply aren’t available at present time. At any rate, we’d say things just got a lot more interesting in the world of digital downloads, but there’s really no need. The real question is: when will everyone else follow suit, and how quickly can we expect current Netflix streamers to get the HD upgrade?

Update: We’re hearing this whole HD Netflix streaming thing may actually hit all those other boxes in late November as well. Guess we’ll see in time, huh?

MySpace and Facebook Make Workers More Productive, Study Finds

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We’ve heard before that letting employees access personal e-mail and other non-work related Web sites can actually be good for productivity. A new study out of British think-tank Demos takes that a step further and suggests that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace might actually be good for business.

The general thrust of the report’s argument is that social networking sites are an indispensable part of relationship building and can help employees connect with clients and coworkers. Peter Bradwell, the author of the report, told Reuters that sites like Facebook can increase workplace efficiency and creativity, but that practical guidelines should be put in place to limit their use in the work place.

Bradwell’s logic seems pretty solid, or would if it wasn’t for the fact that we have a hard time believing employees won’t spend half their time distracted by weepy emo-girls and leaving comments for friends like “OMG! you were so drunk last night!”

Still looking for a way to justify a site like Facebook for business purposes? Check out this list of five Facebook apps for the office. [From: Reuters]

DARPA Contract Sets its Sights on Autonomous, Gear Carrying Robots

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The Pentagon’s all-too-lifelike four-legged robot may be about to get a whole lot bigger, stronger, smarter and tougher to slow down.

Already, the BigDog quadruped machine can carry more than 300 pounds, walk around for nearly 13 miles on flat ground and keep its balance after getting kicked around. In other words, it’s a pretty decent prototype for a machine that could help carry soldiers’ gear when they’re out on a mission.

Now Darpa wants an upgraded bot that can lug 400 pounds on its back, trot for 20 miles in any terrain, and carry enough gas for an entire day’s operation. The agency is calling it a generic “Legged Squad Support System,” or L3. But it’s pretty obvious that the machine Darpa has in mind is “BigDog on steroids,” as one knowledgeable observer puts it. And unlike the typical Darpa project, this upgrade shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, our observer says.

But there will definitely be challenges. Throw in the added carrying capacity and the extra weight of gas, and the L3 is supposed to bulk up to 1250 pounds. All the extra weight will make it harder for the bot to get up, once it trips. Darpa also wants the machine to run quietly. Right now, the BigDog is one loud ol’ beast.

The machine will have to be able to sprint at a 10 mile-per-hour pace in 120-degree heat, climb stairs, slosh through water and squat on standby in the rain or snow for most of the day. The agency is looking for a smarter quadruped, too. No more joystick controls, Darpa says. The L3 should be able to follow a soldier around, navigate by GPS waypoints and respond to speech or gesture commands. Using laser sensors, the current BigDog did follow a human around for a 10-mile walk. But the path was basically clear. The new model will have to pick its way through all kinds of obstacles.

[video] Obama’s Half-Hour Special

T.I. needs to take a tip from Obama. The Chicago Senator’s 30-minute special hasn’t even been off of T.V. for an hour and already it is available on YouTube, whereas the internet police are patrolling the web for bad bloggers that are “illegally” posting T.I.’s new video for “Live Your Life.”  Oh, did I mention that the f*cking video is available for embedding over at Worldstar.  Obama will forever be known as both the Hip Hop President and the candidate who revolutionized how you utilize the net as a social tool.  Hip Hop needs to take a note from the Hip Hop Prez on how to run a campaign. 

Dr. Dre Sues Friend For $100,000

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Dr. Dre has filed a lawsuit against Bruce Williams [click to read], author of Rollin’ With Dre: The Unauthorized Account: An Insider’s Tale of the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of West Coast Hip Hop for a sum of $101,377.85.

According to, Dre alleges that he loaned Williams the money, which was never returned.

Williams released the book last march, which detailed his life working alongside the Hip Hop producer. He was described as Dr. Dre’s go-to guy for over 16 years. The book touches on Dre’s personal and professional life, as well as describing some of the more mysterious events in Hip Hop, such as Death Row’s internal operations.

It is, at this point, unclear what Dre’s alleged loan was for ; in Williams’ book, he details a falling out with the

Notorious B.I.G. Documentary Due In January

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On the heels of the motion picture release of Notorious, comes an inside look at the “real” Christopher Wallace in the documentary Biggie Small: Rap Phenomenon. The uncut documentary will come straight to DVD and include home video from Biggie’s close friend D-Roc as well as unseen interviews.

Stephen Bolles, Media Director of Gold Dust Media said this documentary offers a new perspective on the late Hip Hop Icon. “There are a lot of documentaries dealing with the drama of [Biggie’s] life or his beef with the west coast, but this documentary offers an inside look at the real Biggie, on and off stage.

The documentary features interviews with Biggie as well as appearances by D-Roc, Diddy, Lil Kim, Lil Cease, Jay-Z, L.O.X., Damon Dash, DJ Enuff and Datwon Thomas.

Mr. Bolles said the film offers a complimentary look to Biggie compared to the upcoming motion picture Notorious. “[That film] is the Hollywood take on Biggie‘s life, whereas [Biggie Small: Rap Phenomenon] is the raw footage; it’s like the two sides of a coin.

The DVD will also offer insight into Biggie’s dreams and aspirations as interviews delve into more personal subject matter,Mr. Bolles said.

Biggie Small: Rap Phenomenon is produced by Biggie’s close friend Damion Butler, known to some as D-Roc and directed by April Maiya. The film hits stores January 27, 2009 on Gold Dust Media.

[video] More Redneck Racism at McCain Rally… “Bomb Obama” chants

I dare any of you to say that racism does not exist in this country in these hick towns. These people are light years away from reality and are blaming Obama for what their own government did to them. When will these rednecks wake up and realize that they need to look at the real causes of problems in this country and across the world.

My question is why are these mofos not being arrested for threats against Obama?

Hudson suspect could have had parole revoked

Once again we send our regards to the Hudson and King family.

via Breitbart

CHICAGO (AP) – Busted for what police said was a rock of cocaine on the driver’s seat of his car, William Balfour could have been spending the past few months behind bars for a parole violation.The 27-year-old felon was instead allowed to remain free and is now considered a suspect in the deaths of Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.

On the day the victims were fatally shot and the young boy went missing, Balfour told his parole agent he had missed a meeting because he was baby-sitting, records show.

By midnight, investigators involved in a frantic search for 7-year-old Julian King had contacted parole officials and requested emergency addresses, visitor lists, telephone numbers and “anything further” connected to Balfour, according to documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

No one has been charged in the killings. An Amber Alert issued on Friday named Balfour as a suspect in the deaths of Hudson’s mother, 57-year-old Darnell Donerson, and brother, 29-year-old Jason Hudson. Julian, Balfour’s stepson, was found Monday shot to death in the back of an SUV on Chicago’s West Side.

The Illinois Department of Corrections issued a warrant for Balfour on Saturday for violating terms of his parole by possessing a weapon and failing to attend anger management counseling and a substance abuse program, according to his parole report.

Continue reading

Jadakiss Kisses Title of Album Goodbye

via SOHH
D-Block‘s Jadakiss has decided to change the title of his long-awaited album to The Last Kiss after receiving negative feedback from retailers.
In a recent video Jada confirms the rumors on being forced to change the project’s original title Kiss My Ass.

“I had to change the name of my album. Kiss My Ass wasn’t testing well at retail,” he admitted. “Not even with the exclamations or none of that. So we had to switch it to The Last Kiss.”

With the new name in effect, Jada also revealed the overwhelming concern people had on him possibly retiring.

“Some people asked me is it my last album, nah, it’s just, the first album was Kiss The Game Good-Bye, the second one was The Kiss of Death so this one was The Last Kiss,” Jada explained. “It’s the closing of a trilogy. It’s the last time I’m going to name one of my albums, it’s the last time “Kiss” is going to be in the album titles.”

While corporate America may have made the raspy rapper change the forthcoming disc’s title, Jada still plans on using the original title on another format. Continue reading

M.O.P. Tells WWE and John Cena to “ANTE UP”

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Hip-Hop group M.O.P have filed a lawsuit against the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and wrestler John Cena for $150,000 claiming his theme song “Time Is Now” samples one of their tracks.According to TMZ, Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze allege the organization had unauthorized permission to use elements of their 2000 smash hit “Ante Up” and used a receptionist to sign off on the license. While not sampling the entire piece, M.O.P claim a distinct phrase is unlawfully used in Cena’s theme song.

“The Infringing Work includes a distinctive ‘freestyle’ rap — ‘BRRR Abado’ that has been sampled from the Infringed Work and is clearly repeated three times in the Infringing Work, at the introduction, the second chorus, and the third chorus,” the lawsuit reads. “Upon information and belief, in or about April, 2005, defendants, WWE and Cena commenced using the Infringing Work as defendant Cena’s ‘theme’ and licensed the Infringing Work to various third parties including SONY, among others.” Continue reading

T-Pain Becomes Spokesman for Hyundai

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Hyundai has always been known for their cheap but efficient cars with that bulletproof service and mileage warranty (yes I know way too much about Hyudais). In an effort to change their image from conservative and safe, Hyundai is entering the luxury market with the Genesis sedan and is enlisting T-Pain to help turn the Genesis into the next Chrysler 300 for the urban community.

As a publicity stunt, Hyundai has teamed up with Apple and T-Pain to create the Digital Genesis model which will be unveiled at events across the country, and will include music all from T-Pain’s next album “Thr33 Ringz.” These events will also include promo material such as iTunes cards redeemable for T-Pain music. The Digital Genesis will come packed with Apple gear including two Mac minis, Macbook Air, an iPod Touch, iPhone and two wireless keyboards that slide out of the rear of the front seats. This way all five people in your Genesis can be using their own computer at the same time. The normal version of the Genesis of course will not come with any Apple gear but is way less likely to get stolen.

T.I. Asked to Remix NBC Jingle

via Woooha

According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has asked T.I. to remake their famed NBC jingle in a rebranding and promotional effort. As part of the promotion, NBC has also asked artists such as The Flaming Lips, BB King and Clint Black to all make their own versions as well. T.I. is of course reppin’ the hip-hop scene and filmed promotional videos for NBC not too long ago. The promos of T.I. and his collaboration will start airing around Thanksgiving.