Biggie Smalls:Rap Phenomenon [Video Trailer]

Source: Nahright

With a bevy of unauthorized documentaries produced by people who never met the man, Biggie remains an enigma to his fans as the same handful of interviews and video clips have been recycled in the media for the past decade with almost no performance footage of the rapper documented on tape.

Now for the first time, in a celebration of his life and music, select personal video footage shot by Biggie’s own camera by his crew -uncut and uncensored will be released to the public. Take a step closer to the man, watch how he lived on-and-off the road, share his lifestyle and day-to-day antics, ride with him on his first tour, see his most intimate performances and shows, hear from his close friends and fans and discover why: Biggie Smalls is the Rap Phenomenon!

Produced by April Maiya, executive produced by Damion “D-Roc” Butler

2 thoughts on “Biggie Smalls:Rap Phenomenon [Video Trailer]

  1. Respect ICE…keep up the good work, lets continue to spread love the Brooklyn Cyberspace!! BIG would be proud. But damn, what a tragic fall of a dynasty..R.I.P. Jr. Mafia

  2. P whats hood, this ICE of ICEDOTCOM, appreciate the love you left via comment regardin the Biggie movie I posted all I can say is it’s something only a Brooklyn and/or real nigga would understand.

    For all ya readers reading this Street Knowledge Media is where it’s at home boy.

    Majesty what up!!!


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