Green Lantern & Russell Join Forces To Put Together Obama CD


Hip Hop is putting its full weight behind the presumed Democratic candidate for president, Barack Obama. Green Latern is joining forces with Russell Simmons and crafting a homage CD for the Illinois senator called “Yes, We Can.” It will be a combination of some of the speeches Barack has became famous for, remixed with some of the beats Green has become famous for. The call was put in to Russell to get his friends involved with the project and Green worked his Rolodex to get his people involved. Of course he holla’d at the usual suspects like Q-Tip, Will.I.Am & Common (who’s ironically playing Green Lantern in an upcoming movie). In regards to the project this is what he had to say,

“I’m having a field day with these Obama speeches,” Green explained. “I actually got joints where I’ll make a beat, I’ll get somebody to sing a hook, and where there’s supposed to be verses, it’s just straight speeches. I played one for my mother, and she started crying. So it’s gonna be inspiring, but then on the street side, it’s just gonna be some descriptions of life on the street, but not any of the thuggery.”

Stay tuned and we will inform you when the CD drops.

Source: MTVNews

6 thoughts on “Green Lantern & Russell Join Forces To Put Together Obama CD

  1. These guys are tight! I’m glad Shontelle ended up on the album…that song “Battle Cry” is my jam!

  2. i went to a shontelle shows last week. It really surprised me. My girlfriend made me go but it turned out to be really good. Here is some footage of that show if anyone is interested.

  3. The Obama CD goes hard especially with Shontelle’s Bajan flavor on there. Multicultural lineup…I like that!

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