[pics] Murder Photographed on NYC Subway

Boy we are living in the age of video and pictures when murder is captured on film. The subway at one time were a war zone but things are much different now so don’t get scared you out of towners and think this is everyday in NYC (Somebody cue Jay Z and Alicia Keys).via NYTimes

Ms. Nuñez and her friends had been standing in the first car of the uptown D train after they boarded at 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas. There were scattered empty seats, not enough for them to sit together, so they stood, talking about nothing in particular.


The train stopped at Rockefeller Center, and moments after it pulled out of the station, they realized something was wrong at the other end of their car.

“Everyone started running toward us,” Ms. Nuñez said. “We thought there was a fight. Then we saw this guy with blood coming out of his mouth, and the killer right behind him, putting this thing away. I didn’t know what it was.”

It was a knife, other passengers said.

Instinctively, Ms. Nuñez reached for her camera, a digital single-lens reflex model that did not need a flash to function in the fluorescent light of the car.

She and her friends had not noticed the suspect, identified by the police as Geraldo Sanchez, 37, an exterminator from the Bronx, when he boarded at Rockefeller Center. Nor had they realized that he had gone on a rampage at the other end of the car, spilling food and demanding that a passenger, Dwight Johnson, 36, vacate a seat beside one of the doors.

Mr. Johnson said there were other seats.

Mr. Sanchez said he wanted that seat. Soon he pulled out a knife and slashed Mr. Johnson’s hands and neck, witnesses said. Ms. Nuñez said Mr. Johnson staggered through the car, bleeding, with Mr. Sanchez right behind him.


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