[video] “We Are America’s Best Looking Couple”

They are gonna get tons of hate.

Image-obsessed Buck and Michelle Miller claim to be the world’s best looking couple – and spend a massive £50,000 each year maintaining their image. Mirrors and portraits of the couple adorn almost every wall of their Las Vegas home as they constantly monitor and try to improve their chiseled physiques. The couple splurges £4,000 each month on manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, tanning and gym membership and are so serious about staying in shape that they prepare their every meal days in advance. Michelle who has 34DD breast implants is 5′ 7” and weighs just over ten stone with Buck weighing a little over 13 stone. The nutritionist has attracted fans from across the internet with her provocative pictures which perfectly capture her 26 inch waist and 33 inch hips. The couple are completely devoted to their fitness lifestyle and visit the gym at least three times a day. The pair are so comfortable with their bodies that they often wear next to nothing when at home.

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