Def Comedy Jam Resurrected?

Source:, San Francisco Chronicle

There seemed to be a drought of new talent in comedy land without Def Comedy Jam on HBO or  Comic View on BET but Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan are throwing on their comedy capes with a new series on Comedy Central.  This summer the duo that had great success with Def Comedy Jam will launch their new series this summer, which JB Smooth from Curb Your Enthusiam as the host and DJ Cassidy on the music.

I am looking forward to this…

Here’s some throw back Def Comedy Jam! Enjoy.

One thought on “Def Comedy Jam Resurrected?

  1. Oh wow! Bring back the damn days! I use to love looking at that show but I really use to like Uptown Comedy Club out of New York. That was when Flex Alexander and Tracy Morgan first came on the scene. This was around 1991. Do you remember that? That show had skits that was too FUNNY! Thanks for the memories!

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