Former La. Klansman David Duke Says New RNC Chairman ‘Black Racist’


via WDSU

NEW ORLEANS — Former Klansman David Duke, who ran for governor of Louisiana, is blasting the newly appointed chairman of the Republican Party as a “black racist.”

In a lengthy process on Friday, GOP leaders voted former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele into the party’s leadership post.

Steele is the first African-American to hold that position.

Duke described those who supported the move as “traitorous,” and cited Steele’s positions on gun control, affirmative action and the death penalty in a sometimes rambling condemnation posted on his personal Web site.

“I think the insanity of nominating ‘Mr. Amnesty’ John McCain and now this black racist will lead to insurgency in the Republican ranks,” Duke said.

He further referred to Steele as “Obama Jr.” and a “servile dog of Israel.”

While he has been largely off the mainstream political radar for years and no longer lives in Louisiana, Duke is still politically active, speaking largely to a fractional segment of the spectrum.

He said he was interviewed this weekend by the Washington Post, though he was not mentioned in any published items through the weekend.

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