HipHopSodaShop Mix It Up With Sean John


On the anniversary of MLK’s birthday Dr. Ben Chavis appeared on FOX Business’ “Money for Breakfast” to announce a historic co-branding partnership between his company, the HipHopSodaShop and Diddy’s Sean John clothing line.  The details and specifics of the arrangment weren’t exactly laid out as of yet but it is worth mentioning that the HipHopSodaShop is the first publicly Hip Hop traded company on the stock market and Sean John is a behemoth in the fashion industry.  CLICK HERE to link back to ProHipHop for the full story.    

One thought on “HipHopSodaShop Mix It Up With Sean John

  1. Warren Sapp Is Gonna Clean Up Wall Street While It Gains Up, I Need To Intern For The Tampa Hip Hop Soda Shop Recording Studio.

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