50 Cent’s L.I Mansion: Before & After (Pics)

Source : Chicago Tribune

This story definetly will be one that will be talked about in the blogosphere until a definite report is made by fire investigators as to how this tragedy was started. Luckily no one was seriously hurt and escaped with just minor smoke inhalation. It hasn’t been a great month for 50 and like in earlier posts ‘karma’ may have risen its ugly head.
Anyway these are pics of the before-and-after of 50’s L.I. mansion that is at the center of this controversy.
More pics after the jump..

3 thoughts on “50 Cent’s L.I Mansion: Before & After (Pics)

  1. Lets see what the fire marshall comes up with on the investigation before we judge like were god and be wrong about someone’s situation. We don’t who is capable of doing whatever unless we live in the house. Drama comes from men and women.

  2. I don’t belive that 50 would do such thing…fire marshalls will get to the buttom of this…trust & beleive they will tell how it really happen…

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