Katherine Jackson gets Temporary Custody of the Kids

(AP Graphics)

(AP Graphics)

A Los Angeles judge granted temporary guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three children to Jackson’s mother, a court official said. The family also filed a petition asking that Katherine Jackson be named administrator of Michael Jackson’s estate and that the children be named his sole beneficiaries.

Courtesy of CNN.
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3 thoughts on “Katherine Jackson gets Temporary Custody of the Kids

  1. i thank the kids should stay with the people they know the best the grandparents and other family don’t split them up there going throght enough already

  2. leave custody to katherine. why does all of a sudden debbie rowe wants custody? leave custody to jacksons mother thank you and goodnight!! oh and for all of you dumb a–es who are saying michael was a child molester and drug addict he wasn’t the media is so cruel to celebrities all those people wanted was money off of michael may god have mercy on their souls michaels mother is a good mother his dad is full of sh-t til this very day may god have mercy on his soul also. michael was a good man he was treated badly by his father and the media, and made him look like a bad peson and he wasnt. media cant help that there can be genuinly nice and warm hearted people in this world, i guess everyone has to be bad. the media is always in these stars business. now rihanna may be convicted of illegally without a permit for tattooing a person, it was caught on camera by paperazzi people cant mind their own business, stars cant live their life withought messing up and getting tore down by the media. joe jackson is a faggot i hated that stupid interview he doesn’t care his son died yup he thought he was getting a peice of the pie haha he didn’t dumb ass
    anybody but debbie rowe should have custody only the people that were in the kids life only the people the kids know more.

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