Lil Kim to Write a “Prison” Tell-All

via LiveSteez

Kimberly Jones, also known as the provocative, foul-mouthed rapper “Lil Kim,” has confirmed her plans to write a tell-all book about her prison experience.lil-kim-dancing-with-the-stars

Jones was found guilty of perjury after she lied about her former Junior M.A.F.I.A. group member and co-manager’s involvement in a 2001 shooting in Manhattan, New York, and was sentenced to a year and one day in prison. In 2005 Jones was sent to prison and was released in September 2006 after serving only 10 months, reports The Post Chronicle.

Jones explained “it?s about the time when I stayed in prison, the things I learned and went through. You don?t think about things until it happens to you. The book is going to give people who have been in those situations a bright outlook on life.? 

The rapper said the book titled, “The Price of Loyalty,” is meant to provide inspiration to others, specifically those who are serving time in prison.

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