All-screen clamshell concept phone: A glimpse of the future

Cellphone innovation is moving at light speed. Who can actually keep up? You would literally have get a new phone every six months. Well this another concept phone that will probably become available in a year or two and it is totally next level.

via Computer World

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. — Cell phone designers struggle with two mutually exclusive directions: How do you make a phone with the smallest possible size, but the largest possible screen? Apple’s solution was to get rid of physical buttons. But eventually, many phones — including, I believe, future versions of the iPhone — will be all-screen clamshell designs.

A new concept design by designer James Piatt shows what this might look like. It’s a compelling idea, and one that I believe is inevitable, simply because of the appeal of having the largest possible screen and the necessity of fitting inside a pocket.

As I wrote in a recent column, I also believe this is where laptops are going.

What do you think of this concept phone? Would you buy one?

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