Nicotine Vaccine On The Way: Scientists

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Nordic scientists have launched a trial on a vaccine designed to help smokers kick the world\'s deadliest habit by depriving them of one of its chief pleasures, the firm that owns the vaccine said on Tuesday

The market for more surefire ways to stop smoking addiction is something heavily pursued by international biotech companies. A bunch of new trials are being conducted in hopes of helping existing smokers and those who have quit stop engaging in the world’s most dangerous habit.

Source: Reuters

Independent Pharmaceutica, a private company based at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute and founded in 1997 by Professor Torgny Svensson, joins a growing line-up of biotech companies seeking to develop an anti-nicotine shot.

Its researchers say the vaccine eliminates the quick high smokers relish by creating antibodies that bind to nicotine molecules, making them too bulky to enter the brain.

Once the high is gone, the argument goes, so is the main cause of addiction.

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