“Prostitution Free Zone” During Inauguration

 Not even Secret Service can shut down the trannys and pro-fessionals all over DC, don’t you think the focus should be on terrorists and supremacists?

via WUSAprostituteally1018WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) —

District police have placed signs along 5th and I Streets. They read, “Warning, Prostitution Free Zone.” Those who disobey could be fined 300 dollars, and even jailed. But will the city’s plan work?

DC City Councilman Jim Graham said officers cannot enforce loitering laws, which is the reason for these signs.

“Because this is focused, its limited in time, its aimed at a very specific issue, if you don’t move along, well put you in the car,” he said.

John Thompson lives in the neighborhood, and he said prostitution is a major problem.

He hopes the signs make a difference, but what will visitors think?

“I’m not concerned with what visitors think. I’m concerned about the problem that exists,” Thompson said.

A woman who calls herself Tamira and advertises her services on Craigslist, said otherwise. She said prostitutes who work the streets may ignore the signs.

However, she said, some prostitutes may move elsewhere.
“If I saw a sign that said, ‘Prostitution Free Zone’ I would feel a little uncomfortable that there would be a house next store where police are at,” she said.

Tamira also believes some visitors will come to the inauguration for legitimate business, but prostitute on the side to make extra money.

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