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Dip Set vs Soccer Moms

 Customers looking to get their hands on Hannah Montana got the shock of their lives when they popped in their purchased CD and heard Juelz Santana.  Somehow, someway the Diplomats ended up on copies of Disney distributed Disney Channel Hits.  The shoppers who said they purchased the CD’s in Toys R’ Us say they object to the profanity and subject matter in Dip Set’s music and this was totally unsuitable for little Becky and Peggy Sue.  At press time Disney hasn’t returned any calls for comment…we’ll keep you posted! 

Spinning into the Record Books

headspin.jpgThe Guiness record for headspins is in jeopardy, by the same 18 year old who set last year.  Japanese hip hop enthusiast Ono “Spinboy” Aichi set the record last in Germany with 88 spins in under a minute then one-upped himself in September by posting 101 spins in 60 seconds besting the previous record which was 62 spins, set by a Swiss dancer.  His goal this Sunday (Dec. 30) is 130!  Thats a little over two rotations a second.  When asked what inspired him to get his spin on, he replied:

“I was 12 years old,” Ono said. “I saw someone doing headspins and thought it was fun so I tried doing that at home.” But it took him five months before he managed his first headspin.“I like how my vision is different when my body is upside down doing headspins. I can see everything around me, and the things and lights look more beautiful that way,” he said.

To read the full article click HERE

Nas- It Was Written…In His Own Words


        (From the archive vaults of 4Korners News)                

Pt. 2      Pt.3     Pt.4      Pt.5

In more ways than one, Hip Hop falls under the influence of the Sun, Moon and Stars.  And like those planets that rotate around our central Sun, the stars in Hip Hop go through seasons and cycles. 

On Earth those seasons and cycles are divided into four units: Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.  For artists, that translates into Hot to Death, Lukewarm (so-so), Suspect and Cold as Ice! 

In the span of Nasir Jones illustrious career, fans have argued hes passed through all of these phases, only to arrive back at the point of origin: as HOT as Gods Sun (360 degrees of rotation).  On the dawn of the release of Nas seventh album, Gods Son, we invite you to take a journey into the world of one of Hip-Hops most illuminating stars.

PMoor: By listening to your music, one can tell that you draw from a number of musical influences.  Who do you credit with shaping your sound? 

Nas: Out of rappers or music in general?

Continue reading

Muslims singing a different tune


The BBC has an interesting article about a group out of the UK name Blind Alphabetz and their efforts to bridge the culture of Islam with Hip Hop.  The article chronicles them in a elementary school, shooling the youth, who are primarily of Muslim backgrounds about the virtues of using Hip Hop as a voice for the voiceless and a teaching mechanism for Islam.  It is very interesting how they explain the resistance they recieve from other Muslims who are programmed to only think negative when they hear Hip Hop.  Unfortunately this is what the world has come to know when they hear about the culture of rap music. 

“A lot of people hear ‘Muslim hip-hop’ and they immediately back out: ‘We’re not going to touch that – that’s evil, it’s ‘haram’, it’s people singing’…
But when they actually listen to the lyrics, meet the people and talk to them, they see there is a positive message and what they’re saying is not against Islam.”

To check the full article out click HERE

How the South Was Won


The good folks over at Fader magazine put together an “excellent” article chronicling the rise of Southern rap and the dynamics that have attributing to it being the premier mecca of Hip Hop in the 21st Century.  The author makes some key analogies and gives props where it just-fully due, right at the doorstep of Outkast and the Dungeon Family, a rap collective that carried the torch after it dimmed with the Native Tongues in New York.  The incorporation of Southern elements mixed in like gumbo in this black metropolis turned what was normally rap songs into international anthems, or better yet bluesy folk songs.  The momentum has never died, and this article illustrates the players who have individually made contributions to the legacy of The A!  I love it when the author points out that in Atlanta’s shadow industry, the A&R has been replaced by the stripper, who single handedly decide whats popping and whats not.  If you want to get a better understanding of the Southern phenomenom that has steered the direction for the better part of the last five to seven years click HERE.    

Editor’s Note:As a witness to the South’s rise I have to attest that this is the most thorough analysis of what collectively went in to the formula that allowed The A to bubble to the top.  Let it be noted that Brooklyn was on the scene, lending style(s), hustle aesthetic and teaching Atlanteans the finer points of the game and like an attentive student they came, they learnt and they mastered the art.  Toast them brothers success!  Yeaaahhhhh!

Hip Hop meets the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian, the beacon of all things socially celebrated in America, is hosting an art exhibit dedicated to the vibrant force known as Hip Hop.  This exhibition titled “RECOGNIZE! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture” will be taking place from February 8 to October 26.  It will feature the works of David Scheinbaum, a lensman who has been cataloging imagery in Hip Hop since 2000 and Kehinde Wiley, the Brooklyn based artist who is credited with incorporating Hip Hop iconic figures and random dudes with Renaissance themed paintings.  The poetry of Nikki Giovani will also be featured throughout the exhibit.  D.C. area artists have been commissioned to design several murals to be placed within the gallery as well.  So, if you have an urge to explore the best in contemporary Hip Hop art make your way down to the Smithsonian and catch this monumental exhibit.  For more details click HERE 

Jay Finally Fades to Black


After prolonging a long pending divorce with Def Jam, Jay-Z finally called it quits and contemplates what steps to take to move on to newer and greener pastures.  While Jay is being credited for delivering successful albums by Kanye, Jeezy and Rihanna his stint as president is pretty much looked at in the same vein as G. Dub’s.  Critics are calling him a lame-duck, while his devoted constituents swear that Jay could do no wrong.  The speculators are placing bets on whether he’ll be joining Rick Rubin over at Columbia or side with Madonna over at Live Nation as they embark on a music industry revolution.  So, another chapter in the book of the “Lifetimes of Sean Carter” comes to a close while the industry awaits the next page to drop.  Where will he go?  Is he married?  How much is he worth?  If he isnt’ delivering that Blue Magic should we really care?  Well, click HERE if you want the full article.   

Editor’s Note: I find it amusing that the public can’t read between the lines.  All this hoopla about retirements, comebacks, presidency’s and all that and come to find out this negro owed Def Jam albums!  He was an employee all along with a boutique title, the same way they award Negroes with boutique labels.  Gotta give it up though, dude is a marketing genius! 

World is in a World of Trouble

Depending on your orientation in Hip Hop you’ll remember the name Damion “World” Hardy from one of two different places. If you hail from the “streets” of Brooklyn than you recognize World as the infamous World from LG, brother to Wise, who was alleged killed by Nut, or as he known by the government, Ivory Davis.  And if people go back that far, then they’ll recall Nut is the brother in the “Get Money” video being serenaded by Lil’ Kim, with her sitting on his lap.

So as fate would have it, years later Kim’s boyfriend World is being charged with ordering the killing of Nut in a revenge slaying for Nut’s murder of World’s brother.  For me, the incident strikes close to home, because I spent the last minutes with Nut on that fateful night, toasting it up at the bar inside NV nightclub, then escorting him to the parking lot where he got into Range and veered off into the deadly trap.

Upon being shot, his vehicle flipped the curb and he killed an influential European filmmaker (he had a popular Volkswagen commercial in rotation).  Now, the other half of Hip Hop will remember World from his infamous appearance on Wendy Williams where he discussed some highly volatile information that would make Pimp C look like Joel Olsteen.  He took the opportunity of being on air to air out all of the alleged closet homosexuals in the game, sparing none. He claimed that they were all apart of a secret society that bases initiations and rituals on sexual magic, namely of the same sex kind.  He mentioned his former squeeze, Lil Kim was an Eastern Star and Hip Hop was part of a global conspiracy to discredit and destroy Hip Hop.

Even though this interview is heavily discussed on message boards and Wendy routinely reaches into the archives whenever she wants to piss the pundits off, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it online.  Then the police want you to believe that World became a jihadist and went to the Middle East to forge ties with international terrorists..oh yeah, before he did all that he attempted to shot 50 Cent in a New Jersey parking lot for dissing Lil’ Kim.  The same 50 Cent that was previously shot by Homicide, Nut’s right hand man who was killed weeks prior to Nut getting murdered.  I can’t believe Hollywood hasn’t come calling yet.  Now the State of New York wants to make an exception and line World up for the death penalty via lethal injection. In a bid to save his life, his defense is making him out to look like a nut-job, no pun intended. The NY Daily News ran an article on his impending trial and below are some quotes from that piece:

Hardy’s lawyer claims he has undergone a religious conversion since those wild times, legally changing his name to Isa Ibn Jibril. He also is mentally ill, the lawyer said.
Last week, a federal judge ordered Hardy to undergo a psychiatric exam to determine if he is competent to stand trial on federal racketeering and murder charges.
“I am the Christ. I am the Messiah,” Hardy ranted in court in 2004 after he was arrested at JFK Airport as he returned from a religious pilgrimage in the Middle East.
“Do not be the one to go against the law,” he went on. “Adhere to the law’s command before I give you warning. A day that is drawing near. A day of grief and regrets. Boiling water will be poured over your heads.”

Rest assure that this won’t be the last you hear of this story that is so intertwined with plot twists, turns and multiple layers that the rabbit hole may lead anywhere.


Terminator 4- Movie Franchise Expands To TV and Beyond


The super successful franchise The Terminator is back with a new tv show and recently leaked plans on a fourth and possible fifth installment. With all this new supercomputer(Google is the culprit) news floating around; are we being given signs of things too come ? While we sit around and bs, alot of scary scenarios concerning the world are popping up all over pop culture with  very terrible implications. Is this pure entertainment for profit or an all too soon reality?

Jacked from via Aint It Cool News

A Brave New World


As the year comes to a close the top stories all circulate around the changing dynamics in the music/entertainment industry.  The challenges of the next year will be a continuation of those presented this year; how does one navigate the new playing field which is predominately digitally based?  CD’s are a thing of the past, BIG labels are fading fast and in order to survive the shift, you better get ya mind right quick.  Attitude adjustments are in order, because you’re playing a game with a new set of rules.  So in so many words these are the best and the worst times, depending on what side of the fence your sitting.  Over here at STREET KNOWLEDGE we intend to arm you with the most concrete form of KNOWLEDGE to do battle with.  So please do the KNOWLEDGE, it is all laid out for you…welcome to a New World Order

A Moment of Silence…


The ending is near, make no mistake about it…if 2006 signaled the year that Hip Hop died, then 2007 will be noted as the year that the rest of the industry followed into that shallow grave.  Like all things though, death only means new life and in this case the story of the year is the emergence of the new model of what the music industry will look like in the coming years.  MTV did a three-part series about the changing of guard called “The Year The Industry Broke.”  They included a thorough time-line of the trials and travesties the industry went through this year.  Kanye West is the only exception, with him being poised to celebrate his best year ever until tragedy struck with the untimely death if his mother.  This is a must read for anyone contemplating selling their soul to get into the industry.  Sh*t, don’t take our word for it, below are some notable quotes from the MTV piece: 

“Make no mistake about it, 2007 was a b-a-a-a-d year for the industry. According to Nielsen SoundScan, album sales were down 15 percent from 2006 (a trend that’s continued for eight straight years now); big-name artists jumped ship in increasingly complicated — and messy — ways; and the powers-that-be seemed to get even more heartless and disconnected, thanks to a series of lawsuits, feuds and terrible decisions.”

 “It’s a new world now and people are thinking of new ways to reach the people, and for me that’s always been my aim.”

                                              -Paul McCartney on his decision to sign with Starbuck’s new music label

Kanye West’s Graduation sells nearly 957,000 copiesto claim the top spot on the Billboard albums chart. 50 Cent’s Curtis bows at #2 with sales of more than 691,000. Both are the best first-week numbers of 2007 (besting Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight, which scanned 623,000 copies in May), and Graduation notches the biggest first week in nearly two years — beating, interestingly, West’s Late Registration, which sold more than 860,000 copies when it was released in September 2005.


Editor’s Note:I have to sadly report that no major Hip Hop artists are included on the list of musicians that are leading the pack and making the shift in this new digital industry.  On the contraire they are the ones holding on and holding up the plantation…without ring tone sales labels would be completely six feet under. When will we see the light?  Oh, shout out to Buddens for making the switch. 

In ’07 the Ringtone Rules! Totally Dude!


 2007 was undeniably the breakout year for the “Ringtone” artist.  Labels are actually readjusting their marketing to push these artist as opposed to the more developed artist who rely on heavy lyrical content to keep the registers ringing.  Nah, that was out in ’06 when the homie Nas told you Hip Hop Is Dead.  Now the new face of Hip Hop is the Ringtone artist, and here are the leaders of that new school!  AT&T released their list for the top shottas of ’07…

1.  Shop Boyz – “Party Like a Rockstar”
  2.  Mims – “This Is Why I’m Hot”
  3.  Soulja Boy – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”
  4.  Nickelback – “Rockstar”
  5.  Akon – “Don’t Matter”
  6.  T-Pain – “Buy You A Drank (Shawty Snappin)”
  7.  Hurricane Chris – “A Bay Bay”
  8.  Sean Kingston – “Beautiful Girls”
  9.  Huey – “Pop, Lock & Drop It”
  10. Fergie – “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Editor’s Note: By no means are we suggesting that just because an artist ends up on this list, they aren’t “real” artists.  We are just identifying that this is the new face of a dying industry…and ringtone sales is what his kept the music industry from completely falling on its face, so the game really needs to applaud the ringtone artist for creating a new market. 

Crooked I Has His Eyez on the Prize


The Los Angeles Times did a piece on Crooked I’s marketing strategy that has propelled him to the top of the list in many people’s discussion of breakout artist’s in 2007.  He explained how he utilized the power of the net to firmly place himself in the game.  Utilizing his blog on his goal is to turn out 52 freestyles in 52 weeks…keyword being “free!”  Instead of CD sales, he says his strength lies in placement on the front of websites.  Visibility opens up doors for the future, in his game plan.  Crooked said, “I saw, this is where it’s going. This is the future…. You can’t run from it, because pretty soon you’re going to be watching everyone’s music videos on your cellphone.”  Click HERE for the full story.

Girls Lead the Online Revolution


The online revolution continues to take root with young girls leading the charge according to a recent report released by The Pew Internet & American Life Project.  Overall the teen demographic is responsible for driving the change that is taking place, with 64% of teens creating their own content on the net.  Teenage girls between the ages of 12 to 17 are uploading photos and blogging at a faster pace than boys of the same age.  89% of all teens interact with one another by commenting on those photos posted.  The report also focused on a small pocket of what they call “super-communicators” and this group, which represents 28% the teenage population is also mainly female. These are teens who rely on various methods for communications, including landline telephones, cell phones, texting, email, instant messaging and social network sites. 
To read the rest of this in-depth report on who is driving this internet revolution click HERE

Media Takeover 101


With the game in shambles, now is the best time to make your move, independent artist!  Here is a step-by-step on how to get adjusted to the changing dynamics of the NEW music game, provided by the homie Clinton Sparks, courtesy of the homies over at SOHH.COM.  This is a must read for any artist embarking on “Media Takeover” in the ’08. 

1. Brand Yourself: Treat Your Name As If It’s a Company
2. Originality: Strive to Be the “Best First You” Rather than the “Second Someone Else”
3. Create and Maintain Relationships: There is a Fine Line Between Being Persistent and Being Aggravating
4. No Need to Run Around Sayin You’re the Sh*t, Let The Quality of Your Work Speak For Itself And People Will Say It For You
5. Set Realistic Goals for Yourself, Every Time you Achieve Them Set A New One

for the full breakdown click HERE

‘Daddy’s Shadow’ is not “Doctor” recommended


Like Father Like Son…well in this case, like daughter.  Dr. Dre’s babygirl, Manaj wants to follow in her daddy’s footsteps and explore a recording career.  She has taken it one step further though and compiled enough footage on her family and super-reclusive father that she is prepping “Daddy’s Shadow” a documentary style expose on the Good Doctor.  Only thing is, Dre ain’t feelin that.  “My dad has cut me off (for) my involvement with the ‘Daddy’s Shadow’ project,” according to Manaj. For those who want to get a preview of this behind-the-scenes DVD, go to to see the trailer.

Editor’s Note: As many will remember, little over a year ago a lyricist emerged out West bearing a striking resemblance to the Good Doctor, calling himself Hood Surgeon.  He claimed to be Dre’s son.  According to him, he didn’t receive his father’s blessings either.  Damn, by the sounds of things Dre’s reality show would be more exciting than Snoops on any given Sunday! 

Cosby shows Brotherly Love to Beans


 Continuing his transformation from “problem” to “solution” the Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel joined Bill Cosby and friends as the marched hand-in-hand to make a stand against violence.  The City of Brotherly Love, which has earned the distinction of having one of the highest death rates this year for a large metropolis, is making serious moves to stem the violence.  Cosby, a Philly native walked the streets with others to culminate the ending of Peace Week 2007, organized by Men United for a Better Philadelphia.  Beans, who recently taped a PSA denouncing violence said “I come from these things, the streets…I’m at a time in my life where I’m trying to make the transition from something negative to something positive.”

For full story click HERE

Lil Jon debuts ‘A-Town’ on New Year’s Eve


Lil Jon’s ‘A-Town’ Takes Over Funny or Die New Years Eve. Distinct hip hop voice Lil Jon new year’s eve debuts his animated series ‘Lil Jon’s A-Town’ on star actor/comedian Will Ferrell’s

Lil Jon reps call ‘Lil Jon’s A-Town’ “the wildest cartoon you gonna ever see. That’s A-Town where it goes down;” it goes down on Ferrell’s site as well as the self proclaimed “King of Crunk’s” myspace page @ Lil Jon previously appeared on in a satirical skit called ‘Terminal Bling,’ in which the producer/rapper strips off his jewels to board a plane, only to have a suit and tie white guy come after him, bag the jewels and spit “urban slang” at passing ladies.

Ferrell’s “uncomfortably energetic” site, presented by Semi-Pro, is a youtube for the comedic spirit that allows users to sift through videos by voting either “funny” or “die.” was spawned by Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions, young comedian Michael Kvamme and Silicon Valley web designer/entrepreneur Randy Adams.

article courtesy of

Bonecrusher Battles the Bulge


ATL’s own Bonecrusher is transforming his stint on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club into a inspirational fitness DVD for people “Battling with the Bulge.”  The instructional DVD titled “Battle of the Bulge” is being billed as a workout tape for people with “limited” range of motion.  There is a 20-minute workout, a 40-minute workout and a couch potato workout for those who can’t get it off the couch. Coming to a retail outlet near you in February 2008, make sure you keep an eye open for this one! 

Rappers Gamble on New Online Reality Show


Lyrical Roulette, a new online reality show is being developed that will track the step-by-step development of upcoming artists and producers.  Hosted by DoItAll from Lords of the Underground, this 13 episode offering will pit lyricists in battles and freestyles while challenging producers to come up with the most creative beats.  The winner of the comp will receive a deal consisting of studio time, management and free press courtesy of Lord Gang Worldwide.  Log on to for more info.    

Street Knowledge TV makes it to the FRONTPAGE of ALLHIPHOP.COM!


The world’s most dangerous website ALLHIPHOP.COM, did the inevitable and threw the world’s most dangerous blog, STREET KNOWLEDGE TV, on the front page of their site.  The good folks over at ALLHIPHOP took notice to the explosive super exclusive release of Common’s Full Length film for “TESTIFY.”  This rarely seen 9-minute clip features Wood Harris, Taraji Henson, Kenny Burns and Bill Duke.  Directed by Anthony Mandler the movie is Oscar worthy!  Click HERE for the FULL STORY!

And deep from the archive here goes another treat…its an early Christmas on this side of town!

No Top Ten Rap this Week.


Well things still have not picked up as far as sales for hip hop music goes. Don’t you think it is time for all the artists to stop signing record deals and start becoming self-distributed. If they can make a mixtape, promote it, package it, and sell it, what is stopping these same artists (who have loyal fanbases) to do the same thing with their original music. The music industry as we know it dead, but where there is death there is life. Opportunities abound for artists who are not afraid to go against the grain and take their careers by the horns and stop going for the bullshit. Rant of the day! 

Click here the sales for the week…


Joe Speaks On Jay Z Diss


Joe Budden has spoken out on why he recorded the diss track “Talk To Em’” which is aimed at sometime foe Jay-Z. If you guys can remember these cats had a verbal sparring match when Hov snatched the instrumental beat to Joe’s “Pump it Up” song.  Joe came back with another version and many say he even spanked Jay, with the end result being Joe never dropping a second album over at Def Jam.  Jay-Z vehemently denies blocking any releases from any artists on Def Jam.  No longer signed to Def Jam he has released his true feelings on wax on the situation. Click here for the full interview over@ the Rhapsody Blog

Luke Takes On Corporate America


 Entrepeneur Luke has created the  first hip hop company to be traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange. This is a big deal because perhaps it will push successful rap artists to take their success a step further and create weath instead of just being the consumers of luxury cars and jewlery. Hopefully this will be a lucrative venture for Luke who is legendary in his career and business acumen. (Click Here)The Village Voice has a great article on his recent trip promoting his new venture.


The Hip Hop iHop


On Wednesday, December 19, Downtown Brooklyn played host to the opening of the world’s first Hip Hop iHop…well, its first unofficial one atleast.  You see, the 4,900 square foot establishment is owned and operated by Brooklyn’s own Don Pooh, best known for his work with Foxy Brown.  He is her former manager.  After that stint he enjoyed a career in the industry as a music executive.  Now he is reinvesting in his communty and competing with a Brooklyn staple, the world famous Junior’s.  So if you’re hopping through downtown Brooklyn make it your business to hop into iHop and support Hip Hop at it’s finest. For more details click HERE   

Microsoft and Viacom Partner Up


Microsoft and Viacom jumped in bed for a five year co-venture valued at $500 million. In the agreement between the web behemoth and the media conglomerate, Microsoft partnered to access Viacom’s catalog of content shown across its vast network that includes BET, MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures.  The content will be shown on Microsoft’s MSN website and incorporated into its XBox internet platform, with Viacom and Microsoft sharing revenue for ads shown across all of their platforms.  Ad revenue will be tracked by AdManager, a recent Microsoft acquisition.  For the full story, click HERE 

In addition, MTV is partnering with Jerry Bruckheimer to develop original programming for its video game division.  Viacom recently infused $500 million into this division.  Bruckheimer will be bringing his big-budget Hollywood expertise to the gaming world, a first for him.   Known for his exploding cars and special effects, MTV is depending on the producer to produce original content which can then be transformed into movie(s) or TV shows, depending on the game’s success.  For more on this historic pairing, click HERE 

Gov’t Readies ‘Performance Rights Act’


The Government introduced legislation that would require all forms of broadcast, including satellite radio, internet webcasts and cable radio channels to pay recording royalties for copyright music.  Under the ‘Performance Rights Act’ instead of cutting a deal with seperate copyright/publishing houses the Government is working out a flat fee that will be paid annually.  Smaller commercial stations will pay $5,000 a year, non-commercial stations will pay $1,000 and talk radio will be exempt, as well as religious stations.  This gives pay to play a whole new meaning.  For more info on this story, click HERE.