[video] Security guards ATTACK and ARREST guy for taking PHOTOS off Miami-Dade Metrorail platform?

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 9.47.42 PM

Edit: The arrest starts around 4:00 into the video

Now I personally don’t know the deal with this guy (Carlos Miller), I am just going by exactly what I see in the video.¬†Which seems to be security or police arresting him for taking footage of the train tracks which seems to me to be totally bullshit given that they are a bunch of train tracks. He does mention in the video he has a pending lawsuit against this dept., so I am not sure if he is a constant pain in the ass to these guys and has been warned previously about shooting footage of the train tracks. Regardless this seems like this was a total bullshit arrest and that he was justified in what he was doing which was absolutely nothing in my book. He asks these guys what law he was breaking and they had no answer. You guys can take a look and judge for yourself.


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