[audio] 50 CENT-HEARTLESS MONSTER (Kanye Diss?)




Curtis is back at it, and if the album is full of material like this, it might be a problem!  Fif takes time at the end of this track to take some pot shots at Kanye and his emo movement. I bet the gay activists are gonna have their panties in a bunch after hearing this one! LOL


4 thoughts on “[audio] 50 CENT-HEARTLESS MONSTER (Kanye Diss?)

  1. 50 a dickhead. i’d smack him my self if i seen him in west philly! knaye the fuckin hotest out right now nd 50 maddd hisz his corny asz aint sellinq no more. that curtis bull shit nd TOS fuckin flopped wiff like 100 salesz nd shit you ass ass nigga!

  2. He’s a muthfuckin idiot. “Niggas from the hood ain’t suppose to be wearing that” when has Kanye ever claimed being from the hood. His debut album was titled College Dropout, how was he claiming being from the hood. Its 2009 bitch hip hop is not just about niggas from the hood. Grow the fuck up 50

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