[video] Boston Police Threaten Youth with PRISON TIME for Saggin’ Pants

I am all for the ‘pull ya pants’ up campaign that has been popping up across urban cities across the country. Even pop star Justin Bieber has gotten slack from his loyal Beliebers who want him to ‘stop the saggin’. Hip Hop star Kanye West in one of his hit songs said his pants sag ’cause I’m rapping my ass off”. Here in Brooklyn, Sen. Eric Adams was way ahead of these curb when a couple of years ago he launched his anti-sagging campaign.

Now the fervor of this issue has reached the masses, laws have been enacted to combat this style of having your “pants on the ground”. Boston is now at the forefront of this movement with this recently released video where they actually threaten youths with county and state time for breaking the law of sagging your pants. This total bullshit and just another way to label our youth as criminals and to attach jail records to them that will doom them in society which seems to only forgive celebrities when it comes to breaking the law. If the only way to combat this problem is more incarceration when we jail more people than the world combined, we are deeper trouble than I previously thought


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