[video] WTF??? Audio Of Etta James Saying She Will Whip Beyonce’s Ass

Sorry Ms. James you sound very old and bitter and how ironic is that Beyonce just played you in Cadillac Records(great movie by the way) which could not be done without you signing off on it. I guess out with the old in with the new applies here. SMH.

6 thoughts on “[video] WTF??? Audio Of Etta James Saying She Will Whip Beyonce’s Ass

  1. “God Don’t Like Ugly” and what was said is really ugly. Towards the the end of our journey above ground we should be making a sweet legacy for people to remember us by. Her statements were like vinegar. I Love Beyonce’. She is a dynamic performer and seems to be a well rounded person. I hope she has enough grace to ignore those vicious statements.

  2. I think Etta James was out of line of stating that about beyonce in public, she should have been grateful that someone wanted to do a story and song about her old ass anyway, that most of us don’t even think about her ass, but beyonce making the movie and singing her song made us all remember her and not forget about her, and she act as if she didn’t know she was singing it, when she did get credit even though it is a remake of the song and sounds much better, so I think someone or maybe a hater of beyonce paid Etta to embarrass herself and make that statement or comment for which I think she owes beyonce an apology.

  3. and i forgot to add that maybe barack isn’t your president because your still living in uncle tom’s days yes sa no sa massa sa

  4. etta james need to sit her old ass down she should be glad her song was picked because there was so many more like luther vandross that could have and should have been chosen i am 55 and her music is before my time

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