Red Cafe Takes Shots at Suge Knight


via SOHH

Red Cafe has issued a threat to hip-hop mogul Suge Knight, vowing to strike back for allegedly costing him legal feesThe “Paper Touchin'” hitmaker claims Suge filed a lawsuit against one of his associates.

“I got next on Suge Knight jaw,” Cafe said in an interview. “That jaw glass, everybody is getting money. I was trying to get it first and they stopped me like, ‘Nah, he gonna sue,’ but then he ended up suing my man. He ran into sombody fists and he blamin’ my man for it. So now it costs me money for it ’cause I gotta pay for an attorney. So if I’ma have to pay now, you know what, gimme some of that. I’ma stay there, yeah, that was me…I’ma get it on tape and we gonna put it Right now you go to HottestInTheHood and you got him on the pavement from the last time he ran into a fist it’s there right now…I’m in Brooklyn, he don’t wanna go there. Come holla at cha boy.” (Hot 93.7)

Suge’s last publicized confrontation took place at last month’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Arizona with an Akon associate.

“At about 3:30 AM, police were called to a private party on the second floor of the W Hotel,” the police report reads. “Hotel securitypersonnel called police when they became concerned that there would be a fight between two groups of guests having heated words in the VIP area. Officers arrived and watched a group of about 6-8 guests exiting the VIP area. They saw one person, later identified asRobert Carnes Jr., punch the victim in the head two times. Officers deployed tasers to quell the fight that erupted.” (SOHH)

Knight was later rushed to a local hospital.

Officers arrested Carnes and another man Thomas Anderson, 33, for assault and disorderly conduct. Suge Knight was transported to SHC-Osborn hospital where he was treated for facial injuries. Carnes and Anderson were booked into Scottsdale City jail and are being held in custody. (AZ Family)

The hip-hop mogul has been accused of ordering a robbery onAkon‘s producer, Detail.

About 3:00 AM Wednesday (March 25), five men broke into his home with guns and said they were there to collect a debt on behalf of Suge Knight. They claimed Detail owed Suge money, and then proceeded to collect on the debt. They stole $170,000 worth of jewelry from his room. They demanded a key to the safe and said they would kill all four people in the house if they didn’t get it. The robbers didn’t get the key, instead, they took the 130 pound safe. They also took stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes. A police source said the robbery totaled around $300,000. (TMZ)

7 thoughts on “Red Cafe Takes Shots at Suge Knight

  1. For the “letter to the editor,” can one send his/her blog post to the editor. The instructions say: “Letters to the editor should only be sent to The Times, and not to other publications. We do not publish open letters or third-party letters.”. . Does that mean blog posts, too?. . Thanks a lot..

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  3. Check this out lil homie u rapper stick to tha booth all that yappin about what u gon do and how you got next dawg u a off brand Blood a local joker a joke. Tha set u claiming originated out West so keep that in mind that u dealin wit something way bigger than u you feelin yaself and im sure u love yo life yo little chains and car son please dawg dont gas yo self up and end a memory wit yo face on a t-shirt becuz it can happen remember this is a man who is heavy & loved in tha streets by Bloods Crips & people in prisons he has clout and even in Brooklyn ur a target a studio gangsta and we are everywhere Suge neva claimed he was supa blood or couldnt be touched but u was out of order for that i got next comment and now u have a hole wit ur name on it waiting 4 u. So my advice is hush my son enjoy yo life and keep real niggaz names out yo mouth becuz u got enemies now that u aint met yet so be ready. And we coming wit smiles youll neva feel it coming but we at you. ~ Blood Nation~


  5. Im cut’n cafe on every roll and short hand’n sideline bets down to them cats flagn a BK WOOP… Suge and his “Tookie” mentality is prep’n his self a “Tookie Tail,” one tail tucked with tragedy!!! He how old now, still sloppy as hell and has a strong arm game thats dated… Hell, his rif raf record label was a big money laundering cover up, crooked, sideways and full of watered down jazz… Dude took grip on gods blessings that were intended to move a culture and create opportunity just to use them for their talent and reputation… That “mark” keyed up two friends and a scandal that still haunts “hip hop” today, he stole them from us!!! He placed a blood bargain profit on a pair of kids and for what??? To try and save him self from a criminal driven career that had just lost its founder to the jury and a label built on “selling hope to dispair,” a label finally losing its horrific hold on the DeathRow sets “childish ways” to “man hood” and the legal contracts that he extorted them with, contracts as thin as his skin… Ol Sociopath Suge still chunk’n “Death Row” even after losing their political idealist to just that!!! Move back, spell it out one last time (no disrespect to the loyal) and move ya waste of space self off to tha curb but keep to the street so that you indefinately get “ran over!” Times are changing, were tired of conflict bro, people say’n “be eazy” these days not “be a wrath and a menace,” leave the menace to “O Dawg” n “A-Wax,” leave it in your tape deck because you cant title ya self either wrath or menace just a “NUISANCE!” Im spiritual with music, i keep track lists and que sheets, i still practice on my “crab scratch,” i count bar’s n beat match!!! Its a culture not an industry, its selfless not selfish… Im tired now from literally “lacing up” a “wash up” so im put’n tha break on this “cdj” and tossing whats left in “the dump.” CAFE, IF YA EVER FIND A WAY TO THIS POST PLEASE “GOOGLE MAP” THAT FOOL TO THA TRUNK AND BANG SUM BIGGIE THROUGH THAT SPEAKER BOX, YA ALREADY GOT EM SHOOK AND RATTLED!!! I MEAN WHO’S LEFT TO FAIL WHEN YA FAILED YA SELF?

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