[video] Face To Face Shooting in Bahrain

Don’t know if this was a real bullet but either way things have gone haywire in Bahrain.

via Newser

The news out of Bahrain is bad—six reported dead in an assault on anti-government protesters today—but this video is worse. The extremely graphic and disturbing footage shows an altercation between a protester and a handful of police, who shoot the man from just a few feet away. New York magazine reports that it appears that the protester was urging them to stop shooting, and notes that it’s not clear whether the police fired tear gas guns or regular guns

Source: Newser

4 thoughts on “[video] Face To Face Shooting in Bahrain

  1. The man who shot that man in the red shirt had better repent big time weeping bitterly before the one who made eternity or he will be weeping for mercy that will never come agonizing about loosing a gift of all gifts that he threw away in exchange to have his body, and soul turned to dust.

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