Apple Plans To Push 45 Million iPhones Per Year


Apple is planning to be pushing 45 million units per year by 2009. They are basing these projections on the upgrades they intend to make to turn the iPhone into an all-purpose device. Critics are doubtful that they will achieve this lofty goal within a competing, innovative market that will gradually eat into the customer base that Apple is targeting. They cite the fact that Apple has only pushed 4 million of the devices so far this quarter.

The House That Job Built is betting that additions like 3G’s of memory, a recorder, better camera, GPS technology, lower pricing, cheaper versions and an open source system will attract the necessary customers needed to meet their projections. They are looking forward to breaking into untapped global markets. CLICK HERE for the rest of the Apple gameplan. In comparison, Apple managed to push 50 million iPods last year, one of its best returns.

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