Barkley Bluffs 400 Grand Casino Bill…

Source: TMZ

After it was widely reported that Charles Barkley owes Steve Wynn Casinos 400 grand for markers given to him to gamble, he now is claiming that he has paid up his bill in full. Well the folks over at TMZ are reporting just the opposite.

Charles Barkley’s mouth is writing checks his wallet apparently can’t cash. Last night the baller announced he’s finally paid back the $400K he owes the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Vegas. Only he hasn’t.

Immediately following Barkley’s proclamation that he was paid in full, Clark County D.A. David Roger told the Las Vegas Sun, “We have no evidence to suggest that he has made any payments. We have neither heard from Mr. Barkley nor received restitution from him.”

And get this — Barkley not only has to repay the Wynn, he also has to pay an extra 10% fee — $40,000 — to the bad check unit.

He could be charged with a felony if he doesn’t pay up.

2 thoughts on “Barkley Bluffs 400 Grand Casino Bill…

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